Schiano quick to shoot down Penn State report

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Within hours of a report that his people had contact with Penn State about the potential opening there, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano strongly denied it.

There’s zero truth to that,’’ Schiano said, via Pat Yasinskas of “Let me make it clear, the only job I want is the one I have right now.’’

Having an agent or intermediary do the talking is on the first page of the coaching handbook, but page two is leaving yourself some wiggle room.

Schiano needs to make sure he has a job when the wheel stops spinning, so there’s no point in appearing disloyal now, when the Bucs haven’t necessarily told him he’s going to have one there next year.

The Buccaneers haven’t said much since three straight wins earned Schiano some praise from ownership, but some of that positive feeling has subsided. They’ve since lost three of their last four, leaving them 4-11 overall and 11-20 in his two seasons with the team.

12 responses to “Schiano quick to shoot down Penn State report

  1. I’m not a bucs fan but the talent on that team young talent they have pieces to build on but I don’t know if he’s the right man to coach them.

  2. There’s zero truth to that… until Penn State holds a press conference announcing that Schiano is the new head coach.

    He will go off on a rant about this being his dream job and… Well, stop me if you’ve heard this one before!

  3. Schiano shouldn’t even be coaching flag football. The bucs roster is stacked with studs and they got in my opinion the worst coach in the league oh and Jim Swartz is right there also as the absolute worst

  4. I wish my boys well but I don’t see it with anyone involved with the organization that doesn’t wear a uniform. Sure they needed some discipline but what the players need now, more than anything else, is a sense that someone has their backs. Just because you didn’t bring them in doesn’t mean they’re useless….if you can coach. You can set a player up for failure in practice to demonstrate the error in technic or how the coaching philosophy/game plan is supposed to work but you do not carry that over into a game. Big picture comes down to some pretty simple things, beat your man, take care of your assignment, execute, leave it all out on the field, get it done or we find someone who will.

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