Stephen Jones confronts Werder over Garrett story


On Sunday morning, Ed Werder of ESPN reported that the expectation in the Cowboys’ organization is that coach Jason Garrett will be fired if the team fails to make it to the playoffs.

After the thrilling, come-from-behind Week 16 win over Washington, Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones confronted Werder in the locker room.

Per a source with knowledge of the exchange, Stephen Jones told Werder that, if he has a source who is providing information on the head coach’s status and the source’s name isn’t Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones, the story is “BS”.

Another source said that it wasn’t a loud or hostile exchange.  Stephen Jones quietly pulled Werder aside and shared that perspective.

Reached for comment by PFT, Werder had this to say:  “Stephen and I had a brief conversation in the Cowboys locker room about my report earlier in the day.  I stand by what I reported and that’s really all there is to it.”

Most believe that Garrett will indeed be fired if the Cowboys fail to make it to the playoffs.  Whether they make it will be determined next Sunday, when the Eagles come to town for the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.

28 responses to “Stephen Jones confronts Werder over Garrett story

  1. As much as I laugh at the Joneses,
    Junior is right. And Werdner is a jack axx. He’s been filing false reports his whole career.

  2. Werder lives by this reporting standard–

    “If you can’t break the news, make the news.”

  3. So can we get Werdner fired if they fail to make the post season and Garrett isnt fired? I think it’s about time we hold reporters accountable for their nonsense.

  4. Another source said that it wasn’t a loud or hostile exchange. Stephen Jones quietly pulled Werder aside and shared that perspective.

    If the source isn’t Jerry, this never happened.

  5. Yes I know he’s not a junior in name. He’s Junior because he thinks someone gives a crap about his opinions. It’s the spirit of the word. No offense of course.

  6. High pressure game for the Girls next week. Judging from the Eagles tonight, and the Girls on any high-pressure night, its going to be a long offseason for the Girls.

    The line in Vegas should be props on how Romo blows it. Does he fumble? Intercept? Pick-six intercept? Sack-strip-fumble-TD? The possibilities are endless for a bookmaker.

  7. The Eagles arent horrible. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. They deserve to be division champs…& that comes from a long time Dallas fan.

  8. When the cowboys lose next week what will the story line be? How will the Jones twins spin this. This team is old, no leadership and a lot of finger pointing when the cookie starts to crumple. It will be interesting to say the least.

  9. I just love the bandwagon fans – I actually love how Stephen confronted Werder for his false stories and made up sources. For those who don’t see the change in Jerry – just look at his actions. Garrett has influenced Jerry and Stephen in more ways then you think. He has shown to be more proactive than reactive – here a few examples:

    1. Sign OL in the 1st round rather than skill positions.
    2. Don’t sign aging veterans to idiotic contracts – not to sign Anthony Spencer to a long term deal, not to sign Hathcher to an absurd contract at 32 years old, let Jay Ratliff go etc.
    3. Play youth rather than scrubs off the street vets.

    Keeping Garrett is absolutely the smart move rather than start from scratch with a new coach – I will say that not renewing Monte Kiffin is defintiely the way to go and if Garrett can somehow squeeze Mike Zimmer out of Cincinnati then that would be ideal.

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