Report: Mike Sullivan to interview for Giants offensive coordinator


The Buccaneers let offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan go along with coach Greg Schiano last week, but Sullivan hasn’t had to wait long for another shot at running an NFL offense.

As widely expected, Sullivan is expected to interview with the Giants for their vacant offensive coordinator position. The position opened up when Kevin Gilbride retired a few days after Giants owner John Mara called the offense “broken” in his season-ending remarks. Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News reports that the interview will take place this week.

Sullivan was on Tom Coughlin’s staff with the Giants from 2004 until he got the job running the Bucs offense in 2012. Sullivan served as wide receivers coach and then spent two years working as quarterbacks coach, experience that likely appeals to the Giants after Eli Manning’s 27-interception disappointment of a 2013 season.

A Monday report had the Giants trying to downplay their interest in Sullivan, so we’ll see if they start lining up some other interviews in the coming days. Sullivan’s experience with the team should work in his favor during interviews and, based on his years with the Giants and the offense he ran in Tampa, Sullivan would likely keep a lot of things in place from the Gilbride years.  That would mean Manning and his teammates wouldn’t have to spend the whole offseason learning a whole new approach, but it would also leave the Giants susceptible to the same problems that sank them in 2013.

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  1. attention giants management we will grant permission for you to interview and hire brian shottenheimer im sure he would love to be back in the big apple so please as rodney dangerfield would say take my OC please!!!!

  2. Noooooo friggn way Sullivan is killdrive 2.0 not mention where did the bucs offence ranked last year no way new blood new system the players make alotta money they can learn a new playbook especially if they have to #giantsnation #wewillbeback

  3. This baffles me you come out say the offense is broke and give Gilbride the bums rush like you should have years ago. But now your solution is to bring in a guy who runs the same antiquated and predictable offense to even worse results in Tampa? And I love how we talk about them having to learn a new offense like you’re asking the to learn to speak Chinese or something. It’s not like this is a mid season change here guys.

  4. Eli and his offense had their most productive years when Sullivan was around. That said they had an offensive line then. They’ll need to either fix the o-line or find a coordinator who can coach around the issues.

  5. Buddy Ryan was right in the early 90’s when he referred to it as the “chuck and duck” offense. Mastered by Gilbride and Eli. As a Giants fan, this has run its course. New blood please.

  6. Play calling can be predictable, but there is nothing inherently predictable in any college and pro football offensive system. What I mean is that all playbooks have a wide variety of plays. Some coaches favor only a select few plays and therefore become predictable.

    The Spread is no more or less inherently predictable than the Delaware Wing T or the Run n Shoot. Offenses and defenses run in cycles, coaches adapt to each other. Auburn just played in the national championship game running an offense based on a 50 year old system. The Seahawks run a defense that is based on a 60 year old system.

    Gilbride’s “predictable” offense put up more than 4900 yards passing on the way to the Super Bowl, and that was with two worn out RBs. His offense went into Green Bay in the playoffs and hung 37 points on a 15-1 #1 seed.

    It’s hard to see how any team can have a successful offense when its starting center and right guard, who both took up big portions of the salary cap, were bad for 3 games and then both went on injured reserve, the backup center then went on injured reserve, the backup right guard (who only stuck with the team because he took a big pay cut) played with a bad hand all season, and the big salary left tackle (who takes up a very large part of the salary cap) played horribly.

    Throw in that the starting RB went down with a neck injury, and the other starting RB missed half the year with a broken leg, and the starting split end played poorly and possibly hurt all year long.

    What the heck could anyone have expected from the Giants offense besides bad performance?

  7. dtm1088 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 9:19 AM
    Buddy Ryan was right in the early 90′s when he referred to it as the “chuck and duck” offense. Mastered by Gilbride and Eli. As a Giants fan, this has run its course. New blood please.


    The same Buddy Ryan was defensive coordinator for one Super Bowl winning team, that had three Hall of Fame players on its defense who were at or near their career peaks (Hampton, Dent, and Singletary), and several other All Pro players (Marshall, Duerson, Wilson).

    On the other hand, Kevin Gilbride was offensive coordinator for two Super Bowl winning teams. Other than Eli Manning (who some would argue is a future Hall of Famer, but others would argue is a an overrated, lucky player), neither team had any offensive players who will receive consideration for the Hall of Fame.

    “Chuck n Duck” 2, Buddy Ryan 1.

  8. sure lets fire gilbride and hire his spitting image SMH. are the giants serious? I swear if they hire this guy giants win 5-6 games coughlin the would deserve to be fired..

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