Down goes the Metrodome (roof)


As stadium implosions go, this one wasn’t all that memorable.  Still, it’s always fun to watch stuff getting torn down, and on Saturday the roof at the Metrodome was deflated for good. has time-lapse video of the next step toward dismantling the Metrodome.  Fittingly, the development comes one day after the 15th anniversary of one of the most deflating losses the Vikings ever suffered there, 30-27 in overtime of the 1998 NFC title game against the Falcons.

And, yes, the unintended wrecking of the roof in late 2010 remains far more interesting than the deliberate one.

That wasn’t the only time the roof came down.  It also happened in late 1982, only a couple days before Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett deflated the Vikings defense with a 99-yard touchdown run on Monday Night Football.

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  1. This marks the day where the Vikings dynasty first started.

    After winning multiple superbowl rings, we will officially be the most decorated franchise of any sport.

  2. The Metrodump is officially gone.

    We will soon have the most gorgeous stadium in the NFL.

    Isn’t it fitting that the best team in the NFL will have the best stadium?

  3. Deja Vu.

    It’s a bit cruel to get Vikings fans’ hopes up that a new stadium will equal a championship team. It won’t happen. The Vikings will continue to suck in their new home, and will always be the Green Bay Packers’ annoying little brother.

  4. What’s funny how it’s mentioned that Tony Dorsett inflated them with the 99 yard run. Didn’t the Vikings WIN that game?

  5. So the lavender Larry toads are tearing down a symbol of their abject failure and replacing it with a monument to their stupidity. Well, it’s minnysoda so what else do you expect?

  6. Hey pftpoet, I hear that the new stadium is over-budget. So to save money they have eliminated the trophy room, they won’t be needing it anyway.

  7. Jan 18, 2014 9:52 PM
    Fill it with water!!

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    And soon after add packer fans..

  8. Blah blah blah
    Blame the stadium
    Get new coaches
    Face the facts, the Vikings have the Lombardi curse!!
    They will never win unless Vince himself removes the curse!
    Sucks to b purple, but at least you have prince!!

  9. Good riddance.

    Yes, there were some good times. Randy Moss’ rookie year, seeing Brett Favre have his beast season there, guys like John Randle and Cris Carter playing the primes of their careers there.

    But the Vikings franchise is ready for change. The Bud Grant years were great, but that was a generation ago. Onward with a Mike Zimmer, a new franchise QB, and a new home.

  10. Dang, that was some boring video! Watching a sheet fall on a bed after snapping is more interesting and takes a fraction of the time of this time-lapse video.

  11. That was a waste of time. 3 minutes that I’ll never get back. I’m talking the Spielmann press conference. And the bubble deflation yawner sucked too. Pro sports in this state is a bad joke!

  12. However, this doesn’t match how DEFLATED our chubby packer fans were again this year…they still haven’t left their mommy’s grasp…lol.

  13. Why didn’t they just give the Sconnies who shot up Lamblo a couple years ago a twelve pack and a few boxes of ammo, problem solved!

  14. Once again, on this day of championship football, the Vikings are firmly planted in the consciousness of Pack fans everywhere as they give us grief about our shiny new stadium in attempt to forget that corporate sponsors had to buy out their playoff game.

  15. “Hey Der! Dat place was da best fer watchin de game. Nuttin’ like it. Almost as like catchin’ a guud eatin’ fish, eh?”

    – Newspaper article quoting a typical Viking fan’s reaction to the demise of the old stadium.

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