Report: Jahvid Best joining Cal’s coaching staff

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Former Lions running back Jahvid Best is reportedly giving coaching a shot.

Via CollegeFootballTalk, Best will be joining California’s coaching staff and attending classes at the school in 2014, according to

According to, Best will “likely be used in a student assistant role” on the Cal staff.

Concussions altered the course of Best’s NFL career. He has not played in an NFL game since October 16, 2011, six days after a splendid performance in a win vs. Chicago on “Monday Night Football.” After missing the rest of the 2011 season, Best wasn’t cleared to return in 2012, and the Lions released him in July.

The 24-year-old Best played at Cal from 2007 through 2009 before declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft. He was a first-round pick of the Lions.

17 responses to “Report: Jahvid Best joining Cal’s coaching staff

  1. Good luck, I hope nothing long term issues come about from his concussions.

    It does seem weird that the Lions have had no luck using quite a few 1st and 2nd round picks on RBs but none ever panned out.

  2. Best is a class act. He had freakish injuries unfortunately. I’m glad to see he’s going back to finish his degree and teach some of the young guys about his famous work ethic and moves.

  3. He was fun to watch. Here’s wishing him good luck his in coaching career and no long-term effects from his concussions.

  4. Something I’m curious about is whether a player like Best, who didn’t play long enough for an NFL pension is in any way compensated in the coming settlement.

  5. @gbfanforever

    I believe the Lions Organization did keep him on the roster for the minimum requirement to get a pension. Classy move.

  6. gbfan, that’s a good question although Best will qualify for a pension because he was technically on the roster until August 2013. They never said it but my assumption was that the lions FO kept him on as long as they did so he would get the pension.

  7. Good for him. Glad to see that he managed to make something good out of a bad situation. I hate to see anyone’s career end before it even starts just because of some injury. Hopefully coaching works out for him.

  8. A lot of folks blasted Mayhew for taking a shot on Best, but I, for one really liked the pick. Hate to go down the “what could have been” path, but that talent was undeniable. He was fantastic in his brief career.

    Best wishes for fulfillment in your new endeavor dude.

  9. It’s said that the Lions kept him on their roster for at least a year longer than they had to, just so he could accumulate more time towards an NFL pension.

    If true, then the Lions deserve some credit for doing him a solid.

  10. shaggytoodle says: Jan 18, 2014 5:13 PM

    It does seem weird that the Lions have had no luck using quite a few 1st and 2nd round picks on RBs but none ever panned out.

    Well, if you don’t count for Barry Sanders

  11. I will echo the other posts … best of luck to the young man and kudos to the lions and the ford family if they did indeed keep him around long enough to collect his pension.

  12. Smart move. I applaud his decision to not risk his long term future health. The risk badly outweigh the rewards. Best of luck to Jahvid!

  13. I also liked the Lions giving him a shot. It’s a shame that things went the way he did because he was lightning in a bottle. He was probably the fastest RB the Lions have ever had.

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