Lionel Vital to interview for Bucs G.M. job

Multiple reports have indicated that Chiefs director of pro personnel Chris Ballard has become the leading candidate to succeed Mark Dominik as the Tampa Bay General Manager.

But Ballard isn’t the only candidate.  Per a league source, Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital will interview for the job.

Vital, who become the director of player personnel after Dave Caldwell was hired to be the General Manager in Jacksonville, has learned most recently under Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff.  Also during his 23 years of experience, Vital worked with men like Bill Belichick, Ozzie Newsome, and Scott Pioli.

If Vital gets the job, he’d become the third straight Falcons director of player personnel to land a General Manager position, following Caldwell in 2013 and Rams G.M. Les Snead in 2012.

During a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live, Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith declined to address whether his contract gives him final say over personnel, but Smith said he’ll be involved in the interviews for the G.M. position — as he was in Chicago two years ago.  He added that the team wants to find a G.M. “as soon as possible,” and that as of Tuesday the search had already started.

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10 responses to “Lionel Vital to interview for Bucs G.M. job

  1. Lovie has already hired multiple assistants that are more qualified to run NFL teams than our last two head coaches. So as of right now, I’m good with his decision-making.

  2. Anyone heard any updates related to the NFL’s investigation into the illegal release of Josh Freeman’s private medical records?!?

  3. If Lovie has his say on the new GM, beware. All drafts or free agent acquisitions will be defense only with very little regard to offense. Adam Archuletta on defense comes to mind as a free agent acquisition that failed miserably. On the offensive side, he was the one who thought that Devin Hester could be a #1 wideout. Yikes!!

  4. Anyone heard any updates related to the NFL’s investigation into the illegal release of Josh Freeman’s private medical records?!?

    Actually Yeah, it came out about 3 weeks after being in Minnesota that his camp (Agent) released the documents to destroy his trade value and allow him to become a free agent.

    It made no sense for Tampa to hurt his trade value. His play justified the benching, the needed no more material to justify it.

  5. Bears fan here.

    Having Lovie anywhere near your war room on draft day is something you don’t want. Especially if you have a Top 10 pick.

    Lovie does a good job coaching guys up (on defense anyway), but he can’t evaluate talent for anything.

  6. Also… why do teams continually insist on hiring the HC first and then the GM after that? It’s not supposed to work that way and it puts the new GM in awkward position of having less actual authority than the HC who is supposedly reporting to him.

    You hire the GM first and then let him pick the coaches.

  7. My goodness people are so dramatic. A “total failure of the Bears drafts from 2003 to 2011”? That’s an interesting way to put it when the Bears won the NFC North 3 times in that span, went to two NFC championship game, and the SB (with Rex Grossman I might add). Sure there were some missteps, failed offensive linemen and the offense struggled for a lot of the time, but talk about a gross exaggeration.

  8. IIRC the Bears drafted something like 10 or 11 safeties while Lovie was there. None of them panned out and the safeties that played for the Bears this year (both of whom were drafted during Lovie’s tenure) were the worst pair of safeties in the league hands down.

    That’s just one position… on defense, which is supposedly Lovie’s strong suit. Just sayin.

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