Before touchdown pass, Kaepernick may have gotten away with a kick

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One play before 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a great play with his arm, he made a great — but potentially illegal — play with his feet.

The 26-yard touchdown pass from Kaepernick to receiver Anquan Boldin came one snap after Kaepernick fumbled the ball in the backfield.  Disaster was averted when center Jonathan Goodwin scooped up the loose ball and rumbled for a net gain of two yards.

But multiple replay angles show Kaepernick kicking the ball with his foot, as Kaepernick was on the ground.

Under Rule 12, Section 4, Article 3, it’s a violation only if it’s intentional.  And that’s a judgment call.

But judgment easily could have been exercised in the direction of a conclusion that Kaepernick was kicking the ball in the direction away from a possible Seahawks recovery.

The penalty would have been a 10 yards and a loss of down.  Which may have made it a little harder on second and 18 to throw a 36-yard touchdown pass.

81 responses to “Before touchdown pass, Kaepernick may have gotten away with a kick

  1. And SEA might have got away with a grounding call because after all they are the team that is behind. What if SEA was way ahead, maybe they would have called that a penalty?

    But as Perreira suggested, when it is a close call, the refs will give the benefit of the doubt. But to whom, the player representing the present underdog?

  2. It appeared to me that he was intending to use his foot to bring the ball closer to him, but couldn’t get his foot on the other side of it and ended up kicking it away. If you’re intentionally kicking the ball, but the end result was unintentional, is that a penalty? I guess it would be.

    Either way, there’s no way they can make that call. It “could” have been intentional, but you have to be a lot more sure than that to throw a flag.

  3. Lots of missed calls on this game. The all-star crew is not having a good game. suit up florio! There’s going to. Be a ref housecleaning this year. Your time has come to call all the penalties you dream of. suit up and start throwing flags Suh, Steelers, Patriots.

  4. Plant foot hit = roughing the kicker!!!

    What is so hard about that? Don’t these so called ‘all-star’ refs know the rules??!!!

    San Fran got major ripped off on that one!!

  5. I wonder how many Lions are going to be asking for trades to SF in the off-season? Especially if Caldwell tries to install some discipline. Looks like the same nonsense is perfectly fine with Harbaugh.

  6. Showboat Gene did have the guts to make the big call. How do you miss the roughing the punter? How much longer do us fans have to accept this terrible officiating?

  7. csilojohnson says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:15 PM

    Kind of like the blatant holding on Baldwins return and the blown roughing kicker call.
    Bush league. NFL is a joke. Refs keeping it close at all cost.
    Didn’t miss the hold on the 49ers though. I am not sure how the LJ #18 is even working the playoffs. He has been terrible all year.

  8. Dude is the biggest punk in the NFL…..and his eyes are too close together….the 12th man is stolen from A&M.

    Great game. I don’t suppose both can lose?

  9. What an unbelievable game changing missed call. If that is not reviewable when everyone in the world can see the guy is down on the ground, touch by the Seattle, with clear possession of the ball, it is a travesty.

  10. No fumble?????

    LOL. Wow the fix is in.

    NFL wants Seattle. Look at the penalty difference in the second half.

    All 49er calls questionable. Only obvious calls go against Seattle

  11. There is not a single call in SB40 except for the trivial Hasseback tripping call that is as game changing and incorrect as the non fumble call SEATTLE GOT. And seattle still couldn’t take advantage.

  12. Another blown call/bad league rule that someone will have to faux-apologize for tomorrow. Yawn. Just another NFL Sunday.

    Go ahead and keep thinking the league isn’t rigged. Goodell wanted Manning and the Seahawks from Day One.

  13. bert1913 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:24 PM

    stop whining about the refs, wont change a thing
    Actually those kinds of fumble recovers will addressed next year…

  14. Did he get away with a fart too? Let em play already. Advocating even more rules and flags is killing the game. We know how clever you lawyer guys want to be citing rule books but sometimes a little common sense is nice. Let em play and enjoy
    The game.

  15. Couldn’t get away with two picks though. This is why you draft Aaron Rodgers in ’05. Sure SF has won a few in a row over GB but those weren’t Lombardi wins. Sure he can run around the field but he can he pass the ball efficiently. No he can not. The 2005 draft continues to haunt San Francisco, no rings since 1994.

  16. Kapernick caught us the game. He stopped running and tried passing which led to his three turnovers. The refs sure as heck didn’t help with their bad calls.

  17. Had not seen much of either if these teams prior to today. Kaepernick is probably the most overrated player in the league. Love Seattle’s defense especially the secondary. Should be great seeing them against Manning and the Broncos.

  18. You 9ers want some cheese with your wine?, just go home crybabies because the best team in the NFL only has one more team to beat to prove it. Go Hawks!

  19. All you San Fran fan’s whining about the ” bad” calls . Didn’t hear you saying anything about all the bad calls last week. 12 men in the huddle, Boldin’s head butt. Shut up and take it like a man!

  20. Even if the Hawks win, there will forever be an * next to it for the number of PEDS taken this year in Seattle. It’s cheating and I hope DEN destroys them.

  21. Lord Colin was seen pouting after the game.

    He did not get to worship himself once in this game.

    Tisk Tisk.

  22. furious76 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:15 PM
    Even if the Hawks win, there will forever be an * next to it for the number of PEDS taken this year in Seattle. It’s cheating and I hope DEN destroys them.
    You do realize Denver has had more PED violations this year than Seattle right?

  23. Bad calls on both sides, Seattle was just a little more clutch when they needed to be. The game easily could have gone either way.

  24. “Even if the Hawks win, there will forever be an * next to it for the number of PEDS taken this year in Seattle.”

    Seattle had one PED suspension this season. Several teams had two. The * needs to go by the 49ers name for being allowed to have criminals and drunks on their team without being suspended.

  25. There are a lot of Whiner fans on here doing what they do best, whining about penalties and rough play. The Hawks busted up their boys. Sherman owns Crabtree. Kam Chancellor owns Vernon Davis and Maxwell owns Boldin. Once the Hawks made a couple half time adjustments this was over.

  26. If the Seahawks deserve an asterisk, the 49ers deserve to have asterisks next to at least three of their Super Bowl wins because of the illegal bonuses paid to players in the late 80’s and the salary cap shenanigans of the mid to late 90’s and alllllll of the front office cheating in between.

  27. Geez, Louise! Listen to yourselves! The Niners fans and Seahawks haters here sound like a bunch of 12 year old girls who got the arms torn off their Barbie doll.

    The Niners won the division last year and went to the SuperBowl, because they were better than the rest of the talent. But the Seahawks do it this year, with a better record, and it’s because we cheat and the refs threw the game.

    Jesus. Come back when your testicles descend.

  28. palecollegedude says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:26 PM
    Cheaters never win. It’s only right that when Seattle got away with that fumble recovery by Bowman that they did not score.
    How did Seattle cheat on that play? It should have been San Fran’s ball.

    But I guess it’s easier to blame the team. Ya know, since teams make calls during the game. Not refs.

    It’s this narrow mindedness that results in easy cop outs for a situation you don’t agree with.

  29. Haters going to hate, not matter what. All you whiners go home and watch the SB on your couch, just like the teams you root for. Bottom line: Seattle is going to the SB and your team is not.

  30. Roughing the kicker, now the COACHES in the league are going to have to have a copy of the rule book on the sideline. What about that Davis catch/football move (I saw 3 steps ),fumble/recovery that was ruled incomplete!? In the playoffs i vote for more re-play options!

  31. I have a lot of respect for the 49ers franchise, but the fans on here are a joke. I’d hear less crying at the exit doors of chucky cheese.

  32. All of you 49 fans are 100% right about the officiating in yesterdays Sea-SF game. That being said, I’m 100% sure that the 49ers have NEVER been the beneficiary of a missed, bad, or misinterpreted call by an official!! As the world has been saying to the 12th man since our last (albeit first, albeit only) appearance in the Super Bowl, “Get Over It”. Prove to the world that you truly ARE NOT the Forty-Whiners!!!!

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