Lions won’t mail it in, at least not intentionally

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On Sunday, the Lions have nothing to play for.  But they say they’ll still try to win the last game ever played at the Metrodome.

“It would look even worse to people that still are following this team if we went to Minnesota and mailed it in,” receiver Nate Burleson said Tuesday, via the Associated Press.

Whether they intentionally mail it in may not matter.  In recent weeks, the Lions have been trying hard to win, and they’ve been losing.  Five out of six times to be precise, with the only victory coming on Thanksgiving, against the Packers.

Some embattled coaches reportedly are talking to their players about tenuous job status, but Lions coach Jim Schwartz hasn’t said anything to the troops, yet.

“He didn’t say anything,” Burleson said of Schwartz.  “It’s business as usual.”

For the Lions, business as usual means a road win against the Vikings would be extremely unusual.  Other than an overtime victory at the Metrodome in 2011, the Lions have lost every game in Minnesota since 1997.

30 responses to “Lions won’t mail it in, at least not intentionally

  1. I love Nate, he’s a great leader. He’s the kind of player the Lions NEED to keep.

    As for “mailing it in”, if you ever throw a game, you don’t deserve to call yourself an NFL player. You make the players who are trying look bad.

    Merry Christmas and Go Lions!

  2. Yeah, the lions should keep Burleson, but ONLY for the right price. He’s lost a step and cannot get any separation. Sure he’s a very classy guy, but it does no good when he’s average at best on the field.

  3. I fully expect this team to play harder this game than the last two games. I realize that makes no sense but just wait and see…

  4. This Loins team will be remembered as the greatest “tank” team ever — even worse than the 0-16 year.

    They were literally handed the division title when both Rodgers and Cutler were injured and out for extended periods.

    Yet still managed to blow it.

    Detroit deserves better.

  5. As a Lions fan I can whole heartedly say:


    I want my $2200 back for my first and last season tickets, please sell this team and move to LA.

    Merry Christmas

  6. Nate is disgruntled towards the Land of 10k Lakes because the Vikes had gotten rid of him due to his inefficiency & never living up to his overblown hype.
    Rice took over the headlines & finally Nate got bounced.
    Now, as for his “mailing it in” comment; is that in regards to kitty fans that prematurely purchased playoff tickets?

  7. Business as usual in the NFC North. The Vikings and Lions are playing a meaningless week 17 game while the Packers and Bears are playing for the division championship.

  8. Whats with all the “choke job” comments? Have you no idea about this teams history especially the last 15 years?

    They haven’t even been good enough to be called chokers with the exception of this year.

    Many, many 2 win, 3 win 4 win seasons etc…and that fun 0-16 campaign.

  9. Lions fans…take solace…at least you have your own stadium…Queen fans don’t even have a place they can call home…they have to borrow a home from there little brother…the U of M…LOL

  10. Please join me is raising a glass of Holiday cheer and “skol” the vikqueen’s 53rd year of irrelevance.

    Their storied history of abject failure is firmly intact for another year.

  11. There is no way, absolutely no way the Lions win in Minnesota. The Vikings are trying to save Frazier’s job which is a joke if it works and the Lions are just the type of little babies that will mail it in because (wah, wah) they have been eliminated in a division which will be won by a team with 8 or 9 wins.

  12. Too bad the Dolphins let Reggie go. Detroit is a joke and with his nice playing this season he deserves better. Had the Dolphins kept him, they would be in the playoffs already.

  13. Lions will mail it in, guaranteed.

    Vikes are bad and maybe Lions win regardless but they will absolutely not try very hard.

  14. We can’t even lose properly. Winning tomorrow would be the dumbest thing the Lions can do…oh wait.

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