Never mind Manning, Brady’s 7-0 against Jack Del Rio

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Tom Brady always begins deflecting questions about other quarterbacks by saying he doesn’t play against other quarterbacks.

Since he focuses on the other defense, the omen this week is a good one.

According to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post, Brady is a perfect 7-0 against defenses coached by Jack Del Rio, including his time as Broncos coordinator and Jaguars head coach.

That includes a pair of playoff wins over the Jaguars in 2005 and 2007.

In those seven games, Brady is 171-of-235 passing (73 percent) for 1,771 yards, 17 touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s a passer rating of 121.1 against Del Rio, which must give him nightmares.

“I just think [Brady] is a good player and prepares hard,” Del Rio said. “They do a nice job with their schemes and he’s an accurate passer. He’s a smart guy, a competitive guy.”

He then likely muttered many words under his breath which we can’t print here at our family website.

The most glaring example was the most recent, coming back from a 24-0 halftime deficit to beat the Broncos in the regular season meeting.

“When you’re up 24-0, we’ve just got to find a way to step on their throat and just put them away,” Denver defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said. “We didn’t do that. If we’re in the same position again, we’ve just got to finish better.”

And beating Brady once would be a good start for Del Rio.

20 responses to “Never mind Manning, Brady’s 7-0 against Jack Del Rio

  1. Wow. That’s an overwhelming stat. Had the pleasure of watching both men play their high school football here in the Bay Area. Del Rio a Hayward High Cowboy and Brady a Serra High Padre. Bay Area for the win!

  2. Terrible coach.Got to watch his antics up close in Jville….fired assistants left and right,arrogant,etc…As a Jets fan,I can say this is Rich Kotite part#2.But he’s a member of the fraterity,despite his obvious incompetence,will always have a job.

  3. This will Be a factor. I threw these stats out before the last game and Bronco fans came on here and said “it doesn’t matter”and Brady dropped 350 yards on them . Now Denver’s best DB is out there best pass rusher is out. NE’s O line is a lot better than the Chargers and NE has 2 good running backs. Don’t be surprised if NE wins this one too.

  4. I believe it was the 2005 season where Belichick threw the last game of the year in order to play the Jaguars (and Del Rio) instead of a team that was a lower seed but he deemed a more difficult road to the SB. The Pats beat Del Rio 28-3 before losing to Denver the following week.

  5. .

    Past performances by different teams from different years will be irrelevant to Sunday’s outcome. That includes Peyton Manning’s previous playoff outings.


  6. Can’t understand any hate for Del Rio. His Jaguar teams of the mid 00’s were competitive. They played mean but were well disclipined. I feel the Del Rio probably prescribes to a dated brand of football, but his teams had no achilles heel.
    There’s no shame in the losses to the Patriots he’s accumulated. In most of them Brady was at top form and the engine of their offense. Today that’s not the case and the Patriots offense resembles some of the AFC South teams or that 07 Steelers that Del Rios Jaguar defense looked dominant against.
    We’ll just have to see. Imo it really is about Brady v Manning

  7. Baltimore, Pittsburgh and even Cleveland have piled up quite a few wins against him. The Giants seem to do OK. They usually press-cover his receivers, and send pressure at him over the center. Unlike guys like Kaepernick and Roethlisberger, Brady always wilts with pressure in his face.

    It’s not all that hard. Brady just ends up playing most of his games against the bottom of the barrel each year. Starting with the AFC Least division that he’s in.

    Look at Buffalo – went out and spent $100 million on Mario Williams to combat Brady. Williams is an edge rusher – Brady has no problem with the edge rush, or with blitzes from the edge. Waste of $100 million dollars, and several more years down the drain.

    If you can collapse the middle of the pocket, the Pats whole play-book goes out the window. All of their cute little zone-read runs rely on room up the middle. They can’t handle defenses that attack you old-style up the middle of the o-line, and with pressure on the receivers – throws off Brady’s timing. Brady is just like Manning – all about timing. He can’t improvise near as well as Roethlisberger or Eli Manning. Throw his timing off and put pressure in his face and you’ve got him beat.

  8. My beef with Del Rio is in watching one of his DBs getting lit up (Jammer in the playoff game with Chargers) and not changing the scheme to put a safety over the top–or something to help an obviously-out-of-his-league Jammer against Rivers. Same when we played NE the first time. Del Rio failed to compensate when we lost Cromartie at the half. We lost the NE game and if not for an amazing catch on 3rd & 17, who knows how the Chargers game would have turned out.

    HOWEVER … with all that said (and Del Rio has to take some of the blame), if Peyton & Co. had “simply” kept scoring, the defensive play would have been moot. It is, as they say, a team sport.

  9. Brady and the Pats offense against the Broncos D is the key to the game. Manning is going to score points, but I don’t think it will be enough if the D isn’t able to slow the Pats’ offense.

    Just like every other QB, Brady does not deal well with pressure. However, getting to Brady is always easier said than done. You can try blitzing, but again if you don’t get there he is going to torch you. He is great at making quick reads and going to the hot receiver. In addition, his blitz protection is also usually very good.

  10. I don’t understand all the QB hype. One QB has the most playoff wins in history, while the other has the most playoff loses in history. So why all the hype?
    Because anyone with a football mind knows that Brady wasn’t sole responsible for each and every playoff win, just as Manning wasn’t sole responsible for each and every playoff loss.
    Football is the Ultimate Team sport, and to attach a win/loss record onto a QB is ludicrous.
    Vince Young: 31-19.

  11. “Baltimore, Pittsburgh and even Cleveland have piled up quite a few wins against him. The Giants seem to do OK. They usually press-cover his receivers, and send pressure at him over the center. Unlike guys like Kaepernick and Roethlisberger, Brady always wilts with pressure in his face.”

    Given that people believe in angels and divine intervention, I guess a fanatic could believe the above drivel. No, there is no Kryptonite to sap Brady’s powers. The quarterback with the highest winning percentage in NFL history is back in the AFC Championship, one win away from the Super Bowl.

  12. This game is very personal for Del Rio as well as Fox and Manning and Welker. However Del Rio has been petty and testy in the past with his comments. For some reason he has a Jones for Brady but he’ll never admit it.

  13. I picked Patriots and Seahawks to go to Super Bowl at the first of the year – and although they have struggled, they are still there – so as for the teams that weren’t there all year “but are getting better” – good luck to you.
    As for the Broncos – no QB likes to get hit, but Manning really, really doesn’t like to get hit – don’t want him to get hurt by any means, but a few quick sacks in 1st quarter will throw him off.
    Kap gives it a quick look and then runs, not sure that’s gonna work against the Seahawks, Wilson keeps his composure no matter what.

    We’ll see tomorrow – but I’m staying with Patriots and Seahawks!! As for the Super Bowl – think I’m just gonna watch that one 🙂

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