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Peyton generates nearly $25,000 for his foundation via Omahas

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shouted “Omaha” 31 times on Sunday against the Patriots.  As a result, his foundation will receive nearly $24,800 in new donations.

Via Darren Rovell of, that’s the total that was generated, thanks to eight Omaha businesses who came together to raise $800 per Omaha.

This has been terrific for us,” Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce CEO and president David G. Brown told Rovell.  “Before Friday, we had calculated that news coverage of Omaha had generated the equivalent of about $10 million in advertising.”

Apart from the civic pride generated by hearing the name of the town randomly barked out on national television, it’s hard to discern a link between the use of the term and actual monetary gains.  Will people now visit or move to Omaha because of it?  Will it be the tiebreaker between Omaha and, say, Topeka for the location of a new business facility?

Maybe the value comes from the subliminal impact of hearing the term.

That said, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Omaha Steaks has seen an uptick in online sales over the past week or so.  As one of the eight companies forking over $100 per Omaha, Omaha Steaks probably should be paying a lot more.

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21 Responses to “Peyton generates nearly $25,000 for his foundation via Omahas”
  1. atleastimnotaraidersfan says: Jan 19, 2014 11:19 PM

    Hurry hurry

  2. jerrykill4pres says: Jan 19, 2014 11:21 PM

    Dick Sherman could take a few lessons from this guy!

  3. thekiller678 says: Jan 19, 2014 11:24 PM

    This is great and all, but I don’t get why people are making such a big deal about this now. He’s said this for years. Eli says is it all the time too

  4. elwaysagenius says: Jan 19, 2014 11:24 PM

    Does his shouting of Omaha actually help generate business in Omaha?

  5. ajgreenhof says: Jan 19, 2014 11:39 PM

    Sherman is gonna get the full “OMAHA!” effect.

  6. croghan1919 says: Jan 20, 2014 12:29 AM

    Very cool.
    I’m going to Omaha Steaks to buy a few anon.
    As Troy Aikman pointed out during the game, saying “OMAHA , set, hut” is basically the same as saying “READY, set, hut”
    “set” is the word that matters

  7. i10east says: Jan 20, 2014 12:49 AM

    A win-win for everyone!!! *I know that was embarrassingly cheesy*

  8. 6andcounting says: Jan 20, 2014 1:05 AM

    “Cut that meat!”…Omaha

  9. ivanpavlov0000 says: Jan 20, 2014 5:59 AM

    The obvious monetary value for Omaha businesses is that they can be associated with something other than Nebraska!

  10. bonniebengal says: Jan 20, 2014 6:46 AM

    Omaha Steaks should have a Peyton Manning commercial

  11. jayhawk6 says: Jan 20, 2014 6:49 AM

    “Will it be the tiebreaker between Omaha and, say, Topeka for the location of a new business facility?”

    Maybe, but the more likely loser in such a showdown would be Council Bluffs, which is across the river in Iowa.

  12. harbourimages says: Jan 20, 2014 7:37 AM


  13. kreplachistan says: Jan 20, 2014 7:49 AM

    as someone who visits Omaha about once a month on business, I can tell anyone you’ll never meet better, friendlier people anywhere in these 50 states. great place to do business and a nice place to spend a weekend.

    good for you, Omaha!

  14. jblah says: Jan 20, 2014 7:56 AM

    great. now we will hear ads within play calls. Whats to stop someone saying pepsi or coke or F150 and get some money out of it? Of course doing it for a foundation is a good cause but its only a step away from doing it for money. McNabb could have yelled Campbell’s Chunky several times.

  15. toonloonboon says: Jan 20, 2014 8:11 AM

    maybe he should change his cadence to “camden” or “detroit” or “ethiopoia”

  16. 2001asterisk2003asterisk2004asterisk says: Jan 20, 2014 8:17 AM

    Win win. Raising money for a good cause and curb stomping the cheats.

  17. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says: Jan 20, 2014 8:32 AM

    If there was a player more aptly suited to pitch Omaha Steaks than Peyton Manning, I want to see who it is.

    Peyton’s Q rating is off the charts, he’s about as recognizable and visible as any sports figure in North America, and his humor and delivery consistently hit the mark.

    Not only that, he’s now playing in his third Super Bowl in the last seven years – and the entire sports world (male-dominated presumably red meat eaters) are highly familiar with this latest “Omaha” theme.

    He’s quite the package when he it comes to being a heavy hitter pitchman – and it’s a natural fit for him to endorse the Omaha Steaks, where people all over the country can learn what they’re about and see if they want to place an order.

  18. thetooloftools says: Jan 20, 2014 8:36 AM

    He would yell “Cleveland” but everyone would laugh.

  19. fanofevilempire says: Jan 20, 2014 10:03 AM

    why would I go to Omaha, what do
    you go there for?

  20. fanofevilempire says: Jan 20, 2014 10:05 AM

    Peyton is best recognized for having less Super Bowl wins/rings then younger bro Eli.

  21. dodohead418 says: Jan 20, 2014 12:04 PM

    The Seahawks already are having nightmares about all the Omahas!

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