Pilot Flying J still facing multiple lawsuits

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One of the most unusual stories that arose during the 2013 offseason lingers into the 2014 offseason, and it’s likely still months from resolution.

The alleged rebate scam perpetrated by Pilot Flying J, the billion-dollar truck-stop company run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, continues to work its way through the court system.  Although a nationwide class action was approved in November, at least 16 lawsuits remain in place, filed by customers who exercised their right to reject the deal and pursue their own remedies.

According to the Tennessean, other lawsuits could be coming from the “dozens” of other trucking companies that rejected the settlement package.

In contrast to the civil side of the legal proceedings, the criminal investigation seemingly has come to a halt.  Through late July, seven employees had pleaded guilty to federal charges.  Since then, no further guilty pleas have been filed, which could mean that the federal government’s effort to climb the corporate ladder by using information and eventual testimony from those who already have pleaded guilty has stalled.

Regardless, the original documentation filed in support of the April 2013 search warrant contained allegations that Haslam knew about the effort to prey on unsophisticated customers.  If the feds ever believe they can prove that in court, the Browns will be dealing with yet another major distraction as they try to reverse more than a decade of futility.

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  1. for a guy who stole from his customers and then tried to pay them off, he sure has high standards for his employees

  2. Haslam should sell the Stooges to the highest bidder. Cleveland deserves better than what it’s getting.

  3. That face says it all.. If the Browns taught the Lerners were horrible, this guy will probably eat the cake.

  4. I think we’re seeing that the Haslam empire is little more than a house of cards. And the Browns part of it is being propped up by two jokers…Banner and Lombardi.

    It appears that Haslam has little talent for surrounding himself with honest people.

  5. joemammy

    Your mess is your mess and you need to own it. Jimmy the rebate scam Haslam fired a coach in year who was given a mess to rebuild.

    It’s your owner and has nothing to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  6. Maybe Haslam knows what he’s doing with this club.

    Think about this: He hires Banner & Dumbardi to destroy what’s left of the Browns, lowering their value. Humiliates any hires of local talent, and alienates the Browns fanbase to where he’s actually losing money. Then, he has the excuse to move the team to Southern California to the highest bidding city, ala Al Davis.

    Meanwhile, he screws with Cleveland’s political leaders, spending money on the stadium upgrades. He blames Banner & Dumbardi for the downfall, and he keeps the organization out of any court settlements for his rebate scam.

    In 5 years, he’s winning a SB in a new stadium in So-Cal, and celebrating with the Hollywood set.

    It’s genius I tell you, it’s genius!

  7. Well, we know where all that extra cap space is going!

    (HINT: it’s not going towards a better football team)

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