Keenan Lewis leaves with injury, Eagles close to 20-14


The Saints are rolling in the third quarter, but they may have to keep it up without their top cornerback.

Keenan Lewis went down while breaking up a pass to Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant and needed medical attention on the field before being helped to the sideline. Lewis, who appeared to be being evaluated for a concussion on the sideline, had been playing a very strong game for a Saints defense that’s been having a very good night.

His absence was felt immediately. The Eagles threw the ball to DeSean Jackson for completions on the first two plays after Lewis’ injury, his first two catches of the night. It looked like Jackson might have stepped out of bounds before catching the first pass, a 40-yard gain, but the play went unchallenged and the Eagles went on to watch LeSean McCoy punch the ball in from a yard out on fourth down to cut the Saints’ lead to 20-14.

The Saints are down to Corey White, Rod Sweeting and Trevin Wade at cornerback with Lewis out of the game, which means the Saints offense will likely have to keep clicking in the fourth quarter to remain in front.

UPDATE 10:41 p.m. ET: Lewis went to the locker room and returned to the sideline, but he’s doubtful to play again on Saturday.

11 responses to “Keenan Lewis leaves with injury, Eagles close to 20-14

  1. Hate both teams but love good playoff good playoff football…..the eagles got lucky on that desean catch but it least we now have a game.

  2. The only way the Eagles win is if the refs give them the game. They already spotted them 7 points with the first touchdown (holding + offensive pass interference). Two turnovers in their favor and still losing. Can barely expose a rookie corner benchwarmer. Gimme a break, philly. lol.

  3. This should be a real test of the NFL concussion RTP protocol. The procedure is design to ensure a concussed player is not returned to practice or play for any reason before he is completely over it. The doctors are going to be under tremendous pressure to let Keenan Lewis back on the field this week. One week is about as fast as any player can hope to be back after a concussion these days. Two weeks would be safer. Even if he plays, the RTP protocol interferes with his game preparation. Percy Harvin, has to be loving this.

  4. We were boo-ing for not having a penalty called for obvious headhunting by Lewis on a defensless receiver…

    I expect the NFL will hit him with a fine this week…

    Dumb A55 took himself out…

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