Redskins keep adding names to interview list

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Redskins owner Dan Snyder hasn’t necessarily gotten it right, and there’s no guarantee his next coach will work out any better than the rest of them.

But he’s at least casting a wide net.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Redskins have asked for permission to interview 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio for their head coaching vacancy.

And Mark Maske of the Washington Post adds Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt’s name to a swollen list.

The group of guys who have either interviewed, or been linked to possible interviews includes Vanderbilt coach James Franklin, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, Cowboys special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

The 55-year-old Fangio hasn’t been a head coach, but he’s served as coordinator for the Panthers, Colts and Texans in addition to Stanford.

Whisenhunt’s going to be one of the most popular names, and many think he’s got a good chance at the Lions job.

26 responses to “Redskins keep adding names to interview list

  1. Gonna interview 90 people, so that maybe someone will take this stinking job. Can’t imagine a coach anywhere that would want to work for little Danny, and little Brucie. Only way someone takes it, is if they are desperate for that big paycheck.

  2. He does this so he can say there were alot of interested applicants before he decides who the next lottery winner is.

    No new head coach should sign for anything less than 5-6 years.

  3. I just can’t see Whisenhunt to the Lions. All the teams know that the unspoken rule is you have to hire somebody that the Lions really want. It’s good football people anyhow but a really hilarious gag just all in good fun with us owners. Don’t break the chain or you aren’t getting invited to next week’s billionaire-estate-con mystery party!

  4. They should add Rich Kotite, Rick Venturi, Les Steckel, Marion Campbell, and Darryl Rogers to the interview list.

  5. The telling thing to me about this gig other than Snyder sucks to deal with, is that RGFragileEgo asked Shanahan not to show his bad plays when the team was reviewing film of the previous week’s play.

    I’ve never heard of any player asking that in many years of following the NFL. And as a Pats fan I know that every member of the Pats including Brady get their fair share of “humble pie” when they screw up.

    I can’t imagine being so insecure that you demand the coach not show your screwups in general film review of the games. It’s one of the very important ways a team can collectively improve. That sort of thing is why I believe Griffin will never be a top tier NFL QB. He just doesn’t have the mental toughness.

  6. Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and the late Al davis, all meddlesome, petulant egos that destroyed their teams chances of ever doing anything. The league should step in and NOT allow them to make any decisions that involve personnel, coaches and contracts. Stay in the background.

  7. As a fan who has survived Danny Snyder since Day One: Something’s Fishy. He’s never interviewed so many people. He’s trying to put something over on fans: we just don’t know what. My guess is he’s really worried we are going to stop buying tickets, parking, food, shirts, merchandise etc. That’s what we he deserves. Jerk. Maybe it’s a Donald Trump thing with hiring instead of firing and he’s casting a new reality show where he at last gets to be the star. Just sick.

  8. There’s got to be ONE candidate out there of Native American heritage. 🙂 That would be SO awesome!

  9. As a redskins fan i’m glad that we are finallly taking the time to do an extensive interviews for our head coaching search. Maybe for once we are just going after the big name and maybe trying to find a quality coach. I actually like how thorough we’re being for once.

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