Colin Kaepernick running wild as 49ers go up 10-0


The 49ers haven’t been consistent throwing the ball, but they might not need to.

With quarterback Colin Kaepernick already rushing for 101 yards (including a 58-yard scamper), the 49ers are out to a 10-0 lead on the Seahawks.

Anthony Dixon just dove in for a fourth-down score (after Frank Gore’s dive for a ruled touchdown was overturned on review), but it was Kaepernick’s legs that moved them into position.

His stats aren’t an accident, as they’ve called runs for him on a pair of third downs so far.

So at the moment, the fact he’s passed for 15 yards isn’t a big deal, considering the Seahawks have managed just 34 yards of their own.

But the 49ers do have issues, as left guard Mike Iupati just went down on the touchdown run, and was helped off the field.

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  1. I still can’t wait to hear the delusional Seagirl fans defend the Percy Harvin trade.

    He’s sure helping your nonexistent offense by sitting on the bench.



  2. They’re doing a pretty great job shutting Lynch down. If Seattle wants to win it will be Wilson who has to do it.

  3. @jmblosser92

    Cordarelle Patterson <—- who's in the Pro bowl his rookie season.

    Xavier Rhodes <—— who's showed signs as a shutdown CB

    And a 3rd round pick next year.

    Plus we didn't have to waste 10 million a player who sits on the bench.

    I think we won the trade buddy.

  4. Niners looking good. Need more passes called on 1st down. Hawks are sitting on the run on 1st. Two passes called on 1st down and both drops by an open Boldin.

    He’ll catch em if they start throwing on 1st

  5. Seriously…Maybe the 49ers should draft a qb this year and pair him with their pro bowl rb Krapernik

  6. (posted earlier)

    Late game: Take SF +3.5 and UNDER (40)

    DEFENSE. This will be a grind but the SF offense has more to grind with.

    Kaepernick’s running will make the difference.

    FINAL SF 17, SEA 10

  7. Playing big time Kaep but he’s making runs on break downs that won’t continue to be their . The offenses production are about equal and both defenses look strong except for a couple break downs by each team . Keep up that defense kaep will have to throw where he struggles .. Pick six Walter Thurmond coming up

  8. Pftpoet, went from a playoff team to a team with 6 wins? Pro bowl is nothing more then a popularity contest. Undeserving players go all the time when deserving players don’t. The team who won the division only won 8 games and they were without Rodgers for 8 games and Mathews for like 6 games, worst division in the league. Seahawks in the other hand won 13 games without Harvin and Rice missed a lot if the season as well, they will only be stronger when they get back healthy. While only playing like 10 snaps for the Hawks this season they still won the trade.

  9. I thought this would be the score bit in the other direction. Last few games SF has been dominant in second half, hope that trend continues

  10. this is what scares me (thank god for our D!) 17 passing yards. Frank Gore has only rushed for 12 yards.

    I hope we make some significant adjustments in the 2nd half!

  11. Patterson>Harvin by himself. He plays a full season and is younger, bigger, and faster. Vikings got the better end of the trade.

  12. Megatron, best receiver in the game, how many times has he been in the playoffs? Individual play does not matter the hawks are the better team and stronger with Percy. Not a hawks or Vikes fan either.

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