Schwartz’s status unclear, for now

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It’s known that Lions coach Jim Schwartz will meet on Monday with the ownership.  It’s not known what will happen with Schwartz’s job.

Some reports differ on whether Schwartz will indeed be fired.  On one hand, the team has talent — but it has become undisciplined and underachieving.  On the other hand, the Lions still owe Schwartz millions for the next two years, and the team typically has been loyal and patient with its key employees.

The deeper question is whether the Lions will also fire G.M. Martin Mayhew or other key members of the front office.

More will be known, likely soon.  But whether Schwartz gets a sixth season currently hangs in the balance, especially given that the guy who beat Schwartz a day ago in Minnesota already has been fired.

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  1. tired of hearing about the money they will lose on shwartz’s contract if they fire him, what will they lose when fails quit showing up, buying the swag and then they have tv blackouts. This is William Clay Ford jr’s chance to stand up and make his mark on the franchise that his dad never could. This is a terrible franchise that needs to right itself or move the team to LA and give Detroit an expansion franchise.

  2. This is why the Lions have never even made it to a Super Bowl in franchise history.

    Terrible organization filled with loss & despair.

    Meanwhile the Vikings impending dynasty is starting.

  3. If this guy keeps his job, I am no longer purchasing my season tickets. He is a complete embarrassment to head coaches everywhere. Really has no business coaching at ANY level. Worst the NFL has ever seen.

  4. This is an opportunity for the Fords to show they want to win an any cost. Schwartz has failed to develop a winning atmosphere since he’s been the HC. With the talent he has behind him the playoffs should be the set expectation and the Super Bowl the goal. Everyone from the person who sews names on the jerseys to the owners should believe and value that expectation.

    It’s time to move on.

  5. Since Swartz started 5-0 in the 2011 season, and gave himself and the Lions attention, he has a 16-27 record, getting emabarassed in the lone playoff appearance and completely blowing this season. Swartz was the guy to get the Lions out of the basement and into mediocrity. He’s not the guy to bring them to the next level. No way around it, he needs to be gone.

  6. This is the best collection of talent this team has seen in my lifetime. That is a credit to Martin Mayhew, the GM – there is no way his job should be in jeopardy.

    The coach and both coordinators, on the other hand, absolutely need to go.

    This team should be a lock for the playoffs for the foreseeable future.

    It’s also time to stop coddling Stafford. He has the talent but needs somebody to teach him how to play the position. Obviously, none of the current coaches are up to the task.

  7. Clean house, fire the whole front office except for Brian Xanders and then promote him to Gm. Everyone agrees it was a good draft last year finally, but it was also Brian Xanders first year on the job as senior personnel executive. The X factor was the difference.
    Mayhew has had his chances, as have the coaches.

  8. Lions fans deserve better than this buffoon coaching their team…

    They have the best WR in the game. Stafford is a very capable QB, Bush has shown he’s very versatile in this offense. And they have some of the best D-linemen in the league…

    Your GM has provided talent… There’s flat out no doubt about that. The problem is, the coach wasn’t using it. He was letting guys like Suh get away with crap. He wasn’t disciplining guys, he wasn’t holding them accountable. He’s not getting the best out of his players. He needs to be gone!

    This reminds me of less than 10 years ago. The Vikings had Culpepper, Moss, Robert Smith, and Kevin Williams on D… Very similar to the Lions situation, except I think the Lions have a way better upside on their D-line. Tice brought us to the playoffs a few years. But yet he let the inmates run the asylum. Which seems to be what Schwartz is doing.

    I hope the Lions get a good coach in there. A lot of talent. Talent that could easily be a playoff contender year after year. The last couple of years I’ve thought the lions are the biggest Jeckyl and hyde team out there. You could get the lions that are going to run over you, or you’ll roll over. But which one? It’s all on the coach.

  9. Talent, talent, talent….blah, blah, blah. If you can’t win games, you don’t have talent. Period. Part of “being talented” includes the ability and discipline necessary to win games. Don’t blame the coaches, blame the players.

    For the record, Matthew Stafford is not that talented. Yes, he and Jay Cutler have strong arms but they head to the loser’s locker room far too often and most of the time it’s because of faults or mistakes of their own.

    The league is filled with talent. But discerning the real talent from the paper talent is a real skill and Detroit just doesn’t have it. As long as Stafford remains there, they won’t either.

  10. If the Lions bring back Jim Schwartz, every Lions fan in the entire world will literally lose brain cells trying to process this crazy situation.

    Schwartz is second only to Marc Trestman in idiotic, soul-crushingly bad decisions this year.

  11. aaronvel says: Dec 30, 2013 9:17 AM

    How on earth could the Fords bring him back?!

    You do realize this is the same ownership that kept Matt Millen around for 7 years, don’t you?

  12. Mr. Ford should reach out to Mr. Illitch to learn how to run sports franchises. Both the Tigers and Redwings have been anchored by great coaching and tremendous front office personnel. The Lions have the potential to be a great team. However it requires leadership that converts that potential into a championship caliber team.

    Schwartz is not a good leader. He must be replaced by someone who can lead this talented group to relevance.

  13. Maybe a die-hard Schwartz fan could have argued last week to keep him. But after losing to a Vikings team that never quit with nothing to play for the Lions showed they are soft and unmotivated.

    A direct reflection of the coach.

  14. aronvel said:

    how on earth can the Fords bring him back.


    They kept bringing back Matty Millen didn’t they?

  15. Speaking a s a fan that was at the game Sunday, if the Lions keep Gym Shorts after that performance Sunday (against a team without a QB, AP, all of its TEs, and only 2 starting DBs), they’re nuts.

  16. I’d give Schwartz a raise if it meant we could fire our GM and hire a great one. I’m not a big fan of Schwartz after well everything since he’s been here, but the GM role is far more important to secure, and it doesn’t matter what they do with Schwartz or who they hire if they can’t get the right GM to fix everything. Things are a mess and next year they are even worse off than they were to start this year.

  17. Lions fans say every year that they’re canceling their season tickets if “X” doesn’t happen. Then it doesn’t happen, and the seats are filled every Sunday. It’s sad. And no firing yet leans about 80% towards Schwartz not getting fired. Unbelievable.

  18. The General Manager’s job is to bring in talent. I state this succinctly in effort to accommodate your obvious lack of football knowledge. The brevity of this job description is in no way reflective of a GM’s many other responsibilities. Mayhew has signed and drafted sufficient talent to expect a better result from his coaching staff. What he hasn’t been allowed to do is pick his own guy. Can Schwartz and leave Lewand out of the replacement search process.

  19. jim schwartz is a genius who took the same team that lost 0-16 to the playoffs two years later. then teammates started retiring, and he rebuilt the next two years, and this year was a rebuilding year for his dream team he has assembled. the front office and william clay ford should have paid cliff avril his price instead of letting him go to the seahawks. guess who’s going to the playoffs with them? major playmaker cliff avril, that’s who! rehire jim and let him make all the decisions, and watch this team that HE rebuilt from scratch go to the playoffs and the following year take the superbowl rings home! this was the year the green players and the talented new professionals learned how to play together as a team. they lost games by only one to 3 points each, and next year that won’t happen IF you keep Schwartz! William Clay Ford and son, please don’t listen to your front office, who only want to keep their jobs while sacrificing their talented coach who is beloved and valued by the players themselves! Let Schwartz keep his job and rehire him at once, saying there was a miscommunication between the front office and the Fords, they should not have fired him! GET SCHWARTZ BACK SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO EAT THE NEXT TWO YEARS! Schwartz labored hard to get the best possible team together and let them play together in their shakeout year. Now that everybody is acquainted it is a travesty and a shame that you got in the team’s way and Schwartz’s way to keep them from reaping the benefits of all their hard work together. Schwartz developed a lot of these players and they are grateful to him! YOU should be equally grateful and patient enough to let him finish the job he started in the next two years! I grew up in Ann Arbor during the Parseghians sitting by the sidelines as they practiced for the Rose Bowl that they won with a 92 yard record touchdown run in january 1965 where i was in the stands in pasadena. I KNOW what i am talking about! GIVE SCHWARTZ BACK HIS JOB! HE HAS EARNED THE RIGHT TO COACH THEM TWO MORE YEARS AND SHOW YOU HOW TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL! REMEMBER THAT HE HAS BEEN TO THE SUPERBOWL BEFORE AND HE DOES KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING!

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