Les Snead on No. 2 pick: You’ve got to prepare in case no one wants to trade


The Rams are picking second overall again this year and, just as they were in 2012, they are open to dealing the pick.

Rams General Manager Les Snead made that clear just after the end of the regular season and he reiterated that willingness on Thursday. Snead also noted that a willingness to make a deal doesn’t always mean that a deal is going to come together, however.

“I think they’re always open,” Snead said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I don’t want to sit here and go — guess what, we’re trading back no matter what. You’ve always got to prepare for if you’re there and nobody wants to trade.”

The evaluations of quarterbacks like Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles in the coming months will likely go a long way toward determining the Rams’ ability to move their pick. Snead was able to get a king’s ransom from Washington in 2012 because of Robert Griffin III’s presence and another quarterback in high demand would be the best way to come away with another haul to use to improve the roster in St. Louis.

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is also likely to have his admirers, but the best way for the Rams to get the deal they’d like will be for a couple of those quarterbacks to establish themselves as top picks in a league that’s becoming more driven by quarterback play with every passing year.

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  1. Getting a king’s ransom from a team so they can draft a franchise QB is great and all.

    You know what’s better? Using that pick to get yourself a franchise QB.

  2. St. Louis has been having a boat load of first round picks. If they can rob someone like they did with the RG3 trade it could get interesting. Lots of those guys coming into their prime in the next couple of years.

  3. Snyder lost his mind giving up the house for RGknee. Don’t they wish they had all of those picks back? Moving up 4 spots in the 1st round and giving up (3) first round picks and a (1) second round pick for the (1) first round pick was way too much. Looking at Jimmy Johnson’s point system for slotting picks the most Washington should have gien up was an additional second round pick for the swap.

    The trade:
    St. Louis’: 2012 2nd pick in the 1st round for
    Washington’s: 1st rounder in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and thier 2nd rounder in 2012,

    Holy cow what a haul! Given Snyder’s penchant for overspending and allowing trades like this will hanstring thier franchise for years. Sorry, Washington until Snyder is gone, you will not amount to much.

  4. Problem is they are sold on Bradford, not sure that’s the way to go. He hasn’t had a ton of talent around him in his first couple of seasons in his defense, but Kellen Clemons looked just as good if not better.

    Bradford’s contract is the issue but I agree with the first poster, use this high pick, or trade down just a little and pick a high upside QB youreself.

  5. Its too early to say the Rams “Robbed” the Skins in that RG3 deal… People were saying the same kind of thing in the Giants (Eli) & Chargers (Rivers, LightsOut & I forget the 3rd player) deal. Giants got their Franchise QB & 2 Titles for getting “Robbed”

  6. Snyder should have fired Bruce Allen too, for getting totally trade-jacked for RG3. Actually, Snyder probably needs to fire himself too.

  7. I think the rest of the league learned their lesson from that trade. St Louis has so much young talent its time to use both these picks to benefit the current team and let team gel together. Hopefully the do not blow this oppurtunity

  8. Just for the heck of it, let’s say the Rams stick with Bradford and get another team to get excited about a QB and trade up and make the same deal as they did with Washington.

    Rams could potentially turn their 2012 2nd overall pick into –

    2012 6th Overall Pick (Turned into 14th overall and 45th overall Picks)

    2012 2nd Round Pick

    2013 22nd Overall Pick

    2014 Lower 1st Round Pick (After dealing away 2014 2nd Overall Pick)

    2014 2nd Round Pick

    2015 1st Round Pick

    2016 1st Round Pick

    Wow. RG3 is the best thing to happen to St. Louis since The Greatest Show on Turf.

  9. Yep Franchise QB is always a need… When you have the right one you are more than halfway there… Having all these picks are nice, but we all know picks don’t always pan out, and even if they do and you dont have that QB – you end up like KC last year (Sev Probowlers & a 2-14 record) or Tampa this year.

  10. Rams already have a QB. The people who can’t see that are people who don’t know football and haven’t actually watched what’s going on wit the Rams the last couple years. Bradford isn’t the culrpit. I’m surprised he’s down as well as he has with the wastes they’ve been trotting out at WR the last couple years and the revolving door at OL. Go take a look at Matt Ryan and how well his team did this year when he wasn’t surrounded by pro-bowlers all season due to injury. So no dummies – the Rams don’t need to waste a premium pick on another QB. They have much more pressing needs.

  11. For all you saying Bradford sucks-he was on pace for nearly 4,000 yards and 30 td’s when he got hurt. Has he lived up to his draft status-not by a long shot but consider the talent around him. He has never had a true #1 wr and had 3 different OC’s in his first 3 years. The Rams have far more glaring needs at this point. O-line and safety to name a few.

  12. Bradford was the 11th rated QB in NFL when he got hurt this season. He’s not the problem, the supporting cast has been…but it’s getting better. They need a true #1 WR, fix not patch the OL, a S and CB.

    Anyone that thinks Clemens played better than Bradford knows nothing about the Rams. Clemens best moments came when the Rams defense and Zac Stacy played lights out. He gave away winnable games against the Seahawks and Titans that could have put the Rams in position to win a Wildcard spot.

  13. I’m guessing the Rams will have to keep the pick if they’re going to try to get another RG3 like deal. I don’t see anyone being that stupid this time. Maybe they take slightly less, but the deal was so crazy that slightly less is still too much.

  14. to say bradford sucks is harsh to say he is not an elite qb is fair, to say he will never be an elite qb is not fair, but it would be fair to say he probably wont ever be elite. his measurables are great ht weight etc. arm strength is great and accuracy is above average. he reminds me in a small way of david carr at least from the standpoint of the 2011 season where he looked like a little boy standing on the train tracks most all of the year. but he really had no one then and the rams paid for it going 2-14. to finish off a 5 year run of 15-65 an nfl record for futility. while bradford missed some of that years games lets just say after 2 years the rams after sam were 9-23. since and again sam missed some games but the rams have gone 14-17-1. my point is this the little boy standing on the tracks has grown the team is much better in part due to the 2-14 season, and the subsequent trade that allowed the rams to fill holes in a roster that looked like swiss cheese take my word for it there were at least 14 or more inept players on both sides of the ball and they started off every year with little to no depth. the roster is better it didnt exactly look like the rams were going to be world beaters in 2013 but with the 4th toughest schedule in the league we kind of expected what we got. but after this years draft alot of those holes in 3 years since fish and co arrived have been filled this year it will be up to bradford to prove he has the one thing i cant ever remember seeing FIRE!! has he tried yes will he be coming off acl surgery, sure but unlike the man who a boatload of draft picks was traded for sam did it not in the last game but 10 weeks sooner than rg3 so he may be tentative in preseason but he should have a preseason and after all this ranting and rambling my final point is this i am giving sam 2014 to not just shows signs of being able to get it done but to truly get it done!! go SAM!! GO RAMS!!!!

  15. Rams are set up for huge success in these next coming years..
    they have been hitting well with their draft selections and could piece together a team filled with 1st and 2nd round selections.

    this team has only a few major holes, so most of these selections are going to be high impact luxury picks..

    i could easily see them either solidifying that DL with Clowny, or helping their former #1 selections with an OT and another playmaker at WR.

    Hell that defense will be complete with another CB and a Safety or two.

    Washington really helped their cause.. unbelievable.

  16. I disagree, if nobody wants to trade, then they probably aren’t probing the right kind of trade. Almost any team that could be interested can soon be not interested if you can’t converse your way into retaining that interest and matching up a trade or finding a trade idea that interests the other team. There is no way the Rams aren’t going to find at least one if not multiple potential trade partners.

    To quit and say a trade just wasn’t there is total BS, and I’ll never accept that excuse. That’s what people who don’t know how to negotiate and execute do, they take the easy way out and the inside the box solution, which is to make a pick and say a trade wasn’t there.

  17. So let me get this straight – RGIII wins the Offensive ROY award (beating two other rookies who are awesome), rips apart his entire knee, misses the off-season and comes back too soon on a crappy team, and he is a “bust!”.

    Sam Bradford is one of the highest paid QB’s in football, hasn’t done a thing in this league other than get paid about $50M in 4 years, and is no better than his back-up – but is good to go. Okay, that makes sense.

    No double standard there of course.

  18. someone mentioned the Browns possibly giving up two 1st rounders to trade up 2 spots. While that is high, if it was the 1sts this year it would be OK if we truly got a franchise qb. the in essence we traded a 1st and Trent Richardson for a franchise qb? I’d do that..

    tho there are still persistent rumors that even without Josh McDaniel coaching we might trade for Mallet or even Kirk Cousins. both of them might not require a first to get or if they did, our lower pick in round one would do.

  19. Call the Vikings, they have no problem trading lots of picks. Like last season when they trader 4 picks for a WR that can’t run routes.

    They are also dying for a big name to get people excited about their new stadium and by seats.

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