Packers sign rookie cornerback Jumal Rolle to active roster


With two days until their regular-season finale at Chicago, the Packers have added some cornerback depth.

Green Bay, which had two open roster spots, promoted rookie Jumal Rolle from their practice squad on Friday.

Rolle, 23, has also had stints with the Bills and Saints this season. The Packers added him to their practice squad in October.

The question now is how the Packers fill that final roster spot. Wide receiver Randall Cobb remains on the injured reserve / designated for return list, but he has practiced this week.

19 responses to “Packers sign rookie cornerback Jumal Rolle to active roster

  1. If you are a player@you get signed by the Packers-do you have to sign a waiver in your contract that states you have to buy a certain amount of fake stock out of each game check??

  2. Yawn……..unless they sign Primetime in his prime, their CBs are toast.

    The only area that is more offensive, is the offensive line, who are charged to protect their one man show, but very fragile QB.

    Good luck with that……

  3. He looked good when I saw him at training camp in Rochester. Decent size and speed. Buffalo just had a loaded backfield. He belongs on an NFL roster.

  4. From the looks of that picture he needs to learn how to tackle properly,he grabs for the high spot(shoulders) when the legs are clearly accessible to tackle,you stop the legs you stop the runner.when will they ever. learn

  5. The differences between Rolle and Viking’s corner Chris Cook is; Rolle can cover, Rolle wasn’t a high draft choice, and Rolle will be available for this Sunday’s game and not sitting in some jail cell because he decided to beat his girlfriend silly for talking on the phone.

  6. Anyone who constantly brings up the “stock” comments, its old. You don’t understand the point of it because you’re just a bandwagon fan of your team. Packer fans love their team and appreciate owning a “worthless” piece of paper because its supporting their team rather than a team taxing an entire state to get funds to build a new stadium. And its something cool to have on your wall. Not everyone can say they own a piece of a professional sports franchise. You’ll never understand because your team is owned by a greedy billionaire. And no matter how much you want to sound like a 10 year old and make fun of us, just remember that its out of pure jealousy, and we packer fans love every bit of it. It’s totally understandable to hate a team that consistently wins year in and year out. Like the Yankees. People hate them because they’re always good.

  7. Dumped by two teams – check, in practice squad – check, dirt cheap price – check…

    Pefect for Packers!

    Go Ted Go!

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