Bruce Arians: Steve Keim should be executive of the year


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is one of the leading contenders for coach of the year for his work in leading the Cardinals to at least 10 wins in his first season with the team, but Arians isn’t interested in banging the drum for himself.

He is interested in banging the drum for General Manager Steve Keim, however. During his Monday meeting with reporters, Arians took some time to stump for executive of the year votes for the man in charge of personnel in the desert.

“If he doesn’t get executive of the year, something’s wrong,” Arians said, via the Cardinals website. “People want to talk about coach of the year, [expletive], I just coach the team. He deserves to be executive of the year because what he did in his first year was phenomenal.”

Keim’s moves have worked out well for the most part. Carson Palmer’s not perfect, but not perfect is a huge step up from the positively dreadful situation that the Cards had at quarterback last year and running back Andre Ellington has given them good production for a sixth-round pick. Karlos Dansby and John Abraham have bolstered the linebacking corps, Tyrann Mathieu had a strong rookie year at safety before getting hurt and veterans Yeremiah Bell and Antoine Cason have also helped in the secondary.

The Chiefs had the biggest one-year turnaround in the league this year, but the Cardinals aren’t far behind. Both Keim and Arians should get plenty of credit for the job they’ve done this year, whether or not it results in official awards when the season is over.

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  1. Tried to tell people before the season, Bruce Arians is the next Marv Levy. What he’s done with the Cardinals, even with the Carson Palmer anchor on them almost every week, is amazing. If he won Coach of the Year again, would he be the first back to back winner?

  2. Is there any way Reid doesn’t win coach of the year? Taking a 1 win team to 11-12 wins is impressive. Cardinals were bad (5 wins), but not nearly as bad as KC.

  3. Rocky raccoon: really over Chip Kelly? That guy left the eagles team a mess and Chip has coached them practically to the playoffs. Now that Reid is starting to play better teams he is loosing. He is nothing more than Marty Schottenheimer rev 2k

  4. Keim has done a great job. Carson certainly struggled early in the season and yesterday but I would not call him an “anchor.” He has had a QB rating > 100 in 5 of his last 8 games. When protected he is still in the top 50% of QB’s in the NFL if not a little better than that.

  5. Regardless of who wins what award, the great news for Cardinal fans (of which I’ve been a member since 1970) is that the entire culture has been transformed. It began with Michael Bidwill taking the lead from his dad a few years back. Steve Keim’s promotion and Bruce Arians’ hiring has paid dividends immediately.

    Much like the Colts transformation after Jim took over from his bumbling father (and allowed football people to push the football agenda), the Cardinals have seen the light.

    Steve Keim and Bruce Arians should get accolades for the jobs they’ve done. I look forward to the next 4-6 years at the least with them leading the way.

  6. Keim & Arians have done more with less than Reid by far. Chiefs have 1 win vs .500+ team couldn’t go into Seattle and come out winning in 10 tries. Couldn’t do anything vs Indy @ home while Cards beat a top 2 team on the road. Reid took over a team with 5 ProBowlers and built a house of cards, no offense to the Cards.

  7. KC started out 9-0 … they are 2-4 since and about to make it 2-5. Andy Reid and the Chiefs ran out of steam.

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