John Dorsey: Eric Fisher needs to get bigger and stronger

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The Chiefs selected Eric Fisher with the first overall pick in last year’s draft and then installed him at right tackle after attempts to trade left tackle Branden Albert led nowhere.

Fisher, who played left tackle at Central Michigan, struggled early in the year and dealt with injuries, although his work improved as the season progressed. General Manager John Dorsey said that he’d still take Fisher first overall and that they’re “banking” on Fisher in his second NFL season.

Albert is set to become a free agent in March, which could mean a position switch is in store for Fisher. Dorsey wasn’t sharing the team’s specific plans for either tackle spot, but did share what he and Fisher think will be a top offseason priority for the tackle.

“He understands that he’s got an offseason to get bigger and stronger,” Dorsey said, via the Kansas City Star. “Size will help him a little bit. … I think he can gain 15 or 20 pounds. I think he can [weigh] 315 to 320 [pounds]. That’s a big deal.”

Getting stronger isn’t going to hurt Fisher at either tackle spot, so he can move ahead on that front while the Chiefs sort things out with Albert and figure out how 2013’s top pick will fit into the offense.

16 responses to “John Dorsey: Eric Fisher needs to get bigger and stronger

  1. He played like a rookie for most of the year, but I think with some extra weight and having a year of experience under his belt, he should improve quite a bit next season.

  2. Its hard to guage if a player will develop into his hype as the first pick. But he does seem to have the talent; can he live up to it? However, besides Qb, the LT is a very important position and is often over paid, because of the demand. Only time will tell.

  3. KC overthought it. He’s one inch taller than Luke. Luke is so much stronger and more polished. Too bad he didn’t get to spend a lot of time on the field this year–definitely the worst moment on the field for the Jags this year–but he’ll be back and stay at left tackle until his name is in the Pride of the Jaguars!

  4. Didn’t that fat Poe guy take a year or two til he became a beast?

    Always wait a year or two to label a dude a bust.

    (PS – David “Bahktiari” is the best tackle!)

  5. Smells like a mid west version of the Robert Gallery Raiders’ pick – dominant left tackles : Jonathan Ogden, Joe Thomas, Tony Boselli take over from day 1 – more likely another Andy Reid overvalue of an OL but time will tell

  6. Not trading Albert last year was totally Kansas Cities fault. They were asking too much for him, and they knew it. They were just gambling that a team would be desperate enough to fold to their demands. Another lost gamble for Kansas City. If they seek to trade him this year, you’ll see the asking price go way down.

  7. The report on Fisher before and as he was drafted was ‘Not as polished as Joekel, but a much higher ceiling and upside’. We got exactly that this year, so give him some time to get polished. If he doesn’t show marked improvement from year 1 to 2, THEN we can start talking about possible bust.

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