Bryan Cox: Falcons will make opposing quarterbacks panic


As an NFL linebacker, Bryan Cox hit quite a few quarterbacks. Now that he’s the Falcons’ defensive line coach, Cox says his players are going to hit quarterbacks — and to make them think about getting hit.

Cox told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that getting inside the opposing quarterback’s head is a big part of his defensive philosophy.

“If you can make the quarterback move his feet and get him off the spot, a lot of times that creates errant throws and that creates interceptions, turnovers and panic,” Cox said. “So, I would agree that sacks are not necessarily always the thing you strive for. I think the biggest thing is that you want to affect the quarterback. You want to make him know and understand and feel that you’re are around at all times.”

Cox, who spent the last two seasons as an assistant in Tampa Bay, is heading to an Atlanta team that was tied for 29th in the league in sacks last year. The Falcons didn’t make many quarterbacks panic last season. Cox’s job is to change that.