Dolphins announce that Caserio interview has been completed

Earlier this week, the narrative regarding the Dolphins’ G.M. search was that the team would conduct initial interviews with more candidates before starting a second round of interviews.

Then, it shifted, with multiple reports indicating that the Dolphins would go straight to round two.

Now, it has reverted to what it was.  Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio has completed an interview for the job, the Dolphins announced on Friday afternoon.

The fact that the interview already has ended, only a couple of hours after word that the Dolphins would interview Caserio first emerged, suggests that the wheels were put in motion for this one at least a couple of days ago, if not longer.  The Dolphins had to request permission to interview Caserio, the Patriots had to agree, and the logistics needed to be worked out.

We won’t try to identify all of the various potential reasons for multiple reports that the Dolphins were proceeding to round two on Thursday, when it was surely known that Caserio was coming to town for a sit down.  Regardless, another candidate has entered the mix — and it could be that whoever leaked the idea that the process was moving to round two was deliberately kept out of the loop.

28 responses to “Dolphins announce that Caserio interview has been completed

  1. …and I wish I could attend the first home game in 2014, just to hear how loudly Ross is booed

  2. Pats don’t keep guys around 10 yrs or more unless they are good at what they do. Reason enough to take a look at this guy.

  3. Maybe the organization was doing a mole hunt by telling someone the process was moving to second interviews. Or, perhaps more likely, it was just rampant speculation by the Miami Herald to distract from the fact that Armando’s virtual guarantee that Farmer would be the choice fell flat, so they had to cook up something else so everyone would forget.

  4. This talent evaluation is over hyped i bet most of us could do as good a job as these GMs. In recent times how can somebody like Russell Wilson go at pick 75. Its pure guess work for 99% of these guys all their little red dots and gold stars all bluff. And let us not get into the biggest scandal ever Mr noodle arm up there in New England and to think some coach had twist arms for them to waste a six rounder on probably the greatest player to ever play the position.

  5. After working for Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick , do you really think he would be interested to work for Stephen Ross and Dawn Aponte ?

  6. Somebody needs to fulfill the role of being the bait on a hook. It’s a natural part of the ecosystem and food chain of life. Lots of scavengers and vultures out there licking their chops right now. Families will be fed. You either outsmart the trap or you are the trap. Let’s see if they get somebody who knows what to do with that pole. The last crew came home with no catch and just left the pole and everything soaking in the water. Is anybody even going to go retrieve it or just leave it be, who does that?

  7. xThe guys reporting on the Dolphins are clueless. The Dolphins haven’t changed plans, the reporters have been guessing wrong and spinning it into the Dolphins are dysfunctional crap. How about just reporting what the Dolphins officially release instead of the garbage the clueless local guys keep spewing.

  8. It’s all a shell game. you have to guess which coconut the new GM is hidden under! it would be nice to steal someone worthwhile from the Patriots instead of it always being the other way around…just sayin

  9. The interview went well until they offered Nick a cup of coffee. Shortly afterwards he pulled his T shirt over his head and began to stalk the office shouting “I am the Great Caserio!”.

  10. I thought after the long, bad run of ex-Pats cataways (hello Pioli, Mangini, McDaniels, Crennel, Weis, Dimitroff, Daboll and we will see about O’Brien) that teams would start to see there was no magic behind the curtain.

    I guess not.

    For all I know, Caserio is a good hire, but I’d be a bit hesitant in putting my billion dollar franchise in the hands of one of these guys.

    Although Dimitroff has arguably had the most success, and one could argue that KC is winning with a Pioli foundation, neither one has done anything yet.

    Hopefully Miami finds something to get that franchise back on track. Their fans have suffered for quite a while now.

  11. as a pats fan, would hate to lose this guy, drafst have been better with him. With Belechick losing coaches and possibly Cesario. I’m afraid of what the patriots will do. Our defenseive coaches consist of an underqualified DC who cannot plan a defense and secondary coaches who coached for one year at schools nobody ever heard of (josh Boyer). that’s why our D sux… Cesario is a good personnel guy

  12. The press need to stay out of this until it’s official. Their info half the time is phoney, or they are just guessing. It was the same with Jonathon Martin and Incognito, they got it all wrong there.
    FinFan 68 has it right, just wait until it’s official then it’s correct, until such time, go and do something else useful.

  13. I have not heard anything from Omar Kelly (beat writer for the Fins) and he seems to keep up with the real facts and not unknown source. I think we the fans are dysfunctional believing everything that others are writing about our beloved Fins. You wanted Ireland gone and now everyone is bitching about the organization doing it’s due diligence to find the right GM. Lets hope Dawson or Caserio are real contenders because their organizations have some credibility when it comes to drafts. Dolphins will get to the playoffs in 2014. Remember the stat right here. Five teams who made the playoffs previous year don’t make it the next year so its giving us some hope for 2014.

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