The 49ers might keep their show on the road with a win

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If things work out as the 49ers hope, they just might keep their show on the road next week.

Coach Jim Harbaugh alluded to the possibility of staying in the Eastern half of the country if the 49ers beat the Packers Sunday, and have to play the Panthers on Jan. 12.

I’ve given it some thought,” Harbaugh said of those travel plans, via Matt Maiocco of

If the sixth-seeded Saints beat the Eagles in the other Wild Card game, a 49ers win over the Packers would mean a trip to Charlotte for the Divisional Round. But if the Eagles win, the fifth-seeded 49ers would head back to play the No. 1 Seahawks.

In his first two seasons as head coach, Harbaugh kept his team on the road for the week between games on the other side of the country, setting up shop in Youngstown, Ohio between road games with the Bengals and Eagles in 2011 and the Vikings and Jets in 2012.

But those trips were scheduled well in advance, allowing them to have plans in place for months. In the short turnaround between playoff games, staying might become more trouble than it’s worth, certainly more trouble than a few hours they’d spend on planes.

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  1. Does anyone really expect the Saints and Packers to win this weekend? Soft, pass-first finesse teams don’t hang around in January! Niners come home Sunday eve to set up the game of the year 1/11 at Seattle.

  2. Wow, talk about counting your chickens before they’ve hatched. Would anyone be surprised if Aaron Rodgers catches fire and “upsets” these arrogant whiners?

  3. Best to plan on going back to SF and not getting the team thinking about anything other than playing this first game with GB………At least they will know before the game on Sunday what their options are…….

  4. That’s cool Jim, keep your mind on how you are going to prepare for next week’s game.. meanwhile McCarthy, Rodgers, and the Packers will stay focused on how to beat you.

  5. I don’t care how it happens, I just want to see “my” (always thought it odd how some of us fans refer to our favorite team as “ours”) Niners play Seattle one more time this year. Regardless of the outcome, I just have to see it once more this year! Something tells me the 2 division winning hosts playing this weekend are not advancing.

  6. As a Hawks fan and as much as I HATE the Niners no way that San Fran doesn’t destroy the Packers. Niners D is wicked and with all these teams in the NFC west playing the way they do on D I can only see the Panthers having a real shot. The Saints ,Pack and Eagles can’t negotiate this gauntlet and make it all the way. Either Niners, Hawks or Panthers in the SB.

  7. The Packers now have a power running game that they didnt have the first time they played each other to start the season. In that game it came down to who had the last posession, it was that close. Now the Pack has them at home which they havent in the last 3 meetings. With expected high around 10 old big mouth Harbaugh should focus on this game because I have a feeling he will be going home crying.

  8. The 49ers are going to get crushed. It will not be close. Kaepernick has never played in these conditions before. It’s going to be freezing cold. Rodgers is going to kick butt.

    Enjoy the off season 49er fans!

  9. Harbaugh is just answering a question from a local reporter. It’s not like he’s making a prediction.

  10. Going back 20 years Ive seen SF loose many crucial games at green bay to expect an easy win. I don’t expect the cold to be a big problem though. Kap was born in Wisconsin and California is not all beaches and sun, it gets into the single digits in the central valley where he’s from.

  11. Personal differences from week 1 till now. 1. Crabtree is back and you can expect more of the same from Boldin. 2. NO Clay Matthews. 3. 49ers secondary has improved since Asomugha lost his job to Brock. 4. Aaron Rodgers is back…but he’s not his best. 49ers have their defense packed and they’re built for January. 49ers 31 – GB 17

  12. He’s the head coach. It’s his job to think about how to deal with travel should they win–it isn’t an assumption of victory. People are getting fired up over nothing…..

  13. So Kaepernick grew up in Wisconsin. Great!
    But he doesn’t live there now and has been in California for a while. As someone who grew up in cold weather but now lives in a warm climate I can tell you that my blood has thinned out and I am now much more sensitive to cold weather. The forecast for Sunday’s game in Green Bay is 9 degrees for the high and -16 degrees for the low and that’s without windchill. Packers are playing with house money as they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs and Harbaugh is already making travel plans. 49er fans are so sure they will win. We’ll see!

  14. As a packers fan, I would love the packers to win. but I just don’t see that happening. Their defense was not great to begin with, but injuries have destroyed the LBs. I don’t see the packers D getting much pressure on the QB. 49ers will score 28-35 points, and it will be up to Rodgers to win it.

    Lacy isn’t quite the same either. That ankle injury is slowing him down greatly by the second half. I have no idea why MM did not play Starks more in the second half of the last game.

    So in short, I do not give the packers much chance of winning. The main question I had at first is if the packers D would hold them under 579 yards this time, but the weather should help them with that.

  15. Some of you are taking shots at us sconnies, and we have had lots of shots, so please be nice to us, we are all hung-over here in Wisconsin, every last one of us. What do you expect? It is Wednesday, after all.

  16. CK did NOT grow up in WI.

    He moved to California when he was FOUR.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but 4 years of which you might remember 1 is not exactly “growing up” somewhere and I sincerely doubt his 4 years of WI residency between 1987 and 1991 has prepared him for the weather this particular weekend.

    All his football has been played in California or Nevada – Reno area.

  17. @thesconnienation:
    You’re correct. Kaepernick did not grow up in Wisconsin. But, he did play his college football in Reno in 5000 ft elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It snows there quite often and temps get below single digits. So keep telling yourself the Packers are going to win. Go NINERS!!!

  18. As a native Wiscovite myself, I believe in My Packers. The Pack can win this love fest. I love Aaron Rodgers. He likes the locker room. We have much in common. We both love our mothers, and our brothers.

  19. @kicker617

    I currently live above 5000 feet in the Rocky Mountains and it is still nowhere near Wisconsin weather. Temps occasionally below single digits are nothing like the consistent crap weather in Wisco.

    Nice try though.

  20. @thesconnienation.
    I’d hate to live there. The one and only time I was at Lambeau it was 60 degrees. I enjoyed my time there and the fans are first class. Still doesn’t change the people playing the game. 49ers are a physical team built to run and grind. On paper the 49ers are clearly a superior team. The Pack are 0-3 against them the last 3 meetings. 49ers are clearly Rodgers kryptonite. Hopefully his clavicle holds up because it will be a much better game .

  21. @kicker617

    I think a full strength Packer team could win, but I agree that this one won’t. Rodgers is the wild card, but unfortunately I just don’t see it happening. I think it will be much closer than some Niner fans think.

  22. hess97 says:
    Jan 1, 2014 11:53 AM
    Kaepernick is FROM GREEN BAY. Keep telling yourself he has never played in the cold.
    His family left Wisconsin when he was four years old. I doubt he as any memories of playing in the snow while wearing diapers.

    If you asked him he’d probably tell you he’s from California, not Wisconsin.

  23. Gotta plan for the Divisonal round before the wild card game is even played?

    I take it everyone is assuming a Niners win on Sunday at 7 degree lambeau with a wind chill of minus 6?

    This game is no cake walk for the Niners. Fans better hope these players aren’t in the same frame of mind as the media and the fans. That cold is going to be quite refreshing when they take the field for warm-ups and then have to leave that 90 degree locker room to play the second half.

    The cold is going to tip that game to Green Bay’s favor. The Niners better be playing top notched ball if they want to advance.

    If you think cold is nothing for a team that doesn’t live in it, you are mistaken. Taking balls out of the freezer and throwing them around isn’t going to prepare anyone for the kind of cold that will be in Green Bay Sunday. They call it “Bone chilling cold” for a reason. You get cold to the bone.

  24. I’m not taking this game for granted but its funny how many of you forget Kap is from Wisconsin. Oh and the fact McCarthy is 0-3 against Harbaugh. Don’t know what relevance Mariucci’s playoff record 15 years ago has on this either..

  25. I hope Krappernoobs kisses his frozen arm and it breaks off!!! Then we can all watch as Harghbarf whines his eyes Out… He’ll probably yell at the refs that it’s too cold to play football – Hahahaha – go packers!!!

  26. If the temperature is between 9 and -16 it actually favors the $9ers. It will come down to the running game with receivers and QB’s hand freezing. And that means a 49er win.The 49ers are just flat studs against the run, and have a great rushing attack on offense.

  27. Let’s just hope the refs can get their calls right ! Not like the bogus call on Brooks’ hit on Brees(won on appeal)or Whitners hit on Jackson(15 yd. penalty)! Are these guys supposed to just shake hands when defending a play? It’s “football”; when you have the ball, you expect to get hit! It’s not FLAG football so let the big boys play!

  28. I bet it hurts you niners fans to see Alex Smith having such a great playoff game! He’s built for the playoffs. Here’s to another chance to play each other in Seattle.

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