Philly to use undercover officers to deter Eagles fans

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After news emerged of three of four playoff teams facing blackouts this weekend, we received a text message from the Eagles:  “FYI.  We sold out in Philly.”

But that doesn’t mean the Eagles have no problems as they prepare to host the Saints.  Apart from clearing the stadium of any of the stuff that can be mashed into a ball and thrown at Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and/or Santa Claus, the authorities are concerned about Eagles fans mashing the faces of Saints fans with fists.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that undercover officers will attend the game in Saints gear, as a deterrent to those who may be inclined to create mayhem.  Last month, a Lions fan wearing a Barry Sanders jersey was beaten up by Eagles fans after a game the home team won.

The use of undercover officers has increased in recent years, with teams like the Seahawks and 49ers regularly alerting fans to the possibility that fans in the road team’s colors may be carrying guns and badges.  On one hand, it’s good that the NFL and local law enforcement have taken these steps.

On the other hand, it’s a shame that they have to do it.

87 responses to “Philly to use undercover officers to deter Eagles fans

  1. Yeah….a lot of good that will do. They score one TD and sing that dopey song of theirs, that undercover cop will be made in two seconds.

  2. Take proper security measures is always a good idea. However…How will the use of UNDERCOVER officers act as a deterrents? How about using visible, uniformed officers throughout the stadium?

  3. Florio makes a good point. Undercover law enforcement at sporting events is commonplace these days. The fact that it’s the Eagles just gives everyone a chance to bash Philadelphia.

  4. I can hear it now down at the precinct:

    Captain: “Hey rookie, Here’s a Jimmy Graham jersey….put in on and meet me at the stadium Saturday night. And dress warm.”

    Those poor guys….

  5. news flash people… I’m a Philly Guy in the land of “wine and cheese” fans and I have heard of at least 3 stabbings in the bay area and I have only lived here for 2 years. It happens everywhere; Philly just gets the bad wrap. Trust me when I say Oakland is a lot scarier than Philly!

  6. It doesn’t happen at all stadiums…you’d never hear of this in New Orleans…fans from the opposing team love going there because Saints fans are so welcoming. This game won’t even be close…Saints by more than 10!

  7. Yeah, then in another article there are questions and fears about blackouts and needing sponsors to pick up the extra tickets.

    Ticket prices, parking, refreshments and food are through the roof, coupled with the fact you risk violence to yourself for wearing an oponent’s jersey.

    Sign me up!

  8. There have been articles about the same being done in San Francisco and Seattle, too.

    I like to bag on Philly fans as much as the next guy, but idiots getting drunk and behaving dangerously and foolishly isn’t a localized phenomenon.

  9. That’s another thing I like about my man cave and widescreen TV… sitting there with a big tub of hot popcorn and a icy cold beer, I don’t have to worry about drunken idiots looking for a fight if I’m rooting for the team they don’t like.

  10. How sad that it has to come to this all because eagles fans have to act like a bunch of juveniles.

    How embarrassing for the eagles fans that act decent and have some class at these games.

  11. Yeah, this stuff happens at a lot of stadiums. It’s just that the bad attitude of Philly fans is more of the norm there than the exception. It extends to the Flyers and Phillies fans as well.

    It’s not the media that creates it- it’s the Philadelphia fans themselves.

  12. This literally happens at every stadium. I’d rather be at a Philly game, being portrayed as having “poor sportsmanship” then in Buffalo, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, or Oakland where you need to worry about a fan falling off the upper deck onto you, or fans attempting suicide from the upper deck (raiders have it bad), fans following you home and pulling into your driveway to snap pictures and harass you.

    Yet a drunk Santa from the opposing team runs onto the field and gets pegged with snowballs is when we draw the line?!???


  13. I have never seen a Saints fan give another team anything but a good-natured ribbing. We have lots of guests here and it serves no purpose to intimidate them–proves nothing. Some fan’s identities are too wrapped up in their team’s success or failures. Be a fan and a human being.

  14. Wouldn’t it be better to have uniformed officers to DETER the behavior rather than spy’s sneaking around trying to catch offenders. Oh wait, you can’t write a ticket and collect fines without allowing the offense to happen. All about the money in the U$A.

  15. The eagles…nuff said lol I’m looking forward to watching who dat nation Bounce the eagles outta the place and continue their long drought with out an Nfl championship of some type.

  16. I’ve been to plenty of Eagles/Flyers/Phillies/Sixers games over the past 15 years here in Philly . I do believe that our drunk Philly fans don’t know how to keep their cool after games, makes you want undercover everywhere . Just for the safety of our children at games and etc .
    Especially when NY Mets come to town to play the Phils. …

  17. Please, I’m so tired of hearing how tough the Philly fans are. They’re just frustrated football ignorant bullies who never win. I’ll be at the game with my Brees jersey on and if anyone confronts me I’ll do what you always do to bullies-punch them in the nose and watch them whine and cry and run away. Saints 27 beagles 16.

  18. I am so sick and tired of the national media making Philadelphia fans look so bad. Sure we have some idiots that get drunk and don’t know how to show class but the majority of Eagles fans just passionately love there team and stand by then through it all. That is why we sell out in minutes and everyone else is still waiting to see if there fans will step up. I am very proud to call myself an eagles fan and it’s about time we get the respect we deserve. Go Eagles!!! Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  19. People shouldnt attend games in the road teams gear. And if a guys drunk he will start a fight regardless of consequences. The people that start these fights are too wasted to know whats going on.

  20. And the NFL wonders why they can’t sell out games. Cost, Safety, Better experience sitting at home with friends…..30 pack of beer $19.00 2-Hot dogs .89… No line to pee priceless

  21. Funny that most of the comments are coming from the fans of teams not participating in this weekends football games. The games this weekend in the NFL are playoff games. Say it with me Tomlin, PLAYOFFS!

    Eagles 31
    Saints 21

  22. But what’s annoying is that half of you guys criticizing us as bad fans don’t even know what it’s like to be in our stadiums .
    Stop wasting your time lol Just because you hate our team don’t take it out in our fans . NFC EAST DIVISION CHAMPS !

  23. “Philly to use undercover officers to deter Eagles fans”
    Says a lot about this organization and its fans. Must come from 0 Lombardi Trophies. Never experienced anything like this in Denver or Texas!

  24. As far as road woes go…lets take a closer look at this. I’m a Saints fan and the criticism of THIS years Saints team on the road is substantiated by their play on the road no doubt. However, there were only 9 NFL teams in 2013 who had a road record above .500…9! That means that the other 23 teams were .500 or below. Singling out the Saints every day is kinda silly…this years Patriot team was undefeated at home, just as the Saints were and went 4-4 on the road…one better than the Saints. We don’t mention that though.

    No team has won more road games than the Saints since 2009. Only one team has a better road record than the Saints since 2006…the Patriots…these are facts!

  25. The linc holds 68,000. And the passionate and proud fan base has sold it out days before any other playoff game for this weekend.
    67,996 fans will likely demonstate good behavior. There will be a handful of idiots just like every other stadium in the entire country but the large majority are regular folks who enjoy rooting for their football team.

  26. More than just a handful of losers ruining it for everyone down at the linc. This is a city wide team wide problem in Philly. They just cannot differentiate between reality and this sports fantasy world they live in.

  27. “Eagles fans are who we thought they were!” Signed Every Fan rooting for another team at Eagles Home Games” Heck they even bring their act on the road when they come to the worst stadium in Maryland to play the slurs!

    One more thing, Sal Palantonio is a full time Cali resident. Hard to believe but true.

  28. I am an eagles fan who attends games in giants stadium , I can attest that place is pure hell for an eagles fan.

    I do remember San Francisco fans killing a visiting team fan recently and in Minnesota a ref was hit with a whisky bottle and around the NFL beating on visiting team fans is common.

    So why the big hype with Philly fans.

    All the horror stories tend to belong to the Vet years and they were earned . However they have been in LFF for 11 seasons and it is a pretty tame place.

    The security in LFF is top of the NFL and it has been the #1 stadium to experience a game for 5 years running , as rated by the NFL survey company.

    Go Birds

  29. I have been to many years worth of Eagles games at the Vet and then the Link…. The only time I have seen anyone get smacked around in opposing teams colors is when they act like jackasses and pick fights. Pick a fight and you will find one, no matter whose team jersey you are wearing.

  30. I was 13 in 1995 when I was at the “they give it to Smith and they stop him again” game. Birds came back from a 17-3 deficit at half to win 20-17. After the game I saw quite a few guys in Cowboys Starter jackets get the tar beat out of them on the concourse. Even as Birds’ fans, my Dad was quick to usher me out of there.

    I don’t think things are are crazy at the Linc because they’ve somewhat gentrified the attendance base.

  31. I have been to many stadiums; including Philadelphia. There are bad fans for every team; but the worst are New Orleans fans, hands down.

  32. ^^^ I guess I left off the quote by good old John.

    Here it is:

    Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

  33. And the undercover police do their best to antagonize the Philadelphia fans wearing their opposing jerseys, standing blocking the view of those behind them, cursing, standing out to make their “sting” look more productive with arrests.

  34. Always comes down to how bad Philly fans behave…..yet there were 30 fans arrested at the last game at Candlestick! The problem is pervasive….alcohol, competition and ignorance creates violence….everywhere!

  35. I have no problem with Philly fans beating up Saints fans. If your a big mouthed drunken loser don’t go to the game yelling “who dat”. Kick some black and gold to the curb!!

  36. I’m an Eagles fan but we honestly have more drunken idiots and bandwagon fans than most teams. I’ve never heard people boo their home team as loud as Eagles fans….it’s because we’re more passionate than everyone else….plzzzzz.

    Let the down votes begin!!!!!!

  37. Least obnoxious fans

    In order

    1. Indianapolis
    2. Jacksonville- All 9 of them
    3. Arizona
    4. San Diego
    5. Tennessee

  38. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says: Notice how this doesn’t happen at Heinz Field?

    That’s because no one in their right mind wants to travel to a cesspool like Pittsburgh.

  39. I beg to differ on Arizona, last time we went Two fat tattoo’d freaks were trying to pick a fight with my 72 year old father, just because he had a Pack golf shirt on.

  40. Like the 72′ Dolphins who celebrate when the last undefeated team loses, I too will celebrate when the Eagles are eliminated yet again.

  41. ‘Last month, a Lions fan wearing a Barry Sanders jersey was beaten up by Eagles fans after a game the home team won.’

    Why was my previous comment on this deleted?

    This ‘attack’ was never substantiated and no witnesses came forward. No video or police report exists. Apparently a Good Samaritan came to his rescue and helped then threw his Eagles jersey in the trash. Really?

  42. I’ve been going to Eagles games for years. The one time I saw a fight at the Vet was during a Dallas game. The Cowboys fan was so obnoxious and drunk that even the Dallas fans cheered when he was led out of the section.

    I’ve been to the Meadowlands for both Giants and Jets games and also to the Ravens stadium wearing my Eagles gear and I have found that if you simply act like a normal fan there is never a problem. If you act like an ass, then it’s on you.

    It’s only a small proportion of people that cause these problems. It’s a shame we all have to suffer because of these ignorant fools.

  43. I am a Eagles fan that lives in Texas, I will no longer wear Eagles stuff to Cowboys/Eagles games due to the crap I have to put up with. I am not a instigator or do drink at games. This is a league problem, not a Philly problem.

  44. Give me a break. It sure does happen in New Orleans. I went to 06 playoff game v. Eagles with my 12 year old. We were harassed by a lot of different people and it got so bad leaving game that he was scared and asked me to get a cop. Instead we ended up running back to hotel.

  45. To all the people saying use uniformed officers instead well no duh their going to. Incidents happen all the time in stadiums with uniformed officers but they can’t be everywhere. The point of putting it out there that undercover police will be in Saints gear is the hope that it will also deter fans from picking fights with Saints fans for the fear that it could be a cop.

  46. the league-wide disdain for the Eagles and their fans pisses me off to no end… people have been killed in San Fran & Oakland, and riots break out on a regular basis at European soccer games, but some snowballs get thrown at a drunk Santa Claus & our fans are ALL demonic?!


  47. Also unruly fans are a problem at all stadiums. When there are 60,000 plus people in a place there are going to be some real jerks. Are some places worse than others? Of course but this isn’t just a Philly problem. I’m a Packers fan who has been to Detroit, Indy, Tampa and Carolina and had a a great time with their fans but I’ve also been to Jacksonville and Miami multiple times and it hasn’t always been as pleasant. Some times you just get stuck sitting by some real dbags who after every incompletion or short run can’t keep their mouth shut and every stadium I’ve been to in any sport there are always some jerks who like to yell back and forth after games in the parking lot which is where more of the fights happen anyway.

  48. metrocritical says:
    Jan 3, 2014 12:05 PM
    “Take proper security measures is always a good idea. However…How will the use of UNDERCOVER officers act as a deterrents? How about using visible, uniformed officers throughout the stadium?”

    By broadcasting that anyone who is wearing a saints jersey might be a UC, it acts as a deterrent to anyone who might think about acting up when no other visible security is in sight.

  49. “Regularly alerting fans?” How many people on here work in a convenient store? Don’t they always give you a heads-up when they’re doing a beer sting? “Circle K, this is the local sheriff department. Just letting you know we’re gonna have our eye on you to make sure you’re following alcohol sales protocol. Card everybody.”

  50. The two most pathetic fans in the NFL
    Eagles and Vikings
    Both are loud and obnoxious and talk like they know how football is won

  51. Yet a drunk Santa from the opposing team runs onto the field and gets pegged with snowballs is when we draw the line?!???

    The problem with this whole statement is the snowballs are full of batteries! Philly has a classless fan base…always been that way! It’s a Pensyltucky thing! And for Christ sakes..get a new fight song. It’s freaking embaracing!

  52. Been to a Bears game lately? Just act for an instant as if you are a Lions fan, and……….BAM. Lights out.

  53. Funny, the media always ignores the Santa Claus incident context. The Eagles had own just enough to screw up heir draft position. Then, a skinny, fake-looking Santa came out. That’s why they were booing and throwing snowballs.

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