Lions throw away another lead, lose to Giants


For the fifth time in the last six weeks, the Lions have lost a game they were leading in the fourth quarter. As a result, Detroit is out of the playoff race.

Today Detroit had a 20-13 lead, and the ball, with six minutes left in the fourth quarter. But Matthew Stafford threw wide to tight end Joseph Fauria, who reached out and tried to grab it but instead deflected it into the hands of Giants safety Will Hill, who raced 38 yards for a touchdown to tie the game.

From there the Lions went conservative on offense, playing for overtime because they didn’t trust Stafford not to throw another interception. The Giants received the overtime kickoff and fumbled on their first possession, but the Lions couldn’t do anything with the recovery, and after a Detroit punt the Giants marched down the field and — with help from a gutsy conversion on fourth-and-7 — got into range for Josh Brown’s game-winning 45-yard field field goal.

The final score was 23-20, Giants.

For the Lions, the loss mathematically eliminates them from playoff contention, a stunningly fast fall for a team that had control of the NFC North for much of the season. This loss may lead to the firing of head coach Jim Schwartz and will lead to plenty of soul-searching in Detroit, where the Lions let a golden opportunity to win the division slip away.

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  1. Lions fan. We don’t deserve the playoffs. But neither does anyone else in the NFC North… Bye bye Shwartz.

  2. Schwartz will say something like how they were so close to having one of the best records in the NFL…just a few plays here and there. He will say that they lost a few games on field goals…but just because those were the last plays of the game does not mean they were not lost before that.

  3. Jim Schwartz has to go tomorrow.

    Earlier I said Gruden would take the NYG job, but I obviously didn’t think that through. This is Gruden’s job to take, and he’d help Stafford so much. The kid has the physical tools you drool over, but he falls away while throwing and slings it sidearm way too much. He needs his own personal Gruden’s QB camp.

    If Rex Ryan is fired, he and Gruden could turn this team around ina a hurry.

  4. Lions have now lost 6 games this season after leading in the fourth quarter…is that some kind of record?

  5. It’s not easy being a Lions fan. It will be even harder to continue being one if Schwartz returns next year.

  6. They’ll get rid of the coach, but they won’t get rid of the other two real problems: A GM that’s a holdover from the Millen days and a QB who looks much better than he is due to Megatron, a QB who isn’t anywhere close to being worth his salary.

  7. Welp… in my 27 years of watching the lions… can anyone that is a fan really be that surprised.

    What a huge disappointment that organization is. The lions are like scratch off lottery tickets… you rarely win and usually come away disappointed.

  8. They need a fresh look next year.

    It’s the same-old, same-old, only their owner is smarter than Jerrah.

  9. Lions aren’t eliminated they hold tiebreaker vs chi if they lo
    se tn an next week Detroit could secure division with win next week

  10. Too bad for Reggie Bush. He never should have left the Dolphins, and at least he would have had a chance for the playoffs. Jim Schwartz needs to go he’s horrible. I feel bad for Reggie, but another fumble today, puts you on the bench.

  11. Choking a division lead is for Dallas. Man, my underdog story of the year is dead. From top of division with 4 games left to sitting next to Ponder.

  12. Johnny ruane… detroit is done. Even if chicago loses both their games, it would mean green bay is 8-7-1.

  13. How pathetic can you be as a team and head coach to lose with all of this talent. Detroit fans I feel for you guys. So much talent (and the division not looking good this season) should’ve been a walk in the park instead your team finds away to piss it away. Schwartz deserves to be fired tomorrow but you might as well let him finish it out.

  14. This is the first year that I have seen the Lions trick the analysts as well as Lions fans. So many of the talking heads were saying that the division was Detroits to lose. And I hate that I have this feeling that Schwartz is mumbling to himself ‘that will teach them…’

  15. Lol Matthew stafford is just not a winner. He likes throwing to the other team more than his own. Guy single handedly is gettin that coach fired.

  16. Lions are who we thought they were. Take out Megatron, punch Reggie Bush in the mouth and block that front 4 (really just Suh. Fairley will take himself out) and they’re beatable.

  17. What was up with reggie Bush? Was he really salty about that first quarter fumble all game? He picked a bad time to pull a Drake on the sidelines.

  18. Being reported that it would cost the Lions $12Mil to fire Jim Shorts and they might not pull the trigger.

  19. Lions are not eliminated. If they win next week and Chicago loses tonight, the lions could win the north if Chicago and Green Bay tie next week. I know it is a long shot, but possible. Everybody forgets about a tie.

  20. No matter how hard the rest of the NFC North tries to give the division to the Lions, for some reason the Lions just don’t want to take it.

    There haven’t been to many times in the past 15 years when the Bears, Packers, and Vikings have all been down at the same time. If there ever was a year for the Lions to win it, it is right now.

  21. And then there was Schwartz yelling at the crowd because they were booing his decision to let the clock run out…way to keep your composure, Mr. Classy!!

  22. Anyone who thinks Stafford is a franchise QB needs to put the crack pipe down. Stafford should be ashamed at the zillion dollar contract he signed but I’m sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  23. Megaton, no catches in the 2nd half or overtime…. Bet you know who the giants defensive backs are now.

  24. I wonder if Imdumbagain Suzzy would like to take back some of the comments he made in his interview with Costas last week. Especially the one about how undeserved criticism comes when you’re playing winning football.

  25. If your own season is a failure…the next best thing is to take another team out….and on top of that take out a HC who is an embarrassment to the league. To my Giants: you failed bigtime this year…but today was nice. The league is better off without Schwartz….hopefully the other idiot in SF leaves as well. Lombardi, nole, landry, etc….this league needs to remain CLASS….anyone who doesnt want to cooperate…get out.

  26. No NFC North team wants to win that division. It will save them from being embarassed in the wildcard round. Tough year to be a fan of that division. Not quite as bad as the NFC West was a couple years ago, but close. The NFC East is pretty sickly as well.

  27. Funny……about 6 wks ago kitty fans were talking SB, Lion’s couldn’t be stopped, Schwartz was a great coach, etc……….50 years of futility were going to catch up, it always does when it involves the kitties.

  28. Some coaches are left with two of their timeouts in a tie game and some coaches know when to go for it on fourth down. Some coaches have super bowl rings. Nice win for Coughlin and NYG.

  29. Stafford is a mediocre QB. One of the most overrated in the NFL.

    If he didn’t have 6’6 big bodied Calvin Johnson, he would have MANY less wins-

    And he’s already a .500 QB in his career

  30. With another Lion season falling to ruin while the teams divisional foes stayed afloat using back up QBs, it’s hard to not wonder if the Lion’s fortunes would’ve improved had Stafford been injured seven weeks ago and the sure handed and heady Shawn Hill were to have finished the season for Detroit. Certainly, Hill was capable of leading the team to a 4-4 or 3-5 record down the stretch and that would’ve been a playoff birth. Followed, of course, by a first round ouster.

  31. I see there are still Lions slappies refusing to understand it’s over for them. Even if the GB/Ch game ends in a tie the Bears prevail over the gagging Lions by a half game. The entire division is an embarrassment when it comes down to winning when you must.

  32. ahs2 says:
    Dec 22, 2013 8:57 PM
    And then there was Schwartz yelling at the crowd because they were booing his decision to let the clock run out…way to keep your composure, Mr. Classy!!
    two timeouts and a megatron and he lets the clock run out… whaaaat??

  33. Never seen a coach react to fans like this coach did to his own fans…shows what kind of discipline/character he has–none. Like coach, like team…zero discipline. Easiest decision the Lions front office can make–get rid of him.

  34. I hope Gruden gets the job so I don’t have to listen to him anymore on MNF. God he is a terrible commentator…

  35. As a Bears fan who got sick of all the trash talk from kitty fans after they swept us, I was all set to gloat. But after what Philly did to us today, and with Rodgers probably back for Week 17, I’m thinkin’ 8-7-1 wins the North. How sad is that?

  36. Schwartz is done after next week (he’ll coach the final game next Sunday in Minnesota). So who will come in to replace him?

    Jerry Glanville is still around, and happens to be coaching EMU in Ypsilanti. He’s always wanted to coach the Lions. But … he’s so old I think he stays with EMU.

    Billick seems happy in the booth, but is a possibility. Cowher is another distant possibility. Someone else mentioned Gruden, who seems more likely heading to Oakland.

    Lovie Smith seems like a believable candidate for Detroit, but without Martz and Marinelli, neither of whom will be welcome back in Detroit.

  37. I tkink it all starts with the owner.Old school he has to pay his players bonus money if they make it to the play offs and past that.He can keep all that money to himself.They come out year after year with a good record in the first half of the season and the second half of the season do not even no what a football is a high school team could beat them.They have always had awesome talent on their team but never seam to know how to use it.And year after year people pay big money to go watch them hoping that this year will be the year but it never happens what a dissapointening team.If I were the owner I would be ashamed.One of the worst franchises there is

  38. For the last 40+ years this team has had nothing but losing records how is this possible?I think they are the only franchise that has not made it to the Super Bowl in that amount of time,what a dissapoitment.

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