Report: Texans hiring Doug Colman as assistant special teams coach


A former NFL linebacker and collegiate assistant coach has reportedly been added to Bill O’Brien’s coaching staff in Houston.

According to, former Coastal Carolina linebackers/special teams coach Doug Colman will be the Texans’ assistant special teams coach.

Colman, 40, was a sixth-round pick of the Giants in 1996. In addition to spending three seasons with New York, Colman had stints with the Titans (1999) and Browns (2000).

Via, Coastal Carolina has announced Colman will be joining Houston in an unspecified role.

The Texans hired O’Brien as head coach on December 31.

5 responses to “Report: Texans hiring Doug Colman as assistant special teams coach

  1. Idk much about this hiring but O’brien please make sure the special teams is at least decent. They were sooo bad for soooo long. Everyone knows we had two of the best return specialist in the past few years on our team AT THE SAME TIME and couldn’t get a thing out of them.

  2. Brings to mind all the great things that Arthur Blank used to say about Mike Vick before he got caught, sent to jail, then released an autobiography which stated that he never listened to his coaches and lied to them repeatedly.

    Sherman isn’t Mike Vick but these owners really do not have as good a grasp on the character of their players as they think they do.

  3. there is no where to go but up in this department. the last special teams coach had something over kubiack and the owner. no way he keeps his job that long if he doesn’t.

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