Louisiana woman filed unrelated complaint against Sharper last year

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As we await more facts regarding the allegations of sexual assault pending against former NFL safety and current NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper in California, word has emerged of an unrelated incident in Louisiana from 2013.

According to WDSU.com, a Louisiana woman filed a sexual assault complaint against Sharper last year, accusing him of criminal misconduct.

“The NOPD is investigating an allegation of sexual assault filed against Darren Sharper,” the New Orleans Police Department told WDSU.com in a statement.  “As with every case alleging sexual assault, information gathered is extremely sensitive and the top priority of the detectives is to protect the person who filed the complaint.  Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, we cannot provide additional information at this time.”

Citing unnamed sources, WDSU.com reports that sources incident between Sharper and the alleged victim occurred at a private residence in New Orleans’ Warehouse District.

Sharper is due in court on February 14 in connection with his arrest for suspicion of rape arising from two separate incidents in California.

37 responses to “Louisiana woman filed unrelated complaint against Sharper last year

  1. This would shed light on NFL Network’s quick suspension after the latest charges, since I’m sure they already were aware of this previous ongoing investigation.

  2. Never liked him on NFLN, he was one of the reasons that I stopped watching. Him and Heath Evans.

    You can bet that the complaints will now begin to pile up fro other women because you know, if he did it now, he’s done it in the past.

    I hope they throw this idiot in prison for a long, long time.

  3. Rape is absolutely nothing to joke about, but it’s kinda hard to believe with some athletes. I don’t know who files rape chargers months or weeks after the fact. She maybe seen him on tv, had a bad break up, or found out by word of mouth. If guilty, he will feel the pain in jail.

  4. Damn, haven’t you people ever heard the expression INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty? Cause we’ve never heard of anyone being falsely accused of this have we! I’m a fan of his and if he is guilty, I say throw the book at him but how about we don’t throw him under the bus until we know all the facts and also how about we let the judge and jury do the trying and convicting.

  5. The NFL has already taken stiffer action against sharper than it ever took against that fat guy in Pittsburgh who attempts to play the QB position. I wonder why?

  6. Of course all these gold diggers seeking a payday are gonna crawl out of the woodwork now. They suffer no repercussions from crying wolf and often get away with slandering innocent athletes. See: Brian Banks, Duke Lacrosse team, Michael Crabtree, Jameis Winston, etc.

  7. Of course all these gold diggers seeking a payday are gonna crawl out of the woodwork now. They suffer no repercussions from crying wolf and often get away with slandering innocent athletes. See: Brian Banks, Duke Lacrosse team, Michael Crabtree, Jameis Winston, etc.

  8. Two separate incidents in CA.
    One in LA.
    Third times a charm!

    Who can’t get some in N.O.?
    Enjoy the stares, looks of disgust and deserved ridicule.

  9. Just a note,
    Two different types of courts, a court of law and the court of public opinion.
    Innocent until proven guilty only applies to a court of law.

  10. Not feeling the charges here in CA. If you know where the NFLN studios are then you know its groupie central.

    The popular hangout for the folks at Sony and NFLN is at BJ’s Brewery and Lucille’s at Fox Hills Mall. It’s a virtual bonanza for guys looking for a side piece and women looking for that meal ticket.

    Instead of being keyboard judge and jury I will do the prudent thing and wait until ALL the tales are told.

  11. Darren did alot for us on our superbowl run to miami…i hope hes innocent but with the accusations i dont know…hate to hear this…WHO DAT

  12. Fools act like football players dont get extorted. Prime example Brian Banks let the man get proven guilty if he is before you blab your mouths.

  13. @vbe2

    You don’t like him on the network so you hope he goes to prison for a long time? He will have his day in court. I’m not saying he’s innocent but there aren’t a whole lot of facts floating around yet. Let the man have his day in court before he is convicted in the public eye.

  14. Innocent until proven guilty? Where was this sentiment for Riley Cooper?
    Throw Sharper to the wolves, any man that has to force himself on a woman is a total loser IMO and deserves to be thrown away for life.

  15. @ bostonian13

    People file rape charges weeks, months, and even longer after incidents because rape is traumatic, often difficult to process, sometimes results in feelings of guilt and shame, and because when it is reported, people call women “gold diggers” and our culture tends to blame female victims of sexual assault (e.g., “she was asking for it,” which is never, ever a reason).

    I would argue that out society and law some enforcement officers needs to do a better job creating an atmosphere where victims and alleged victims are better supported and these incidents are better prevented. Clearly when posts like this have comments criticizing women who may be showing bravery and courage are demeaned, out society has a long way to go.

  16. i’m not one to say he’s guilty until the facts come out, but i am very glad to have him off the air. This guy is so annoying! All he is is a yapp yapp yapper. ( Which DOESN’T mean you have any insight whatsoever). I’d rather hear a soft spoken person with a genuine love for the game and insight like a LaDanian Thomlinson any day of the week.

  17. Give me a guy with heart like LaDanian Tomlinson, Bryant Young, or Priest Holmes any day over a loudmouth like Sharper or Evans.

  18. Tomlinson is horrible. Heath Evans said Zimmer is replacing the fired Schwartz. Really. Irvin and Sapp have to go too.

  19. Innocent until proven guilty usually I say again usually works out in court. But when your a public figure the court of public opinion had far less standards.

  20. I love the guy bringing up racist Riley Cooper to say why he thinks Sharper is automatically guilty, lol. You might want to take those black and white colored glasses off, and maybe you’ll be able to see the world a little bit better because when you’re bringing up a piece of scum yelling out racial slurs to make your point, you have some bigger issues to deal with

  21. There isn’t a decent player analyst on that network save for Kurt Warner and Eric Davis. They have logic to their answers. The coaches- Billick and Mooch are okay. But guys like Heath Evans are nothing more than ego-centric loquacious know it alls that add nothing to the conversation.

  22. “Innocent until proven guilty? Where was this sentiment for Riley Cooper?”

    What? I don’t think anyone thought Riley Cooper was a racist until he was seen on videotape yelling racist things. I think he got the presumption of innocence for a long time.

    Feel free to try to come up with some twisted justification as to why what Riley Cooper did wasn’t racist.

  23. Three victims in separate instances strongly suggests this guy has a serious problem. I’d be cautious saying anything if it were one isolated incident. It’s not.

  24. I’m a big believer in the where there’s smoke there’s fire approach. On one hand I find it weird that there’s all this piling on, on the other hand I still want to wait for the facts

    I’m still suspicious of Big Ben as well but again, I’ll wait for the facts. It just seems strange

  25. How many concussions did he register? You know that’s coming. Also this man is supposedly single and sought after by the womenz. He doesn’t sound very cautious considering there are two prior unresolved events already.

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