Report: Penn State to push for Greg Schiano

With the tea leaves pointing toward Bill O’Brien’s departure from Penn State for a job in Houston or elsewhere in the NFL, the school looks like it is going to need a new head coach for the second time in the last three years.

They’re reportedly targeting a current NFL head coach to take his place. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Penn State Athletic Director David Joyner is mulling a trip to Tampa in hopes of enticing Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano to return to the collegiate ranks. Schiano was an assistant in State College under Joe Paterno for six seasons on his way up the coaching ladder.

Schiano was one of two coaches that reportedly reached out to Penn State about their job, former Nittany Lion and current Titans coach Mike Munchak was the other, although Schiano (and Munchak) denied that was the case. A league source tells PFT that Schiano’s denial was accurate, but it seems the interest in Happy Valley may not have needed any outside impetus.

Schiano’s own status in Tampa has been the subject of much speculation this year apart from any potential Penn State interest. That speculation includes Mike Florio’s Sunday report that offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan may be fired by the Bucs if Schiano stays as their head coach.

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  1. I think Michigan should be on the phone trying to get Schiano. They need someone to turn that program around and fast. When they have to give half their allotted tickets back to the bowl organizers because they can’t sell em, that spells the beginning of the end for Hoke and comp.

    The icing on the cake will come this week when some of the 4 and 5 start recruits start to announce they have other plans now.

  2. Penn State still needs someone with a good amount of patience as the penalties from the NCAA will linger for awhile. O’Brien did a great job picking up the pieces, but no one would fault him going to the NFL, especially to the Texans, who are a QB away from the Super Bowl.

  3. Might be easier for Schiano to win the NFC South than in the Big 10.

    At Penn St., he’d get Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St., Nebraska and Wisconsin every year.

  4. Not to rain on the parade, but his body of work at Rutgers isn’t as great as some seem to believe. Basically one really good year with things tapering off after that against not overly great competition. Expecting him to do wonders at Penn State is probably over-optimistic.

    And going with a head coach that is basically totally unlikable would seem to be an odd move given where PSU is at.

  5. Please! Grew up in NJ a Penn State fan. Don’t do it. He is a fake , phony and fraud. Could recruit talent but can’t coach. Tough guy persona wears quickly. If not for Ray Rice he would have been a complete failure. He is a salesman, best at selling himself and we always knew he wanted the PSU job. He is a bad guy and PSU doesn’t need that. Please don’t!

  6. As a Bucs fan I hope this happens. I don’t think the Glazers would fire him after this season. So going to PS would be a nice, easy way to get rid of him.

  7. [[ phinfan says:
    Dec 29, 2013 10:48 AM
    Good college coach he will win again one day ]]

    Again? His combined college/pro record is a losing record. He has never won. Fire Schiano!

    You’d figure PSU had been through enough misery lately but if you guys want to suffer with 1975’s best head coach then knock yourself out … as long as I don’t have to watch him any longer I’d be happy.

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