Report: Browns interested in Gary Kubiak for offensive coordinator


The Browns’ search for a head coach finally came to an end on Thursday with the hiring of former Bills and Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

We’ve already heard that the team is interested in speaking to Bills linebackers coach Jim O’Neil about coming on board as Pettine’s defensive coordinator. Now there’s a report about a potential candidate to run their offense.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the team has interest in former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak as their offensive coordinator. Kubiak was fired by the Texans during the 2013 season and interviewed with the Lions before they hired Jim Caldwell as their new head coach.

Adding Kubiak to the staff would give the Browns someone with NFL head coaching experience in support of Pettine as well as an experienced offensive hand with a history of success in both Denver and Houston. Rapoport opines that it might also give them a leg up in pursuit of impending free agent running back Ben Tate, who Kubiak coached in Houston and who, per Rapoport, the Browns would “love” to add this offseason.

21 responses to “Report: Browns interested in Gary Kubiak for offensive coordinator

  1. It would be a very good move if that happens. Kubiak is known to be a offensive guru (scheme-wise). He will scheme things and get the max production out of any QB.

    I always felt Kubiak was an under appreciated coach. He will definitely do great things on offense.

  2. Ben Tate didn’t particularly blow me away in his duty last year. He would certainly be an upgrade for them though.

    Now, about that QB? This is going to be another one and done if they can’t find a QB.

  3. It would be helpful to bring in an experienced coordinator to run the offense. Especially to help a HC with a defensive mind. I like this possibility. Browns needs someone that will design a scheme around the talent they have, not force players into a scheme they are not suited for.

  4. With Kubiak coaching Tate behind the Browns’ somewhat decent o-line, he could be a pretty good fantasy pickup. As an Eagles fan I can only feel sorry for Browns fans who have the endure the leadership of Joe Banner. He’s the same weasel who let go of Brian Dawkins over a measly two million dollars. Running a team aint so easy without Andy Reid, is it Joe?

  5. NO, NO, NO, NO, AND NO…please, NO.

    Kubiac had a freaking stroke with the Texans…why do you think they didn’t bring Kubiac back?

    OMG, here we go…Joe Banner working his magic.

    Lord help the Cleveland Browns.

  6. The Browns just need that defense to continue its improvement. It’s the AFC North. You’re going to win ball games by punching people in the mouth.

    Anyone who watched this team knows they already have an intriguing situation at QB with Brian Hoyer. He beat a playoff team and division rival in 2013. I think Cleveland may surprise some people.

    Of course, I think I said the same thing last year around this time too.

  7. If Kubiak gets the job in Cleveland maybe he’ll take Schaub with him. And to think the Texans could have had Peyton Manning had Kubiak not nixed the deal

  8. Browns fans are starting to sound whiny.. I say this tongue in cheek. I’m a Jets fan so misery loves company. Kubiak would make a good OC. Can’t blame him for all of the Texans woes this past season.

  9. Kubiak followed his best 2 years of coaching with an epic collapse. He did not develop a QB. Throw in some former Bills/Jets assistants and the Browns will corner the market on mediocrity.

  10. Maybe they could give Indy a 6th round pick for Richardson…LOL

    No, Wait..Maybe they will pick up Donald Brown as a free agent…LOL

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  11. Not buying it. Why would you want to undermine your rookie head coach before he even gets to his first OTA? You just dumped Chud after one year. Don’t make the new guy look over his shoulder even more than he already is.

  12. That would be a good hire by the Browns – and Kubiak might go for it since the coordinator jobs seem to be disappearing quickly. What would give me pause from Kubiak’s point of view is the Browns’ history of futility and mismanagement. You don’t get another head coaching gig by being a coordinator for a losing team.

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