Jaguars ready to start evaluating QBs “right away”


The Jaguars have done some impressive work, overcoming a season-opening eight-game losing streak (13 going back to last year), to win four of their last seven games.

But the most important work is about to begin.

Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union they were ready to start evaluating quarterbacks “As soon as the season ends. Right away.”

While Chad Henne has proven himself perfectly able to be a competent NFL backup, he’s also a free agent, and it’s clear they’re ready to move on from the failed Blaine Gabbert experiment. Their late success will keep them from the top pick, but this week’s results could easily leave them with a top-five pick.

Fisch said he’d evaluate between 20 and 25 college quarterbacks, as they try to find their next one.

“I’ll start with just game tapes and then after game tapes, I’ll look at [cut-up] tapes so it will be more along the lines of — I’ll look at their third downs, their red zone, their two-minute drives and then I’ll look at all their sacks and the play that followed the sack to see how they handled it and then their broken plays. What happened when it wasn’t easy?” Fisch said.

Of course, investigating the intangibles is as important when looking for a leader, a decision they need to get right, so they don’t waste the solid foundation they laid this year.

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  1. Wait, so you mean Blaine Gabbert isn’t a franchise QB? GOAT GM Gene Smith led us to believe otherwise, after all he literally traded up for him and also had so much confidence he’d be the next Mark Brunell that in the next draft he passed on Russell Wilson for a freaking punter!

  2. Chad Henne is better than a “competent backup”. Nobody could have succeeded under the circumstances he has been like Miami with no line, no weapons, and Tony Sparano. Let’s not even get started on the Jacksonville situation…

    This guy has all the tools to be a successful starter and in fact I could see his career turning around like Vinny Testaverde’s if given the opportunity.

  3. There’s definitely a lot of possibilities. If Houston doesn’t take Bridgewater they could, but I doubt they will pass on him. Other than that there’s not many QBs worth a top 5 pick.

    They should go best player available in the first round. If you look at all the first round QBs drafted other than Luck and RGIII there’s not many lately who’ve had success.

    Just look at Gabbert, Ponder, Weeden and all the other first round busts lately. If they can get someone like Clowney and then get a QB in the second or third they should do that. Gus knows all about that haven been in Seattle. He’s a good coach who knows how to develop talent and they have 10 picks this year plus a bunch of money to spend. This team should be much improved next year.

  4. Hope they won’t bring Blaine back to camp next year. I hate to say it. But he’s not shown that he brings anything to the table. I’ve really never seen a QB do the “duck and wait for the sack” move when no defenders are close. He invented it. It’s probably part of his psyche. If he can’t turn it up a notch in Gus’ camp to beat out Henne, it may be time for another job. It is time, actually.

    I hope they’ll find their guy in this draft. Along with some more help for the secondary and D-line. Bring on the competition, men!

  5. The JAGS aren’t the only ones. Just got this post from a friend in Cleveland….

    With the upcoming draft quite a number of Browns fans have expressed concerns to ESPN Analyst Tony Gassi regarding the ability of Cleveland GM Mike Dumbardi.

    These concerns are based on his track record; a record that includes a record NFL high five terminations.

    To ease these concerns Dumbardi shared his “all time” Big Board with Gassi. Gassi in turn Tweeted it to a friend, but inadvertently also tweeted to 15,000 people following Randy Lerner.

    I thought I would share Dumbardi’s all time Big Board with you.

    No need for needless worrying. Your fears are well founded!

    Mike Dumbardi’s ALL TIME BIG BOARD

    Quarterback: JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Art Schlichter, David Carr (Tie because of high character grades)
    Running Back: Lawrence Phillips, Curtis Enis, Ki-Jana Carter, Blair Thomas
    Wide Receiver: Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, R. Jay Soward, Yatil Green
    Tight End: Derek Brown, David LaFleur, Derek Brown, Irv Smith
    Offensive Line: Tony Manderich, Jason Smith, Jeff Otah, Mike Williams, Robert Gallery, Eugene Chung, Trezelle Jenkins, Aaron Gibson, Peter Konz,
    Defensive End: Jerome McDougle, Courtney Brown, Derrick Harvey, Eric Curry
    Defensive Tackle: Gerard Warren, Devon Still, Johnathan Sullivan, Jimmy Kennedy
    Linebacker: Aundray Bruce, Trev Alberts, Huey Richardson, Aaron Curry, Vernon Gholston
    Defensive Backs: Willie Middlebrooks, Bruce Pickens, Andre Woolfolk, Tye Hill, Patrick Bates

  6. Ugh, Henne is *not* a competent starter. He has the basic tools and understanding, which allows him to be adequate much of the time. But he consistently misreads coverages and throws way too many bad balls and interceptions. And he has a real, consistent issue with seeing passing lanes which leads to an extraordinary number of passes batted down at the line.

  7. Gabbert is not the answer and the Henboy is not the answer , either . . . okay , so there’s that . . .

  8. Chad Henne may not be the answer, but he brings FAR more stability to the team than Blaine Gabbert ever has or will. He might be a trade chip for the upcoming draft, albeit in place of one of our two 5th rounders.

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