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Report: Vikings, Norv Turner “close” to agreement


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh channelled Johnny Cash this week when he said that the 49ers have “been everywhere” over the last few seasons.

Norv Turner doesn’t wear all black, but he may also identify with Cash’s tune after working for eight different teams in nine different stops over the course of his NFL coaching career. It looks like he’ll be adding another team to the list.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Turner is “close” to an agreement to become the offensive coordinator on new coach Mike Zimmer’s first staff in Minnesota. The Vikings’ interest in Turner was initially reported on Wednesday, shortly after Zimmer agreed to become the head coach.

One of Turner’s biggest jobs in Minnesota will be the identification/development of a quarterback who can lead the team more effectively than the Christian Ponder/Matt Cassel/Josh Freeman trio did in 2013. Adrian Peterson should feel good about the success running backs have had in Turner’s offenses over the years, although the lack of a better option at quarterback would hamstring the offense even with another strong year for Peterson.

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31 Responses to “Report: Vikings, Norv Turner “close” to agreement”
  1. pillowporkers says: Jan 16, 2014 8:32 AM

    Can’t wait. Adrian Peterson and the rest of the offense should be excited. Johnny Football lovers, I hate to tell you but this most likely means the Vikings won’t be drafting him, barring Norval seriously changing his scheme. I wasn’t the biggest Derek Carr fan, but if Norval comes in, his arm talent would certainly fit nicely into this run heavy, vertical passing offense.

  2. cjnbsc says: Jan 16, 2014 8:33 AM

    Norv is the classic example of bad head coach but still a great OC. This is a good move.

  3. cm2006 says: Jan 16, 2014 8:39 AM

    Turner likes “Aikmanish” qb acc to Peter King

    so Vikings will draft a traditional dropback passer I would guess

  4. purpleman527 says: Jan 16, 2014 8:39 AM

    I like it !

    Turner has had good success as an offensive coordinator.

    Maybe the tide is finally turning in Minnesota’s favor.

  5. jimmysee says: Jan 16, 2014 8:41 AM

    Norv is a good choice. He’s almost head coach material — so should be able to run the offense working with a defense-minded HC.

    And that comment is from a Packers fan.

    Now the Vikings need a general manager and scouts who can consistently recognize and draft talent, not scrubs.

  6. kevin7777777 says: Jan 16, 2014 8:44 AM

    Norv as the new OC would be a great hire by the Vikes.

  7. vikesfan says: Jan 16, 2014 8:45 AM

    Definitely an upgrade.

  8. vikesdynasty says: Jan 16, 2014 8:56 AM


  9. nickynick04 says: Jan 16, 2014 8:58 AM

    The Vikings are a wreck
    Good luck fixing that mess.

    They ll struggle to be at. 500

  10. purplepillager says: Jan 16, 2014 8:59 AM

    Norv certainly has experience but his offensive statistics/rankings are not always the greatest. His best years as offensive coordinator occurred while he was in Dallas in the early 90’s. Since then, while he’s been an OC, his rankings are pretty average. As a Vikings fan, I don’t think we can do much worse than Musgrave as OC. Hopefully, Turner can incorporate downfield passing into the game plan. Also, he’ll have some firepower in Peterson, Patterson, and Rudolph.

  11. catfish252 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:00 AM

    That should finish them

  12. trhode1 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:00 AM

    One feather in the cap after another for the Vikings! #MNziel here we come!

  13. pjrhc says: Jan 16, 2014 9:01 AM

    Has any coach been moved around more than Norv? I haven’t seen his offenses impress anyone lately (since Dallas mid-90s), but he keeps getting jobs.

  14. skoltwincities says: Jan 16, 2014 9:03 AM


  15. jcmeyer10 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:06 AM

    I want the Vikings to be on Hard Knocks so bad next year. I want to see Zimm as the head coach.

  16. jcmeyer10 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:10 AM

    He has the experience necessary to work with Patterson to just get him the darn ball and let him run.

  17. arronteviking719 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:30 AM

    Yes this is what we need. Derek Carr is pretty good and has a strong arm.

  18. elliottcovert says: Jan 16, 2014 9:33 AM

    I can’t wait to see what he does with Adrian Peterson!

  19. filthymcnasty1 says: Jan 16, 2014 9:42 AM

    Nice hire. Norv was very successful back in the 90s.

  20. PriorKnowledge says: Jan 16, 2014 9:45 AM

    Although Norv was a mediocre head coach, he is a great offensive coordinator. This will be a great hire for Minnesota. Give them some of the success of the Fran years.

  21. operations666 says: Jan 16, 2014 10:21 AM

    Norval has more lives then a cat, I swear!

  22. logicaldawg says: Jan 16, 2014 10:21 AM

    No good reason why Chud, Norv and Horton shouldn’t be coaching the Browns next season.

  23. bassplucker says: Jan 16, 2014 10:34 AM

    Keep in mind that for the next 2 years the Vikings will go from a minimum of 9 games a year indoors, to a minimum of 10 games a year OUTDOORS including what are bound to be some brutally cold late season tilts at TCF Stadium. They will need to adopt an identity and offensive philosophy much more aligned with the Steelers or Giants than the Lions or Saints.

    Given that reality, the hiring of a highly experienced OC who has coached a broad range of talent under virtually every kind of playing conditions, seems to be a smart move.

  24. darkneptune73 says: Jan 16, 2014 10:50 AM

    Hopefully Turner doesn’t pull a Lazor on the Vikings and sign with another team.

  25. purpleguy says: Jan 16, 2014 12:17 PM

    An experienced O-coordinator was essential — good move. Again, without a QB, Norv’s job will be tough.

  26. glenne81 says: Jan 16, 2014 2:11 PM

    Give Norv Cassel maybe even Freeman or Ponder and he will improve the production. Its a no-brainer.

  27. jaialaicharger says: Jan 16, 2014 2:31 PM

    “Adrian Peterson should feel good about the success running backs have had in Turner’s offenses over the years, although the lack of a better option at quarterback would hamstring the offense even with another strong year for Peterson.

    yeah, ask LT how that went.
    I feel bad for AP. This is the beginning of the end for him.
    The game has moved past Turner.

  28. frank booth says: Jan 16, 2014 3:19 PM

    Norv Turner was a “great” offensive coordinator with the Cowboys from 91-93. Then again, with Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and one of the best offensive lines in the history of the NFL, it would be pretty hard not to be.

    His last good year as an OC was in 2002 with Miami.

    Following that, he’s had 3 more stints as OC. 2003 with Miami, 2006 with SF, and 2013 with Cleveland. None of those were successful.

    If you look at where his offenses have been following his tenure with the Cowboys, as both an OC and a head coach, his offenses have averaged 17th in the league.

    There’s a reason why he’s bounced around the league and that he’s available this late in the game. It’s not like anyone is banging down the door to get him, and it’s not like he’s some untested genius with huge upside.

  29. tklind says: Jan 16, 2014 3:22 PM

    If we get Turner as OC, I think this will give the Vikings an excellent pair of coaches. Zimmer as head coach and defensive genius and Turner as an offensive genius. Also, I think our much maligned General Manager, Rick Spielman deserves credit for this. Go Vikes.

  30. teamnorsecore says: Jan 16, 2014 6:12 PM

    Once again, Pack fans “know it all” because of the team they choose to cheer for. Laughable. Does it really matter who the Vikings hire for any coaching position to those East of the river? Whomever is hired it is “wrong” and a “horrible” choice.

  31. sadlyoptimisticmn says: Jan 17, 2014 4:08 PM

    For a Viking fan to say we are instant Super Bowl contenders due to hiring Zimmer / Turner would be a little bit foolish.

    But, it’s equally as foolish for a Packer fan to suggest we didn’t just improve dramatically because of these hires.

    Let’s see how they play out, but I have a good feeling Viking fans have a lot to look forward to in 2014 and beyond.

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