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Colts are 7,000 tickets short of a sellout for Saturday

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At one point, it appeared that the Broncos and Peyton Manning had a chance of returning to Indy for the wild-card round of the playoffs.  If that had happened, the Colts wouldn’t be hustling to sell tickets to the game.

But with the Chiefs coming to town for the first Colts home playoff game of the post-Peyton era, the locals have yet to rush the box office.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts have roughly 7,000 tickets to sell in order to lift the blackout for Saturday’s playoff game.

League rules require all non-premium tickets to be sold within 72 hours of kickoff in order to lift the blackout.  Typically, an extension of the deadline is granted only if a commitment has been made by the team and/or its sponsors to buy any remaining tickets at 34 cents on the dollar.  Given that Indy’s deadline lands on New Year’s Day, the league could grant an extension without a commitment to buy the excess tickets.

Owner Jim Irsay has pointed out on Twitter that “MANY” tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m. Monday.  Ultimately, the question may be how “MANY” tickets he’s willing to buy at a discount to allow folks who can’t or won’t go to the game to enjoy watching the home team play in the playoffs.

UPDATE 10:19 a.m. ET:  The Colts have announced that an extension has been granted, due to the holiday.  The press release states that more than 6,000 tickets remain.

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77 Responses to “Colts are 7,000 tickets short of a sellout for Saturday”
  1. whoisrdymlz says: Dec 31, 2013 10:14 AM

    That’s pathetic.

  2. doctorrustbelt says: Dec 31, 2013 10:15 AM

    That’s nothing compared to the amount of empty seats in pittsburgh and baltimore on Sunday.

  3. grruffgrruff says: Dec 31, 2013 10:16 AM

    Pretty pathetic. This is a playoff game. Do the fans not understand that this is what takes you to the Superbowl?

  4. texanfan62 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:17 AM

    Hmmm! Wonder if those fans know the Chiefs are going to win on Saturday?LOL!!!

  5. beastmode5150 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:17 AM

    Embarrassing city. Meanwhile in Seattle, I am being offered 400 dollars for my 84 dollar seats.

  6. chargersdiehard says: Dec 31, 2013 10:18 AM

    Que up the “move them to LA” idiotic talk. I am surprised they haven’t sold out though and this coming from a Charger fan. Although San Diego seats over 70, 000 and is a city that actually has plenty of other things to do. When the indy 500 isn’t in town what do you guys do out there? Your team is in the playoffs!

  7. kevo126 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:18 AM

    great fans…

  8. chawk12thman says: Dec 31, 2013 10:18 AM

    What a joke…..If an area can’t sell out their tickets for playoff games the fan base really is not there…….It shouldn’t matter the opponent. The team fans should fill the stadium.

  9. boomboombrown says: Dec 31, 2013 10:18 AM

    Packers are selling their playoff tickets for 30% of face value. Check it out online.

  10. belichickdominatedjoemontana says: Dec 31, 2013 10:22 AM

    This is crazy. If fans won’t even want to see a playoff game in person at face value….forget them. Black the game out. I would love to purchase playoff tickets at FACE VALUE near me!

  11. whatnojets says: Dec 31, 2013 10:24 AM

    That’s $ 2380.00 worth of tickets that are not sold yet.

    Are you trying to tell me that Irsay can’t afford to buy the 7,000 or so unsold tickets at that price?

    maybe you should lay off the scotch for a day or two and that would cover that “expense”!!!

    Irsay, you are a true CHUMP!!

  12. jm91rs says: Dec 31, 2013 10:24 AM

    Bengals are in the same situation. I expect both games to sell out though. Think about it, until Sunday night no one knew what day these games would be taking place or even if Indy/Cincy could end up with the 2 seed and a bye. Now that people know days and times of the games, they’ll grab the tickets by the deadline.

  13. bucrightoff says: Dec 31, 2013 10:25 AM

    A blackout is nothing new to Jim Irsay.

  14. popdawg99 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:25 AM

    That is embarrassing.

  15. ravishingronald says: Dec 31, 2013 10:25 AM

    How Sad. Philly held a pre-sale to season ticket holders for the several thousand seats not spoken for and sold out in less than a minute.

  16. gabe77 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:28 AM

    Shameful Colts fans (if you can be called that). Shameful.

  17. coltsreign says: Dec 31, 2013 10:28 AM

    Well 1,000 sold nearly sold after the announcement.
    Hows that terrible.

  18. iloveagoodnap says: Dec 31, 2013 10:28 AM

    How is this possible? I get it if they didnt know until Sunday that they were hosting- but they clinched a month ago. What a joke.

  19. benihanagt says: Dec 31, 2013 10:33 AM

    Wow…meanwhile at 10am in Seattle I am going to have multiple computers set up to try and be able to hit refresh at just the right moment on any one of them so that I can get lucky enough to be able to purchase any ticket before they are all sold out.

    What’s most likely going to happen: 9:59:59am – Not on sale yet, hit refresh, 10:00:01am – Sold out because of all the 2nd hand market bots.

  20. sdnative1904 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:33 AM

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  21. indytom87 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:33 AM

    Yes this is embarrassing (coming from a Colts fan). We would go but have plans to watch it at a playoff party.

    The only excuses I can muster (which, by admission, is a reach) is that we are still a small market with another product in town (the Pacers, who are doing really well). Plus we played KC and beat them soundly just 2 weeks ago. Not to mention they are a small market team as well and doesn’t pack the storied rivalry that a Patriots game would.

    I still think this will sell out. Regardless, its sad that we are even discussing it.

  22. waraggie says: Dec 31, 2013 10:36 AM

    Pathetic? Really? How about the 15K tickets that remained as of last night for the Packers-Niners game? In Indy’s defense, there are a number of sporting events going on that day.

  23. milkcan44 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:37 AM

    NFL – welcome to elasticity. People are going to start judging what else they can do with that money, and the days of $7 million coaches may be ending.

  24. martinbalsamfanclub says: Dec 31, 2013 10:39 AM

    good god, the tickets went on sale yesterday. relax ppl.

  25. dwarftosser says: Dec 31, 2013 10:41 AM

    They aren’t alone, I read the Packers still have 15k tickets available last night. They will sell out of course well before the time limit, but I think it’s an indication that people are getting tired of paying crazy amounts of money to go to a football game.

  26. hawkstradamus says: Dec 31, 2013 10:41 AM

    Wow, there must be allot to do in Indianapolis.

  27. waldoampere says: Dec 31, 2013 10:42 AM

    Wow. How many seats would be unsold if they didn’t have a dome?

  28. 8to80texansblog says: Dec 31, 2013 10:44 AM

    The worst thing about this is when you realize that Lucas Oil is the 4th smallest stadium in the league holding only 62k.

    7k represents almost 12% of the stadium…

    That is truly pathetic for a playoff game….

    The Texans sold out every game last year and endured a 14 game losing streak. They were still over 100% capacity for the last home game of the year….

  29. burgundyandgold says: Dec 31, 2013 10:46 AM

    I lived in Indiana from 1992-1997 (pre-PM18) and can honestly say I did not met one Colts fans. In 93 or 94 I went to a game when the Skins were in town and it was like a Skins home game. These people are actually all Cowboys and Steeler fans. Also, it is basketball seasons which is the true love there. I don’t get it – I would love to be a Colts fan with Andrew Luck and a good coach – I am envious.

  30. thesteelskirt says: Dec 31, 2013 10:47 AM

    Just pitiful, they have a great stadium but if they aren’t led by the QB of the century they don’t seem to care.

  31. wishingtonredslur says: Dec 31, 2013 10:54 AM

    Maybe people found out what primarily superlative jerks football players are and decided you’re not worth going to see.

  32. whatnojets says: Dec 31, 2013 10:54 AM

    A lot of people in Indy are visiting relatives in Terre Haute this weekend.

  33. ohiogator says: Dec 31, 2013 10:54 AM

    If it were the browns playing in Cleveland stadium it would have been sold out in five minutes. Guaranteed! (And we are still waitin!)

  34. losntina69 says: Dec 31, 2013 10:59 AM

    This is something you never heard of during Payton’s time there. I love it.

  35. 8oneanddones says: Dec 31, 2013 11:00 AM

    Maybe fans are just getting wise to the gouging at every turn that is attending an NFL game.

    Bronco tickets go on sale in an hour. The dagger for me was Ticketmaster and their 20% markup under the guise of “convenience fees”. I think I’ll watch it at home.

  36. @Cereal_22 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:01 AM

    And they moved this franchise out of Baltimore…LOL, pathetic. Ravens playoff tickets literally sell out instantly.

    yes-yes, not this year 😦

  37. sikoix says: Dec 31, 2013 11:03 AM

    To the guy that thinks it only costs ~2k to purchase all the unsold tickets — it’s 34 cents on the dollar (66% off), not 34 cents a ticket. This isn’t really a story until Thursday or Friday.

  38. chargerdillon says: Dec 31, 2013 11:05 AM

    Yea they must have horrible fans to not be able to sell out a playoff game. Such horrible fans.

    I am only saying this because this is what every idiot says when the Chargers don’t sell out a game too.

    With their gouging playoff prices, it’s a wonder anybody would want to go.

  39. eblurb37 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:07 AM

    Your just seeing the Product of more to come as Big Screen T.V.’s get larger it’s more convenient and economical to stay home and watch.

  40. nflhof says: Dec 31, 2013 11:07 AM

    So does this mean the Colts should move to LA?

  41. EJ says: Dec 31, 2013 11:11 AM

    If this were Buffalo playing at home in the first round of the Playoffs, the tickets would be sold out by now. What is funny about that is the fact that Buffalo is a smaller market than Indianapolis and we don’t play in a warm cozy dome. Us Bills fans brave the sub-zero temperatures and would be thrilled to sit in a blizzard to watch our favorite team in the playoffs. What is up with you Colts fans? You have a sure franchise QB, an awesome stadium and your in the playoffs… What more could you ask for? Too many years of having it good for too long? Forgot what it feels like to be outside looking in? C’mon man!

  42. ToddHaleysSpiderInfestedHouse says: Dec 31, 2013 11:12 AM

    Too bad the Colts fans don’t “own” the team like Packers fans with their fancy pieces of paper.

  43. uncletuna says: Dec 31, 2013 11:14 AM

    Are the same people running the ObamaCare Exchange running the NFL Ticket Exchange?!?

    I hear in both you pay alot more for less with a bunch of fees thrown in…

  44. scoonie97 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:15 AM

    To be fair…. the NFL didn’t do Colts’ fans any favors. This game is scheduled for prime buffet dining hours.

  45. uncletuna says: Dec 31, 2013 11:15 AM

    Holy Irshirwitz! Quick to the Twitter Mobile!

  46. fatediesel says: Dec 31, 2013 11:16 AM

    Indiana is hosting Michigan State in basketball 2 1/2 hours before the football game starts. Indiana basketball is king in that state and I could see plenty of people not going to the football game so they can watch the basketball game on TV.

  47. sumkat says: Dec 31, 2013 11:18 AM


  48. cmgww says: Dec 31, 2013 11:21 AM

    “Pathetic?” “A joke?” STOP. Just stop. The game will be sold out. The Colts haven’t had a non sellout game since the first home game of 2003! Let’s not forget other “storied” franchises are having issues selling tickets (Packers anyone?). Gotta love the knee-jerk haters on these comment sections. Did you stop and think that the Pacers play at 7:00pm Sat. evening? A Pacers team with the best record in the NBA…or the fact that this matchup isn’t exactly Denver/Indy in terms of appeal. There’s only so much $$ people can spend. We aren’t New York with 7 million people. Yes, a % of our fan base was spoiled by Manning, and a lot of them were “Manning fans” and not true Colts fans. And big screens make it so much easier to stay home. I go to one game a year. That’s what I can afford. But stop with these “so and so team has 4,343,764 tickets left” stories…you think Lambeau won’t be packed? Or LOS? It will be full.

  49. dynasonic says: Dec 31, 2013 11:25 AM

    “Hey, let’s all jump on the Colts hate train, It’ll be great!”

  50. aldante66 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:25 AM

    Don’t know abouit Indy but here in Minny the TV stations and news stations bought a lot of tickets because they did not want to lost the advertising dollar’s. I suppose at the last minute someone will come up with the bucks.
    They had a deal here in minny for like a decade that a handful of business would buy them up as a just in case but that ended several years ago and the TV news stations picked it up but not contractually.

  51. baltimorons says: Dec 31, 2013 11:31 AM

    These lame duck fans are still pouting over losing manning. Get a life people. Go watch your team get eliminated in the first round. It could be fun!

  52. mypoint02 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:31 AM

    Maybe we’re reaching a breaking point on ticket prices. Many people just can’t afford, let alone justify, $100 or more per ticket, plus parking, concessions, and TicketB@stard service charges for a Wild Card playoff game. Watching the game in the comfort of your own home on a 50 inch HDTV for free is a pretty good alternative…

  53. indymarc says: Dec 31, 2013 11:32 AM

    The Colts have Sold Out every game for the last four years. Tickets just went on sale yesterday and they WILL sell out. Colts have a great fan base.

  54. 619goldblooded says: Dec 31, 2013 11:32 AM

    Really Indianapolis?!? Be happy that you have that advantage!!!

  55. tomny0970 says: Dec 31, 2013 11:33 AM

    Regardless of how strong a following the Colts have in Indianapolis or not, we live in an economy where a great many people have seen their personal economic circumstances worsen since the 2007 financial crisis. Some of these people CANNOT afford a ticket for a home playoff game or cannot justify spending 100 bucks or whatever for a football playoff ticket. A lot of pro sports teams have been increasingly raising prices for a very long time, often until they get out of the realm of people who are in an already shrinking middle class. Even the Yankees had this problem when they first opened the new stadium a few years ago. Toss in the outstanding experience of watching HD football at home and I can see why people choose to support their team that way as opposed to going to the game in person. I have gone to Jet home playoff games in January, in the bitter cold. It’s been some time since I’ve had that opportunity, but I’m not sure I would do so now. It’s a full-day affair and just a lot more relaxing and convenient to watch the game at home.

    One thing I’d like to know is how these Tuesday morning numbers compare to opening-round home playoff game sales over the last 15+ years.

    And yes, some very rabid fan bases (like in Cleveland) wouldn’t have this problem. But I think there’s more going on than that.

  56. jetsjetsjetsnow says: Dec 31, 2013 11:40 AM

    As long as they are not one card short of a deck I think they’ll be ok by the time Saturday rolls around….

  57. camdenyard says: Dec 31, 2013 11:40 AM

    India-noplace has never been a football town. Not surprised.

  58. patriottony says: Dec 31, 2013 11:44 AM

    REALLY? HOW many of you have been to a NFL game lately? I’ve been to three this year in Different stadiums (ATL/Charlote/JAX),,,,WHAT A PAIN IN THE A**. First brutal parking,,,(50-100 for a 4 hr parking spot)..then you now have the NFL GESTAPO/TSA wanna be’s…no cameras, no seat cushions, not even a granola bar…raise your hands,,empty your pockets,,turn around,,,take off your hat…..WHEN was the last time a terrorist struck an NFL game? NEVVVVVA!!

    Then the cost of a decent seat… Face Value,,.150?

    For me to see NE/Panthers game,,no hotel,, no tailgate,,nearly,,,900 bucks for 4 people!!

  59. sabatimus says: Dec 31, 2013 12:01 PM

    Could be another sign that people would rather watch at home, on the couch, with plenty of non-facility-priced snacks, on their HDTVs.

  60. narfmoo12 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:04 PM

    cmgww says:Dec 31, 2013 11:21 AM

    “Pathetic?” “A joke?” STOP. Just stop. The game will be sold out. The Colts haven’t had a non sellout game since the first home game of 2003! Let’s not forget other “storied” franchises are having issues selling tickets (Packers anyone?). Gotta love the knee-jerk haters on these comment sections. Did you stop and think that the Pacers play at 7:00pm Sat. evening? A Pacers team with the best record in the NBA…or the fact that this matchup isn’t exactly Denver/Indy in terms of appeal. There’s only so much $$ people can spend. We aren’t New York with 7 million people. Yes, a % of our fan base was spoiled by Manning, and a lot of them were “Manning fans” and not true Colts fans. And big screens make it so much easier to stay home. I go to one game a year. That’s what I can afford. But stop with these “so and so team has 4,343,764 tickets left” stories…you think Lambeau won’t be packed? Or LOS? It will be full.


    No. It’s the playoffs. I don’t care what you have going on that night, who they are facing, or what time the game is, it’s still the NFL Playoffs. If you can’t sell out a playoff game, you don’t deserve to have a team.

  61. coolherc says: Dec 31, 2013 12:21 PM

    This is really just a case of a money-grab, as far as I’m concerned. Classic example of the NFL “wanting its cake an eating it too”.

    They (the NFL) make billions off their network, cable and Direct TV contracts, but at the same time fully expect to sell *all* tickets to *all* games (although you’d think playoff tickets to *any* football game would sell out) and threaten to blackout the game if it doesn’t happen.

    Here’s a novel concept; how ’bout the NFL eat the cost of all the remaining tickets and actually give something back to the fans – you know, the actual people that have supported and made the NFL the entity it is – so that the games can be watched without the threat of blackout?

  62. mypoint02 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:23 PM

    >If you can’t sell out a playoff game, you don’t deserve to have a team.<

    Maybe there's just not enough people who can afford to spend $400 on 3 hours of entertainment, especially when they can watch it for free at home. I've been to a few NFL playoff games, including the Bears-Packers NFC Championship game in Chicago a few years ago. It was an awesome time and I was fortunate enough to know someone who was willing to sell me the ticket at face value. That doesn't change the fact that $400 is a lot of money for a lot of people. Honestly, I think it's a shame that people are being priced out of going to games. How many people could afford or justify going to see their team play in the Super Bowl if they made it? Very very few…

  63. indywilson40 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:29 PM

    Non-Story here. None of the playoff games are sold out. And to the Houston fan bragging that they sold out despite a 2-14 season, probably because most, if not all of those tickets were sold before the season. The Colts also sold out all of their games during their 2-14 season in 2011.

  64. gunnybunny31 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:49 PM

    I just hope it’s people getting wise about where to spend their cash. I’d rather watch from the comfort of my home anyway. Going to the is just too annoying and too much money.

    Except for the 8 billion commercials we get at home now, I can’t think of a decent pro to actually going.

  65. rodh32340 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:56 PM

    Indy fans have no faith in this team and due to their play the past few weeks, maybe they’re right!

  66. gret9 says: Dec 31, 2013 12:58 PM

    I am a Hoosier and would like to make a couple of comments:

    “These people are actually all Cowboys and Steeler fans.” – This is incorrect, however here in northern Indiana there are a BOATLOAD of Bears fans.

    Also, it is basketball seasons which is the true love there. – In my case, this is true. I have lived in this state for most of my life and I have been to one Colts game though I always watch them on TV, but I have had season tickets to the local High School basketball team for many years (of course the cost of the two season tickets I have wouldn’t pay for one ticket to one Colts game probably).

    As a single parent, the three main reasons I don’t go to Colts games are:

    1) I can’t afford it.
    2) I can’t afford it.
    3) I can’t afford it.

  67. nelly837 says: Dec 31, 2013 2:01 PM

    Chiefs fans will probably buy the rest of the tickets, so pour yourself another bourbon Mr. Irsay lol

  68. tvjules says: Dec 31, 2013 2:04 PM

    Packer and Bengals have tickets left right now, too.
    There’s always the factor that people are still away on Christmas break, or just returning home.

  69. gerard33 says: Dec 31, 2013 2:06 PM

    get in there, Chiefs fans!!

  70. beastmode5150 says: Dec 31, 2013 2:15 PM

    Hey indy willson, Seattle games sold out in 30 second and I have multiple offers for my tickets (which aren’t for sale) now for 7X face value.

  71. channer81 says: Dec 31, 2013 4:45 PM

    Spoiled by Manning for over a decade will do that to fans. Ask Colts fans who their QB was before they draft Peyton, without looking it up.

  72. mrlaloosh says: Dec 31, 2013 5:55 PM

    That’s why they call it INDIAnoPlace.

  73. nevilledevil78 says: Dec 31, 2013 6:02 PM

    You people are silly. The tickets will sell, we are going. (Can’t wait)
    Bought our tickets on Monday great seats for a good price.
    Colts are going to win. SHHHHHHHH
    we already beat you once in the cold. This time we play you In a controlled environment. Bring on Denver

  74. nevilledevil78 says: Dec 31, 2013 6:15 PM

    We’re going and can’t wait….. Colts by 10

  75. hollymeus says: Dec 31, 2013 9:38 PM

    because indiana knows that they will loss

  76. slice60 says: Jan 1, 2014 1:31 AM

    Who was the QB before Peyton? Jim Harbaugh with a little Paul Justin & Kelly Holcomb thrown in there. That was easy.

    I suppose a few thousand season ticket holders decided to hold onto their money instead of allowing Irsay to put it into his bank account until August. For example, we had to hand over $245 per seat for playoff tickets for our $69 regular season seats just in case they end up with 2 home playoff games.

    Back in 2010, we decided against playoff tickets (Colts were 6-6 at the time, then won their last 4) which means we weren’t there for Peyton’s final game in a Colts uniform. D’oh! We learned our lesson.

    But it will be pretty embarrassing if Indy cannot sell out small Lucas Oil for a playoff game without sponsor help to avoid a blackout. Maybe this fan base needs a blackout to wake them up — but I’m sure that Irsay & his cronies won’t let that happen for a PLAYOFF game. PLAYOFFS???

  77. slice60 says: Jan 1, 2014 1:36 AM

    p.s. This won’t be the first time that THOUSANDS of opposing fans attend a playoff game in Indy — Titans, Steelers, Jets, Ravens, Patriots. That very first home playoff game vs the Titans in 1999-2000 was embarrassing. Manning had to use a silent count because of the noise.

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