Falcons extend Mike Nolan’s contract


The Falcons ranked near the bottom of the league in both points and yards allowed during the 2013 regular season, but those results will not cost defensive coordinator Mike Nolan his job.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported late Sunday that Nolan will return to the Falcons next year after the team extended his contract. Others covering the Falcons are reporting the same with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporting via Nolan’s agent Bob Lamonte that it is a two-year deal.

This was Nolan’s second season with the Falcons and he was forced to play a lot of inexperienced players because of injuries and departures of veterans from last year’s team. Paul Worrilow and Joplo Bartu, a pair of undrafted rookies, wound up as starting linebackers and having to go so young likely limited some of what Nolan could do with the unit this season.

The Falcons obviously aren’t holding that against him and will try to get things back on a winning track this offseason without making a drastic change at the top of the defense.

8 responses to “Falcons extend Mike Nolan’s contract

  1. Wise move. This season was an aberration. They’ll probably be able to pick either Anthony Barr or Clowney in the draft, and pass rushers tend to translate from college into the NFL pretty quickly. Their rookie corners should be better next season too, that position is very difficult to transition from college to the pros.

    Their biggest mistake was probably letting Brent Grimes go in free agency.

  2. Hopefully the #6 pick will be someone on the OL. What was it…9 sacks yesterday? They need to keep Matt Ryan upright and not feeling ghosts to where he quickly throws a pick.

    Clowney will probably go to St. Louis with the #2 pick. Massaquoi, Goodman, & Matthews will take a big leap next year with the playing time that they were able to get this year. Plus, they haven’t gotten 2 speeding tickets within 2 months driving 30+ miles over the speed limit.

    If I were going to get a new coordinator (in my imaginary “I’m a GM” mentality) I would quickly drop Koetter and pick up Chudz. He did wonders with SCam Newton. Did you see that Emmy that he won yesterday?

    If the OL doesn’t get any better then they also need to let SJax go. He is a great person and athlete but obviously is too old/slow to make anything happen behind the line that started this year. Of course I think that line probably would have made AP look pedestrian as well.

  3. GM Dimitroff needs to apologize to all Falcons fans for putting a completely forgettable bunch of stiffs in front of Ryan. Dimitroff had to know this would be a disaster.

  4. Hey 9ers fan. You should be thanking Nolan. He basically built that team. You got rid of him prematurely. At least 6 starters on that great defense this year. I think there was more last year. So I guess we should thank you actually

  5. Good job Mike Smith!! You kept this team playing together every week.
    Now that we have seen what we have (speed) coming off the bench, I expect to see different packages (1st string, bruiser, & speed) on the offensive side. These players should see more game time reps.

    Condition…Well, good 1st half team, but terrible 2nd half team 😡. Atlanta needs to be able to play 5 qtrs. of football, but only 4 if we stick to what’s working.

    Condition, Preparation, & Mindset!!!

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