Falcons announce Mike Tice as new offensive line coach

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On Tuesday night, reports indicated that former Vikings head coach Mike Tice would be returning to the NFL as the offensive line coach in Atlanta.

The Falcons confirmed those reports on Wednesday when they announced Tice will be joining head coach Mike Smith’s staff for the 2014 season. There’s no word from the team about details of the deal, but Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com reports that it will be a two-year deal.

Tice was out of the league in 2013 after leaving his post as the Bears’ offensive coordinator as Chicago cleaned out their coaching staff with the arrival of new head coach Marc Trestman. He was the offensive line coach in Chciago for two years before moving to the coordinator job and worked with Smith and Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter in Jacksonville before that.

The Falcons have made no secret of their intention to improve on the offensive line this offseason. Firing position coaches Pat Hill and Paul Dunn was followed by owner Arthur Blank’s vow to put together a tougher team before the start of next season, which makes it easy for Tice to know what he needs to do once he’s on the job.

Of course, there’s only so much Tice can do with the raw materials on hand and the Falcons will need to bring in better players in addition to a new coach to see the kind of improvement they want to see up front.

15 responses to “Falcons announce Mike Tice as new offensive line coach

  1. Just one more reason to root against the Falcons. He’s the biggest jerk to ever play the game of football. The Falcons are fools for allowing him to coach ANYTHING.

  2. Well, maybe the 8th time is the charm for Tice. Can’t say he did much for the Bears Offensive line.

  3. Tice is an excellent offensive line coach. He built one of the best offensive lines in the NFL when he was the Viking OL coach under Denny Green.

  4. My father, God rest his soul, once took a leak next to Tice at the local horse racing track. True story.

  5. Under Mike Tice as O-Line coach and eventually O-Coordinator from 2010 – 2012. Jay Cutler was sacked 113 times. Including 9 times in one half against the New York Giants.

    Yea, good hire. Somewhere the NFC South is doing a happy dance.

  6. Bears fan here.

    Tice is terrible. Our OLs while he was in Chicago were laughably bad. Jay Cutler despised him because he wouldn’t hold his OL accountable and the punishment Cutler took probably subtracted 2-3 seasons from his career. About the only encouraging thing I can say is at least he’s not your OC (where he proved even more inept in Chicago).

    I hope the Falcons have a solid backup for Matt Ryan cause they’re gonna need him.

  7. Wow, the Bucs get Lovie, which isn’t that bad, if you like zero offensive production and relying on your D and Hester to give you points(which he doesn’t have) and the Falcons just got worse on offense with a clown like Tice. The Panthers will continually run away with the NFC South.

  8. Falcons fans….. make sure there’s a first class medical center nearby for Matt Ryan because the Interstate 45 expressway is going to run through your O’line and over your Quarterback. Under Tice, the Bears had some of the worst offensive lines in all of football. After he left, in just ONE YEAR, the Bears had one of the better O’lines! (which included, two rookie starters!)
    You have my sympathy in advance. Tice is a bad choice for any team…………..

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