Ravens offensive coordinator field down to two

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With former Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson out of the running for the offensive coordinator job in Baltimore (he’s heading to Minnesota), the Ravens have two choices for their own vacancy created by Jim Caldwell leaving to run the show in Detroit.

According to Clifton Brown of CSNBaltimore.com, the options are current Ravens receivers coach Jim Hostler or former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan becomes the far more intriguing choice, given that he was fired from that same position with the NFL team in the closest geographic proximity to the Ravens.  Then there’s the potential intersection between current Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and Shanahan’s reputation for insisting on the offense being run a certain way.

“During the course of a regular game, Kyle Shanahan wants you to run the offense exactly how he wants it, down to the amount of hitches you take to go through your progressions,” Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman said in 2011.

Flacco, who has shown no inclination to bite his tongue when confronted with situations he doesn’t like, may not like the idea of being potentially micromanaged by Shanahan.

Either way, a decision is expected to be made in the coming days.

30 responses to “Ravens offensive coordinator field down to two

  1. All I know is that Dumervil is probably regretting taking less money to play for the Ravens right now…

  2. Everyone is avoiding the ravens offensive coordinator position.

    Who ever gets that job will get blamed for the ravens offensive weakness caused by “ELITE” joe flacco’s mediocrity.

    2013 joe flacco = 19 td – 22 int – 8 fumbles

  3. It’ll be Hostler. Harbaugh loves control and hiring an in-house candidate means he’ll have more say with what takes place, for better or worse.

  4. If it has to be one of these two; I would prefer Shannahan. Someone has to hold Joe accountable. He got the big contract and got worse (even though he didn’t have any help). Shannahan has a better track record than Hostler. Hostler had Frank Gore as an OC and was last in the league in total offense. He been the receivers coach for a while. His only successes are Torrey Smith and Marlon Brown.

  5. Without his Daddy, little Shanaweenie wouldn’t even be allowed around an NFL team. I can not believe Harbaugh would let this clown around his fragile “elite” baby Flucco.

  6. Shanahan the control freak might be better for keeping Juan Castillo the control freak in check. After getting Andy Reid fired he seems to have taken his show on the road to Baltimore.

  7. I sincerely hope it’s Shanahan. Actually, looking at their resumes this shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Kyle Shanahan, personality aside, has like 5 top-10 offenses on his resume; while Hostler, in his long season as an OC, had a league-worst offense. And by a large margin. If Harbaugh doesn’t make the right decision on this, it might signal the beginning of the end of his tenure in Baltimore.

  8. Kyle and Flacco already have one thing in common- they both have one bad year and suddenly the trolls and cynics act as if they are terrible. Keep the hate coming. Just giving me fodder for next season when the O is healthy and returns to form.

  9. I’ll take Shanny. He’s had success in Houston and Washington.
    @ Rustbelt: Those other guys were told ” No Thanks” so don’t know what your talking about? Maybe your bummed cause the last time your steelers made the postseason(how many years ago was that)they were TEBOWED!

    Did somebody really just say Jason Garret is better than Shanny & Hostler?! What does that even mean? The guys a stooge for Jerry Jones and I thank JJ for keeping him cause we never would have won it all with that (in name only) head coach who was actually chosen (at first) over Harbaugh.

  10. Are people on here really singing the praises of Kyle Shanahan? Really?

    If that’s the best you’ve got you’ve already lost. Talk to any Jets or Skins fan. Absolute worst play caller.

  11. I’m a redskins fan but the people saying Kyle is lost without his dad know nothin about football. He has had top 5 offenses in the nfl 3 out of 6 years as an OC.

    Enjoy him in the 4th quarter down 4, though

  12. meanwhile dr, the revolving door of coaches who cant wait to leave the bengals continues. i wont even go with flacco has won a super bowl. how bout this….hes won a playoff game. 9 of em…which is 9 more than dalton.

  13. No Shanahan (thank God). Ravens hired Kubiak. Perfect. Texans were playing Ravens football when they were in the playoffs. Rice needs to be a key cog in the offense. The last head coach to move to O.C. (Caldwell, whom I wanted when Cam was fired during the season) won a SB.

  14. With former Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson out of the running for the offensive coordinator job in Baltimore (he’s heading to Minnesota). I’m sure the Vikes will be (In the hunt)

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