Perrish Cox returns to 49ers

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The 49ers and Seahawks made a habit of signing players with recent history on the other side of their rivalry throughout the 2013 season and things aren’t changing just because the regular season is over.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday that the team has signed cornerback Perrish Cox. Cox started the year with the 49ers, but was released in November and wound up signing with the Seahawks. He was cut a day later, but the Seahawks brought him back later in the season before releasing him again once Walter Thurmond’s suspension came to an end.

Cox’s arrival gives the 49ers some coverage in the event the MRI on cornerback Carlos Rogers’ injured right hamstring shows something that will keep him out of the lineup for Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Cox had two tackles in nine games for the Niners and three more in two games with the Seahawks.

16 responses to “Perrish Cox returns to 49ers

  1. 407

    The number of Yards Carson Palmer(yeah, Carson Palmer) put up against our defense yesterday.

    If he can do that, what do you think Aaron Rodgers is going to do this Sunday, after losing 3 consecutive games to the Niners, while on his own turf, in his own stadium, with his fans cheering him on……Jim, Trent?

  2. Let the lousy niners pick up our scraps. Not even good enough to back up our backups, now has a good chance at playing for the niners in the playoffs. HAHAHAH!!! Sad. Go Hawks

  3. No brainer, knows the system, even though he probably won’t see the field but a handful of plays.

    Niners had a vacant roster spot, had to sign somebody. Just means he must still be better than their practice squad corners.

  4. 49ers are 9-1 when an opposing QB passes for over 300 yards under the Harbaugh/Balke era.

    Out of that record, they are 5-1 when a QB passes for over 390 yards.

    Jim and Trent would say they are just fine…

  5. You Whiners still living in the 80s need to realize that your ancient SB titles mean nothing now. Bottom line is that in the last 10 years you’ve won 2 division titles. Hawks are up to 6. Suck on that.

  6. Now don’t forget Perri, in September you’ll come back to Seattle for three weeks, before you rejoin the Niners in November, and then finish out the season with us, in December.

    Good thing your SmartPhone has extra memory in it.

  7. I SERIOUSLY am worried about Aaron Rodgers safety come Sunday with that offensive line against that 49ers defense.

  8. Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t be playing against this Niners defense not fully healed. Feel sorry for him out there Hahaha! Seahawks in here claiming division titles. Wouldn’t even have won one this season had the refs not blew the Ahmad Brooks sack fumble against Saints.

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