Panthers players say no distraction with McDermott interviewing for Redskins


The Panthers are preparing for their first playoff game in five years, but their game in the Divisional Round isn’t the only thing on the radar for one member of the organization.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is slated for an interview with the Redskins for their head coaching job and he addressed that interview with his players on Wednesday. Coach Ron Rivera said the team would work to minimize any distraction involved with McDermott interviewing for another job while doing his own and several Panthers players, including cornerback Captain Munnerlyn, said that McDermott’s interview won’t keep them from the task at hand.

“He came out and let us know we’re his family, but he will be taking an interview this week with [Washington],” Munnerlyn said, via the Charlotte Observer. “You got to respect that. Every assistant coach, it’s their dream to be the head coach one day and that’s what he wants to do. He came out and said it, and the whole group respects him. It won’t be a distraction. We still got one goal, and the goal is to win the Super Bowl. His heart is still with us.”

With more than a week to go before they play and their opponent still unknown, Rivera stressed there was enough time for preparation to take care of McDermott’s interview without anything being affected. That’s certainly been the case for other teams with assistants who have interviewed for jobs during their bye week and the Panthers’ chances of advancing will be predicated on more than Washington’s interest in speaking to McDermott.

5 responses to “Panthers players say no distraction with McDermott interviewing for Redskins

  1. McDermott is a one-year wonder who up until now had done nothing of significance as a DC.

    That being said, he’s the perfect candidate to take the Redskins job since I’m sure Snyder is looking for a puppet he can pull the strings on after the Shanahan fiasco.

    As a Panthers fan I’m exhausted reading about how McDermott thinks he “deserves” to be a head coach. It stinks of Chud, leaving worked out real well for him…

  2. Carolina has no cornerbacks besides munnerlynn and no saftys..that is a fantastic defense of line so yes he does deserve credit for what he has done with that d..sounds like u mad bro..httr

  3. One year wonder? He did a good job last year with the holes in the middle of the d-line and that same group of DBs.

    I don’t think he is head coaching material yet and could stand another good year to make his name bigger.

    I really don’t think the Redskins hire him because Snyder’s ego won’t let him hire a no name head coach.

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