Dolphins can’t get on the board in the first half


Just after the two minute warning in Buffalo, there was a play that pretty much summed up the day so far for the Dolphins offense.

Driving after a Nolan Carroll interception, the Dolphins faced a third-and-eight in Buffalo territory. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill took a break from barking signals to point out Bills defensive back Nickell Robey creeping up for a potential blitz and wide receiver Brian Hartline made a similar gesture, but no one blocked Robey and Tannehill was sacked for the fourth time in the first half.

The play knocked the Dolphins out of field goal range and Brandon Fields punted for the sixth time of the day. That drive was the best that the Dolphins had put together through the first two quarters as they managed just 56 yards between sacks that continued a season-long trend of poor pass protection in Miami. Tannehill is 9-of-18 for 73 yards and the running game has managed just nine yards, leaving the Dolphins with a lot of work to do if they’re going to remain in control of their own playoff destiny.

Buffalo, meanwhile, has seen Fred Jackson gain six yards a carry and Thad Lewis throw for 143 yards to make the defensive effort stand up.

14 responses to “Dolphins can’t get on the board in the first half

  1. There is still the second half to be played , and Miami has already , for all intents and purposes , lost this game. No way they’re coming back. Their QB was sacked four times in the first half and had only 73 yards passing.

  2. Dolphins might have surprised me the last couple of weeks but it’s not fun watching them most of the time I can’t think of anything more painful watching my dolphins but I feel compelled to do it. If they win this one I will become a believer , there is simply no way they can pull this one round nobody on offence is playing with any urgency or craft.

  3. Dolphins have missed on a few plays, but again Mike Sherman’s playcalling is horrible. How many more draw plays for a loss is he going to call before acknowledging THEY AINT WORKIN?!

  4. As I mentioned last week to a Fins fan on here who said they would be expected to “roll” thru rest of he season, no one is expecting the Dolphins to roll anyone.
    Some good pieces in place but not there yet

  5. Pathetic dolphins. You suck from top to bottom. The only qb Buffalo has is Fuel (and he’s not even playing! You couldn’t beat a telethon team if your salary depended on it!

  6. No…their biggest problem is the blowhard Ireland! Where’s our friggin 1st round pick been?? Is he still on the team? Damned comedy….

  7. Dolphins are pathetic. I have been a fan for 41 years. And only two to celebrate. We need a new team from owner, to coaches to team. especially Quarterback, Linemen, (offense and defense), Defensive backs…they are paid to win and we just do not have the talent. What are you waiting on Ross. Find us talent to finally win.

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