Todd Bowles has the opportunity to be choosy

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Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles raised his profile this year by building one of the league’s top defenses, and will likely have a chance to interview for multiple head coaching openings.

How many of them he actually interviews for remains to be seen.

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Show that Bowles was “definitely deserving” of a chance to interview.

“At the same time,” Keim said. “I’ve had numerous conversations with Todd and he’s made it clear to me and to the organization that he’s extremely happy here and would love to stay. . . .

“You know, if we come back and put together another good defense next year, that only strengthens his situation. He’s at a point in his career where he can be picky.

“That’s not to say that he wouldn’t take an opportunity that presented itself. But I think it would have to be a special opportunity.”

Bowles, who was an interim head coach with the Dolphins in 2011, has been named as a possibility for several jobs, which gives him a chance to be selective.

Michael Silver of the NFL Network mentioned that he had heard Bowles might turn down the chance to interview with the Browns.

He wouldn’t be the first to do so, as Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has also said no thanks to the chance to interview with the Browns at this point.

28 responses to “Todd Bowles has the opportunity to be choosy

  1. Poor Todd will probably have to face being the 2013 ceremonial Rooney interview lackey. I bet he gains 10-15 lbs on the dinner/lunch circuit.

  2. The Cleveland brain trust should have known how dumping Chud after one year would be perceived by potential head coach candidates. Not working through the issues with Chudzinski and keeping him on will plague the Browns until the president and GM are booted.

  3. The Browns HC position is toxic right now. No one taking that job should plan on being there long enough to turn things around. Lack of talent on the field, and lack of clues in the FO make this almost as bad as the Redskins job.

  4. Rumor is the Browns have a man crush on Josh McDaniels, so maybe Bowles does not want to be their token interview. Good luck Cleveland.

  5. Exactly why the Rooney rule is stupid and or outdated.

    Bowles IS qualified so he doesn’t look like the token Rooney interview. So he SHOULD turn down people who may be using him and the Browns look more like a user than a wanter.

    If Chud was fired after one year then the people making the decision are either on the hot seat or unqualified. Pick your poison…

  6. I’d turn them down, too, instead of being their stooge. They’re going to go after McDaniel, but they will have to interview a minority assistant first. Unfortunately, I don’t know that anybody except Leslie Frazier might give them the time of day.

  7. Neutral 49ers fan here…but seems like he would be a perfect fit in Detroit. If he could get the Lions defense playing anywhere near the level that he had the Cardinals playing, (and with a little discipline) that team would just need a decent offensive coordinator and be virtually guaranteed a playoff spot

  8. I actually think the Browns have some real talent on that team & would be an attractive position if the front office weren’t such morons. The defense is loaded with talent & was actually pretty damn good this year when the offense wasn’t giving the other team great field position. On offense they have a good o-line (Joe Thomas at LT is stud), a great WR, & a promising young TE. They also have 2 first round picks. They need to add a QB & probably a RB and they could turn it around fairly quickly. The problem is that no one wants to work under a front office that fires a guy after 1 season when things were kind of looking up. 4-12 is bad, but considering the QBs Chud had to work with how could they have been any better?

  9. It is time for the lifelong Redskin player to come home and be the new Redskins head coach.
    Welcome back to DC Todd!

  10. I’m happy for todd redeeming himself after the no win situation he was thrown into by Reid in Philly. Guy is a good coach and deserves a shot.

  11. I think Bowles is really tight with Bruce Arians and the AZ job/atmosphere is stable. He had short stays at Philly & Miami and those organizations were toxic at the time. The AZ job offers stability, a good roster of talent, a front that wants him to succeed and good competition in a solid division. The HC is in his corner. I think he stays, and gains more experience from Bruce Arians to add to his resume, but takes a few interviews for the exposure. The Browns are just trying to comply with the Rooney rule, so I hope he turns down that interview…it’s a waste of time.

  12. He will be one of the first on the list due to the Racist Rooney Rule. Still he should turn down all the vacancies available.

    The expansion Browns haven’t done anything successful yet. They look for new directions instead of successful ones.

    The Buccaneers fired their best coaches in Dungy and Gruden. They do not want success.

    Daniel Snyder has no respect for coaches, only hires retreads, and continually fires them.

    The vikings are one of the worst NFL franchises with no chance of success. Stay there more than 2 seasons and you will never get a meaningful hire elsewhere.

    The Lions?? The fans love you when you raise the team to .500 and then they hate you for being .500. Few want to be the next Wayne Fontes or Jim Schwartz.

    You are better off waiting for a more positive environment.

  13. Miami blew it when they used him as a token interview when they wanted Philbin. He did an admirable job in an interim role when Sparano was fired. Unlike Philbin, he was able to rally the team to win two of its last 3 games.

  14. I think every NFL head coaching candidate should band together and turn down any invitation to interview for the Cleveland job for the next few months.

    They need to be sent a message that firing a coach after 1 season is not acceptable.

    This isnt just a Cleveland thing either I think this should happen to every franchise in pro sports that acts so frivolously. You’re messing with people’s lives and reputations. If you dont take that seriously than you dont deserve to be taking seriously.

    There’s a reason why you had to get a new coach. You cant expect miracles in the first year. You can say there was no improvement but you cant be so reactive. It might not be the coaches fault that the players stopped trying. Maybe its just the character of the players on your roster. They are the same players that just got a coach fired the previous year.

  15. The first thing everyone thinks and says is “Rooney Rule”.

    That’s completely unfair and insulting to Bowles, Lovie Smith, or any other qualified minority candidate that would have (and should have) gotten a legitimate interview regardless of this backward, sanctimonious, racist, and unnecessary abomination known as the Rooney Rule.

  16. Bowles is an example of why the Rooney rule is absurd and unnecessary.

    Bowles has earned the respect of NFL teams through his work, and will be interviewed because of his work. He is highly sought after because of the quality of his work. But because of the use of the Rooney rule over the past decade, there will still be lingering doubts about whether any prospective team is only interviewing him because of his race, in order to fulfill their league obligation.

    That is an injustice to Bowles.

  17. I went to Temple when Bowles did. Great player there. Fine NFL career as player and coach. He is very proud of his Temple roots and outwardly shows it. I am still incredulous that Temple did not hire him as their HC and I really hope he gets an NFL HC gig to prove that mistake clearly. Just hope he doesn’t go to a sad situation like Cleveland. Washington, Miami (if it opens, and where he is known), Oakland (if it opens), or TB could be great opportunities fir him.

    He’s also be interesting as an HC in Dallas as he has experience there, too ( if it opens, of course).

    Or shoot,,college teams ought to recruit him. He is a model citizen – not a Schwartz bag.

  18. Hopefully, Bowles has seen the reality of what hit his predecessor, Ray Horton, squarely between the eyes. As you may recall, huge numbers of clueless Cards fans clamored for the team to promote Ray Horton for the DC to the Head Coach. Wisely, the Cards resisted.

    Horton got caught up in the hype thinking he was the real reason for the Cards defense’s success last season. When he did not get the head coaching job, Horton gladly left to be the Brown’s DC and we know what a defensive force they were this year.

    Just as any QB must have a strong and stable offensive line to even begin to succeed, any coach must have the players and the team environment to begin to succeed which was obviously lacking in Cleveland as well as with the Redskins, Titans, Texans, Lions, and Vikings. Bowles would be wise to bid his time to find a spot where the ownership, management, and personnel fit his needs before making the jump. If he doesn’t, he has one of the best defenses in the NFL to return to plus a HC in Arians who does not micro-manage over Bowles’ shoulder.

  19. Shoot I don’t blame bowels and gase for declining to interview for browns head coaching job … What smart NFL coach wants to work under a boss who’s a criminal being investigated by the FBI ? And if you think it couldn’t get any worse it does, Lombardi’s your gm … No proven winner is gonna want to deal with that crap, no wonder Josh McDaniels is the only one to accept an interview so far

  20. Also, for people saying he’s just piggy backing off what Horton built, it’s a totally different system being run, and it’s actually better. As good of a job as I thought Horton did, Bowles did that much better, and I was one of the early critics of the decision to change the system when he came here. If you think it’s so easy to keep the success going, ask the Chief offense under Herm Edwards after Dick Vermiel retired or the Raiders the past couple of years after Hue Jackson’s infusion with their offense or Mel Tucker this year with a Bear defense that had been very good for years under Lovie Smith and his group. In today’s NFL with all the turnover on rosters, every year bringing you a different team never could be overstated.

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