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Broncos take 13-3 lead into halftime

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The Patriots defense has given up a lot of yards through the first two quarters of the AFC Championship Game, but the Broncos have only turned them into 13 points.

Peyton Manning has thrown for 214 yards and hit all six of his passes on a drive just before halftime that got off to a promising start with two Demaryius Thomas catches that totaled 53 yards, but the Patriots defense tightened near the red zone and the Broncos had to settle for a 13-3 halftime lead. The Broncos have done just about everything right offensively, including five third down conversions, but the lack of touchdowns could come back to haunt them.

The Broncos have rolled up 270 yards overall to just 119 for the Patriots, which pretty much tells the story of how this first half has gone for the two offenses. The Patriots had a pair of drives into Denver territory, but had to punt after a penalty on the first and settled for a field goal of their own after a Robert Ayers sack stymied their second trip onto the Broncos’ side of the field.

Tom Brady was 9-of-15 for 114 yards in the first half and the running game hasn’t been nearly as effective as it was against the Colts last week. That speaks well of the job being done by defensive tackles Terrance Knighton and Sylvester Williams, while Brady’s going to need to be more accurate in the second half after missing some open receivers through the first 30 minutes.

The Patriots may also need to find a way to slow Thomas without cornerback Aqib Talib available. He’s still being called questionable to return with a rib injury, but went back to the locker room after a brief return to the sideline in the second quarter. The Broncos exploited his absence on the way to their final 10 points of the half and more of the same would make it hard for the Patriots to find the spark they need to pull off a second comeback against the Broncos this season.

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32 Responses to “Broncos take 13-3 lead into halftime”
  1. The League's Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says: Jan 19, 2014 4:36 PM

    Manning is a machine.

  2. leatherface2012 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:37 PM

    well at 530 central its gb vs seattle. did rodgers throw for 55 tds?

  3. lanman11 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:39 PM

    The difference is the pick plays. Denver runs them with impunity. Pats flagged and taken out of scoring range. This is common for Manning teams.

  4. realnflmaster says: Jan 19, 2014 4:39 PM

    No video cameras, another big game loss.

    Manning > Brady and it’s not even close. New Cheatland has been irrelevant since 2004. Nothing of significance for the last decade.

  5. jbaxt says: Jan 19, 2014 4:40 PM

    Denver’s line holds more than I think I’ve ever seen in football. It’s one thing for manning to finish his career on top but the refs just flat ignoring the constant holding is awful.

  6. lanman11 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:41 PM

    Has anyone looked at the play that hurt Talib? Welker came off his route and went straight at Talib and picked him, but worse, he dove at Talibs hip which be knew was injured. Very dirty play. Wow.

  7. the8man says: Jan 19, 2014 4:46 PM

    Broncos D and their offensive line doing the job.

  8. jbaxt says: Jan 19, 2014 4:49 PM

    3 minutes onto the 2nd half and the Broncos continue to set illegal picks and block defenders when the balls in the air. Why play the game if the refs are just going to give it to them?

  9. bigdaddy44 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:52 PM

    Why is it that Denver has committed an illegal picks all year long and never get called on it? Because Denver knows the refs won’t throw a flag on every play, and as everyone knows it’s Peyton’s league. Their opponents get called on it on a regular basis.

  10. doe22us says: Jan 19, 2014 4:53 PM

    Never in my life have i ever seen such a patient QB like Manning, wow talk about patience i will take what the D gives me truly remarkable if you ask me..

  11. cantonbound13 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:53 PM


  12. craniator says: Jan 19, 2014 4:55 PM

    Just send the Pats home ; that’s all we care about.

  13. katejake says: Jan 19, 2014 4:55 PM

    As a Charger fan I hope Manning wins the whole thing. Then maybe he’ll think,this is it I’m going out a champ and retire.

  14. crabtrap says: Jan 19, 2014 4:55 PM

    So glad Tom “Whiner” Brady is going to lose this game.

  15. tmdill18 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:56 PM

    Buy bye, NE lmao. Brady chokes on 2 wide open receivers. One was for a sure TD. Whose the choker now?

  16. arwiv says: Jan 19, 2014 4:56 PM

    Can someone please tell the pats D that the game started at 3:30?

    I don’t like either team but I hate looking at a blowout in the playoffs.

  17. denverfandownsouth says: Jan 19, 2014 4:58 PM

    You’re welcome to play the game and quit your complaining.

  18. indywilson40 says: Jan 19, 2014 4:58 PM

    Every team in the league sets picks, and blocking is legal when ball is caught behind the line of scrimmage. Sour grapes bud.

  19. denverfandownsouth says: Jan 19, 2014 4:59 PM

    But manning chokes?

  20. cactusdildo says: Jan 19, 2014 5:00 PM

    Patriots fans are already complaining about the calls and the game isn’t even over. The refs have called a good game. Just do happens your cb got injured on one that wasnt.

  21. randomguy9999 says: Jan 19, 2014 5:00 PM

    Broncs running well and up by 3 scores with a quarter and a half left.. looking bleak for the Pats…

  22. kkalama1 says: Jan 19, 2014 5:01 PM

    Lol the Colts would have been a better match up

  23. doctorrustbelt says: Jan 19, 2014 5:02 PM

    tom brady will be screaming at referees and blaming wide receivers soon.

  24. russellwilsonismymvp says: Jan 19, 2014 5:04 PM

    Pats D stinks.

  25. sdboltaction says: Jan 19, 2014 5:06 PM

    Step it up Pats, or you could be sending potato head to the big show to get smashed by the 49ers…

  26. tedmurph says: Jan 19, 2014 5:16 PM

    I remember blaming the WRs. Like the Cincy fan that kept posting all yr that Dalton would be a great QB if only he had decent 2nd and 3rs WRs. Joke.

  27. zhawk12 says: Jan 19, 2014 5:16 PM

    Boring game except for Peyton’s mastery…Omaha!

  28. tmdill18 says: Jan 19, 2014 5:17 PM

    Crying NE fans. Brady missing wide open receivers. Brady can’t outrun a 350 lb nose tackle. Belicheat imploring his def coordinator to do something. Friggin priceless!!

  29. billneftleberg says: Jan 19, 2014 5:20 PM

    Ever since the Patriots Got caught cheating, they cant win a big game…. 3 cheat bowls and none since

  30. tommikula says: Jan 19, 2014 5:23 PM

    You idiots talk about Manning or Brady choking??? Both of these guys are great, but you can’t talk about your team’s QB now because they are annually playing golf right now. Plus what does it matter to them, they made more in this one game than all of you in your lives combined.

  31. tmdill18 says: Jan 19, 2014 5:25 PM

    Brady missing 2 wide open receivers, with one of them a sure TD. Pats fans whining about referees. Manning wiping up the field with the Pats. Belicheat imploring his def coordinator to do something. Friggin priceless!!

  32. doctorrustbelt says: Jan 19, 2014 5:55 PM

    That’s some Omaha Chow-dah ! ! !

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