Eagles surprised by, but likely OK with Romo news


When news broke yesterday that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo probably won’t play in Sunday night’s season-deciding game against the Eagles, many were disbelief.

That extends all the way to the Eagles themselves.

Running back LeSean McCoy thought someone was messing with him, when informed of the news during an appearance on 94 WIP radio.

I don’t believe that. Are you for sure?” McCoy said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “I would love to have Romo out there. You want your best. You want everybody [playing for the NFC East title].

“You wait this long and put everything into it? The hard training in the offseason, get the new coach . . . We’re finally here at the last game . . . You put all your chips on the table . . . We’re all in.”

Of course, to listen to Eagles coach Chip Kelly (before the news was out), it’s easy to imagine he’s OK with it.

Kelly lauded Romo as one of the best quarterbacks in the game, referencing his comeback win against the Redskins.

“Fourth-and-[10], game on the line, scrambles, keeps the ball alive, hits the mark to Murray, and they win the game. I’m always on what you did last, and what he did last was pretty special,” Kelly said. “The way he avoided the rush, kept drives alive, I think he’s as talented a quarterback as there is in this league.

“He’s one of the really, really, really good quarterbacks we’ve seen, and I said that the first time we played him. If you’re a fan of just quarterback play, he’s pretty special.”

But it appears that Kelly’s going to have to wait until next season to see him, which is probably just fine with him and Eagles fans.

11 responses to “Eagles surprised by, but likely OK with Romo news

  1. It will be a nice distraction for Jerry and Jason to blame this loss on Romo’s injury, to get the attention off the worst defense in the history of the league.

  2. Chip is right. If the Saints had Romo instead of Brees we’d have 3 Super Bowls! Hes big and strong and very agile in the pocket and he’s tall and has a strong arm. He can see the field and extend the play. Geaux Saints!

  3. Here’s the thing though. The Cowboys, with Romo, had a tough time scoring 17 points on the Eagles in week 7. Since then, the defense has been orders of magnitude better. I just am having a hard time seeing them score more than 20 points, and an even harder time seeing them keeping the Eagles from hanging at least 24 on them.

  4. As an Eagles fan, this news changes nothing. I think the Cowboys play the same game regardless of QB.

  5. Ware is not the same player, and Lee is not playing. They are the only 2 noteworthy defensive players the Cowboys have. The Eagles will put up at least 40 0n them. Eartz and Celek are going to have a field day with the reserve linebackers trying to cover them. Not to mention, McCoy will probably rush for 150+. I did not even mention Desean yet, but they shouldn’t even need him. I don’t see the Cowboys keeping this game close.

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