More changes coming to Giants staff, including Mike Pope


The Giants went outside the family for their new offensive coordinator, but it doesn’t appear the change is stopping there.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, more changes are coming in addition to new coordinator Ben McAdoo.

The first among them is the expected departure of tight ends coach Mike Pope, who has been with the organization more than 20 years, serving on all four of their Super Bowl-winning coaching staffs.

That’s a pretty substantial change, but after last season, it’s hard to argue the Giants couldn’t use some shaking up on that side of the ball.

21 responses to “More changes coming to Giants staff, including Mike Pope

  1. But Mike Pope, though? We’re going to scapegoat a legendary tight ends coach for Myers’ pathetic season? He made Marty B. relevant, never mind all the other guys who have blossomed under his tutelage.

  2. It makes sense that since MeAdow was a TE coach he has his own approach, especially if putting the O on a new path. Thanks to Coach Pope for years of dedicated service.

  3. This is a bit surprising to say the least. This guy is like the king of TE coaches. Thanks Myers (you non-blocking scrub)….and thanks Reese for not finding a way to keep Bennett.

  4. Hmmm interesting. Not sure he is to blame, Jeremy Shockey was great but he was there for years, the guy after him was good but he went to the Raiders, the position has been a revolving door since then.

  5. Thank you Coach Pope. I appreciate what you got out of Boss and Ballard during our SB runs in 07 and 11 as well as many other TE’s.

    A new era on offense is upon us.

    Enjoy retirement and your four NYG rings.


  6. Mike Pope should be appreciated for 20 years of brilliant coaching and doing the impossible in turning a revolving door of late-round picks, UDFAs, and FAs into solid TEs in our offense. If he wants to work this year a number of teams would love to have him. McAdoo just has a different style. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerald Ingram and Flaherty go too.

  7. Pope already said he isn’t retiring and Ingram has been let go too. Flaherty and Gillbride Jr are now on the hot seat.

  8. McAdoo was a hot commodity. He surely made it part of his deal to bring in who he wants. After all, his future as a NFL head coach rides heavily on what he does over the next few years. No way he risks that without making his own position coach decisions. Everyone screamed for Gilbrides head and changes to be made. You are getting what you asked for. Let’s see what the young OC is up too before saying it is a bad move.

  9. Shocker, thought if one coach was safe it was him. Thanks coach for making silk purses out of sows’ ears for so long….

  10. Maurysline

    I don’t think Giants fans are mad, they are just a bit surprised because Pope has been such a good coach for such a long time. But yes, when you make a hire like this, sometimes good men lose their jobs.

    Im kind of feeling that somebody in the Giants organization has already let McAdoo know that if he succeeds in the next 2 years he’ll be the Giants next coach in 2016. He gets that job, he’ll be with the Giants for a decade at least.

  11. like one of the posters said the new OC was a te coach for years so hes got his own ways.

    also def agree with the fact that this move was done also with hope this will be your future coach in a few years if he succeeds.

  12. Bavaro, Shockey, Boss, Ballard, Bennett (sans Meyers) The guy was one of the best TE coaches. I hate to see him go but you have to understand if a new OC comes in he wants “his guys”. Thank you for all your years of service to Big Blue. You will be missed.

  13. From Pope to Poop. It can happen in the bat of an eye and most of us that have been on this planet long enough have been through it.

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