Adam Gase declines the chance to interview with Browns


One of the first names the Browns reached out to for their head coaching vacancy has politely declined the chance to interview — at least for now.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has postponed any potential interview with the Browns until the Broncos either win a Super Bowl or are eliminated from the playoffs.

“I’m appreciative of the interest I’ve received, but I’ve decided to postpone any potential opportunities until after our season concludes,” Gase said. “My complete focus is helping our team prepare for our divisional playoff game.”

Gase consulted with Broncos coach John Fox and executive John Elway before saying no thanks.

The first-year offensive coordinator has it pretty good now, working with Peyton Manning. And while whoever the Browns hire will have the chance to draft a quarterback with the fourth pick (or higher, as the Browns have an extra first and are clearly desperate to find one), that’s a bird in a bush compared to one of the greatest birds of all time in hand.

But the fact they can’t get a 35-year-old who has been a coordinator one year might speak more loudly to the perception around the league that the Browns are still the Browns.

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  1. Yes, because the Browns are the only team looking to talk to him.. He has declined to talk to anyone, not just the Browns. Gotta love the anti-Cleveland sentiment in these stories….

  2. Decline an interview to be the coach at the Factory of Sadness to concentrate on your job of coaching the Denver Mannings? Sounds like dude has his priorities in order. It’s amazing how great a genius someone is coach wise when he has a Hall of Fame quarterback to coach.

  3. My sympathies to Browns fans. The Cleveland “brain trust” should have know that this is what happens when you fire a coach after one season: nobody with any options wants to come work for you. I remember when Steve Sarkisian (a college coordinator at the time) turned down the HC job with my Raiders because Al Davis had gotten the same kind of reputation.

  4. Can you blame him? Every team out there that’s looking for a new HC, doesn’t have a QB that’s a “franchise” QB…

    On one hand, you can work with Manning a few more years… On the other, you can work with some no name that you might have to teach how to use the rest room yet..

    Think about it! I’d stay in Denver. Manning makes your job pretty easy!

  5. Good on him, I think it’s crazy to interview for another job while you’re getting ready for the playoffs… At least on the surface it shows his commitment to the team and his players. Seems as athough it wouldn’t hurt his stock taking this route either.

  6. To make this article fair, he declined to interview with any team until after the Broncos season is over. The Browns are just the first one to ask permission. That is, until he interviews with a franchise that isn’t a laughing stock. I don’t know why anyone would take an interview with the Browns unless they offered a 7 year contract. Hard to sell stability every off season when you fire your coach after 352 days on the job. Crazy thing is, I’m a Browns fan but I don’t think we have a snowballs chance in hell of getting anyone respectable to take an interview/this job.

  7. Or, it could be that Adam Gase has morals and ethics and is doing the right thing and that is to put all of his thoughts and preparation into the Broncos next game (you know, like he stated) and ultimately wait until the season is concluded with his current team, before he investigates and interviews for a position with another team.

  8. Smart move. Stay with an organization with class. Any coach with any sense of integrity will avoid Wally’s Fillin’ Station, run by Wally, Goober & Gomer over in Cleveland.

  9. As a long time Bronco fan, I think Gase would likely fail, because Manning coaches & calls most plays at the line. He is not really experienced enough.

  10. Adam Gase declines the chance to interview with Browns because he is focusing on games ahead and Manning is overwhelming him with game preparation. All teams interviewing this guy are doing their do diligence. If you replace Peyton Manning with any QB’s on Browns roster the Broncos season is done.

  11. Let’s see…he can either stay with Peyton Manning in Denver and contend for Super Bowls…or he could goto a quarterback-less team in Cleveland and risk getting fired after one season…

    I think his choice was fairly simple.

  12. By firing Chud after just one season, the Browns haven’t exactly put themselves in a position to inspire confidence in a person interviewing for their head coaching vacancy…

  13. Man, you have a difficult time with comprehension. I’m not sure why you make this out to be a reflection of the Browns situation when he clearly is not interviewing in order to focus on his current team.

    It’s only a story about the Browns if he interviews with another team after saying this.

  14. This is what you get when you reboot every year. Assistant coaches would rather stay assistant coaches at assistant coach pay status than go to your Mickey Mouse organization. No, sorry Mickey. To call the Browns organization a Mickey Mouse organization is an insult to Mickey Mouse organizations all over the world. This is a Three Stooges organization, and I am a born and raised Browns fan from Cleveland, Ohio.

    I’m angry. Seriously. We will never know what truly happened because if Coach Chud says anything he will be blackballed and never get another chance to be a head coach again. But what I think happened is they wanted a first time coach because they thought he’d just shut up, put his head down, and do his job without asking questions about the ship’s heading or rudder placements. But he DID speak up, and they didn’t want that. They wanted a pushover and they didn’t give him what he needed to do his job. Ogbanaya as a fullback? Seriously? Chud whether in Cleveland as an OC, SD as an assitant, Carolina as an OC has always employed a FB, an actual FB, not a running back playing FB. We are the laughing stock. This job is going to be the one where we hire anybody because the people who we ask all say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

  15. Of course he did. Any decent coaching prospect will decline because the current regime has set the ridiculous standard of winning without a QB or be fired after 16 games.

    What coach will risk his career on that? good luck jimmy. Amazingly incompetent franchise.

  16. I don’t blame him, that team has to be dismantled soon, because MegaHead is eating up the whole salary cap.

  17. Good for you Adam; Shows you are committed to your responsibilities and maybe the right fellow to take over a team. All involved deserve the assistants’ full attention during the playoffs and interviewing for a new job causes a huge distraction. If they are worth waiting for, the teams needing a new head coach will wait. If they move forward then they weren’t really candidates anyway.

    I wish all prospective head coach candidates would do the same, and most specifically, the Seahawk coaches.

  18. Gase is looking good right now because of Payton. Gase will need a few more years seasoning before he’s even ready to be a head coach in the NFL. Besides that, why would he want to work for the Browns? Setting ones self up for failure does not sound very appealing.

  19. Hmmm … let’s see … I could live in Denver, Colorado and work with Peyton Manning … or, I could rent a condo in Cleveland and work for the Three Stooges.

    Decisions, Decisions!

  20. Why would someone with a bright future want to work for the Browns?

    Cleveland – Where Dreams Go To Die!

  21. Born & raised in Ohio. Die-hard Browns fan, even during my 30+ yrs in the military.

    However, Peyton makes this decision real easy. Of course, having the 3 stooges running the Titanic only enforces it. (The reason they keep Dumbardi out of the press conferences is that he would bring a nerf hammer and start the slap-fighting.)

    I don’t care if Chud lost all 16 games, WHO, in their right mind would embrace Haslam, Banner, and Dumbardi? Why even take the field without a QB?

    No, Shurmur’s boy, Weinke 2.0, is not and never will be a professional QB!!!

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