Pettine wants to bring Jim O’Neil from Buffalo, if possible


During his introductory press conference, new Browns coach Mike Pettine said he has potential coordinator hires in mind.  But he wouldn’t disclose them.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Pettine will bring from Buffalo to Cleveland linebackers coach Jim O’Neil as defensive coordinator — if the Bills will release O’Neil from his contract.

NFL teams aren’t required to allow position coaches still under contract to leave for promotions elsewhere (other than to head coach), so the Bills could reject the request.

O’Neil, 36, coached with Pettine at the Jets from 2009 to 2012, before heading to Buffalo with Pettine last year.

14 responses to “Pettine wants to bring Jim O’Neil from Buffalo, if possible

  1. I don’t care if is Tatum Oneal, Vince Neil, etc. as long as they are a top ten defense next season and don’t blow games in the 4th. QTR. like last year under Snoop Dogg’s watch.

  2. Yeah…we need to worry about who the DC is going to be when our offense is obviously the biggest hole on this football team. Who is going to groom the new QB? Who is going to be the RB for this football team? Who is going to line up at WR on the opposite side of Josh Gordon? Who is going to take the bong out of Davone Bess’ hands?

    Yeah…worry about bringing in your buddy as the DC…forget about the offense, it isn’t important!

  3. I sure hate losing Pettine as our Defensive Coordinator. He did one heck of a job for us and I’m ok with him bringing O’Neil with him to the Browns. If the Bills are smart they should just hire within instead of looking outside. Hire Donnie Henderson, he has a ton of experience, 11 years NFL and 18 years college, all on defense. He was the Defensive Coordinator for the Lions I believe in 2006 and they finished 10th overall. He was our Defensive Back coach last year and word has it, Byrd loves him. Hire him!! Don’t need someone from the outside that will change it up, keep it the way it is and promote from within. That being said, I wish Mike the very best of luck and much success in Cleveland. The Browns and Bills both deserve winning teams. I will be rooting for the Browns, just not when you guys come to the Ralph next year with your new coach!!

  4. Browns screwed buffalo they had to wait forever for pettine to get hired. Least bills can do is block the request. Bills owe them nothing.

  5. When word got out Pettine was a possible on becoming HC for the Browns – a majority of Bills fans have been classy and complimentary.

    Major props to a good number of you to stay above the fray.

    Thanks for the well wishes and I hope much improvement for your organization as well.

    Sincerely from a die hard Browns fan!

  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome if, for once, a new HC actually scoured every available candidate to find the best possible O and D coordinators instead of just giving his buddies at his old job a promotion?

  7. It’s really not a promotion they’re thinking about hiring him as the bills defensive coordinator. That’s the same job that Mike pettine want to hire him for

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