Report: Munchak, Schiano have inquired about Penn State job


If Penn State coach Bill O’Brien leaves to take an NFL opening, as he is reportedly exploring, a couple of current NFL coaches may want to take O’Brien’s place.

According to the Patriot-News, two NFL head coaches, Tennessee’s Mike Munchak and Tampa Bay’s Greg Schiano, have had their intermediaries inquire about the Penn State job.

Munchak has not responded to the report; Schiano says he has shown “zero” interest in Penn State and wants to keep the job he has.

Both Munchak and Schiano have ties to Penn State. Munchak had an excellent career as an offensive lineman at Penn State that led to him being a Top 10 draft pick, and he was believed to be a strong candidate to replace Joe Paterno when O’Brien got the job two years ago. Schiano is a former Paterno assistant, and during Schiano’s tenure as the head coach at Rutgers he was frequently mentioned as a coach who could eventually succeed Paterno.

The Patriot-News report suggests that Munchak would be the favorite at Penn State if O’Brien leaves, while Schiano would not be a top choice. What’s unclear is whether Munchak and Schiano are about to get fired from their current jobs, and whether O’Brien is about to create an opening at Penn State. We’ll get more clarity about that next week.

24 responses to “Report: Munchak, Schiano have inquired about Penn State job

  1. If Tampa Bay fires him, Schiano will probably find a nice landing spot in the college game within the next two years. He’d probably be a better college coach than Munchak.

  2. Schiano says he has shown “zero” interest in Penn State and wants to keep the job he has.


    Umm, everyone that underperforms wants to keep their job, but that’s not how it works!

  3. That’s who I think the Texans want is Bill O’Brien, at least I hope so. If McNair hires Lovie Smith, I’m done with them. Smith is a Kubiak Clone, only on Defense. Stoic and unemotional.

  4. REMINDER: The NCAA hammered USC with grossly unjust sanctions after a witch hunt investigation spanning years only found a single player, Reggie Bush, of receiving benefits 130 miles south of campus from someone unaffiliated with the school.

    Penn State, however, willingly harbored and shielded a pedophile sexual predator with the full knowledge of the coaching staff and school administrators for YEARS and got away with a slap on the wrist that gets reduced even further all the time.

  5. Maybe its me but I’d never want to be associated with Penn State. I mean honestly whats the first thing anyone thinks when they hear “Penn State”? Probably the same things they think of when they hear “Catholic Church”.

  6. I highly doubt O’Brien leaves. He loves Happy Valley and the kids. He also knows with Hackenberg and the other young players they can be very good. He is too classy a person to leave PSU right now I would be very surprised if he leaves before 2016 with the buyout over $6M.

  7. Bucs ain’t firing Schiano. He made a power play on the QB and was proven to be in the right. He’s got his guy under center & will get a chance to build the team around him.

  8. The Patriot-News has no idea who the favorite would be if everything actually happens and Schiano and Munchak are up for the job.. They are purely speculating by throwing **** at the wall and hoping it sticks. Journalism is a joke anymore.

  9. While I’m not a huge fan of Mike Munchak being in an NFL head coach position, I can tell you that he was a brilliant offensive line coach for many years. And as far as his intangibles? He represents everything Penn State does not in the public’s mind: Integrity, gentleman, caring, humble, friendly, idealistic, classy, admired by his players and peers … and the list goes on. Everything Penn State desperately WANTS to be seen as.

    – Titans Fan

  10. If you don’t want to be associated with Penn State stop reading & commenting on the articles that are posted about the school. It is a horrendous thing what that scumbag did. But people like yourself have to stop beating a dead horse every time a story about PSU is posted.

  11. I would be shocked if Penn State hired Schiano at this point.
    Schianos true colors have been well seen these past 2 years and frankly no one likes him as a person.

    That just wont fly at Penn State.

  12. Report: Bill Belichick is interested in the Lions head coaching job.
    Report: Nick Saban said to have interest in the Detroit Tigers managerial job.

    See anyone can do it, let’s all have fun with it!

  13. Penn states sanctions are far worse than USC’s. The difference is bill O’Brien can coach and Lane Kiffin can’t so it just seems like the USC penalties were worse.

    Penn State’s best player RB Silas redd even transferred from PSU to USC and it didn’t help USC. O’Brien converted a FB to RB and he had a better season than Redd did under dummy Kiffin.

    As for the rest of the outburst, it just displays a total lack of understanding of the facts of what happened. The reason the Penn State sanctions are being reduced is because more evidence is now coming out that shows PSU did not cover up anything.

    It was the state of PA who investigated Sandusky and said the charges were false back in 98. Then Sandusky retired.

    Similar to what just happened with Jameis Winston at Florida State. If years from now Winston assaults another woman while he’s in the NFL, does that then mean FSU is responsible for what Winston did?

    According to the media narrative they would be. They said that PSU should have known about Sandusky even though the state told them he did nothing wrong. By that logic. FSU should be assuming Winston is a rapist right now even though the state cleared him.

    Is Florida responsible for the Hernandez murders? By the NCAA logic on PSU they should be. Hernandez had several violent incidents including being a suspect inn a drive by while at Florida. Years later he killed somebody. By the NCAA logic, Florida is responsible for those murders because they should have known Hernandez was a killer even though he was cleared by police.

  14. Honestly, why would anyone want to coach a program that thought football was more important than child molestation. Adam Teliferro supported a child molester and anyone who thinks that PSU could not survive money wise without it is a dope. Has anyone seen the record profit colleges are making. This university should of lost there right to play football when they choose profits over kids being violated. Regardless who was there than and who is there now. Disgrace PSU is for not puttimg education first….

  15. I live in Central Pa. and the PSU Football Culture is alive and well. They will not accept that ” Success with Honor” was a scam and a lie.

  16. Schiano realized that the Pros isn’t College at all. A lot less power and a lot more work for the same amount of money.

  17. Schiano wants the job because if he gets fired here, he’ll get to collect two paychecks for three years, and just like Gruden, he’ll make the Glazers pay every cent.

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