Marshawn Lynch: Super Bowl dream is “right here in front of me”


It’s no secret Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch prefers actions to words.

Still, Lynch clearly conveyed what the Super Bowl means to him in an interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders on Tuesday.

It began when Sanders asked Lynch what he liked about Super Bowl week.

“This whole experience. Being able to have this opportunity,” Lynch replied.

“Has anything surprised you?” Sanders asked.

“Yeah, being here,” Lynch said. “It’s big.”

Said Sanders: “It’s huge.”

“It is,” Lynch said.

“It’s what you dreamt of,” Sanders said.

“It is,” Lynch said. “And it’s right here in front of me, too.”

15 responses to “Marshawn Lynch: Super Bowl dream is “right here in front of me”

  1. BeastMode already shows up big in the playoffs. Can you imagine his effort with the Super Bowl dream “right here in front of me”? He will explode! And he will especially explode on yards after being touched. 172 yards for BeastMode.

  2. …..And Lynch joined a re-building 7-9 Seahawks franchise with a new head coach and worked his way to the Superbowl…..

    …unlike Deion who jumped on the coat tails of the 2 best teams in the NFL to get his ring: Dallas & 49ers

  3. If you like the Broncos and think they’re going to win, GREAT – comment on THAT!

    I just don’t understand the negativity of haters…

  4. If you love the Broncos and/or think they’re going to win, GREAT – talk about THAT!

    I just do not understand the negativity of haters…

  5. If the Broncos hold him in check Sunday, I’ll eat my hat. This is a man among boys. Might have some Ricky Williams type anxiety issues, but Ricky could ball too….

  6. I am no dog in this hunt not a fan of either team. I don’t understand why people dump on this guy just because he doesn’t want to answer a bunch of stupid questions from a bunch of idiot reporters who only think they know what they are talking about. Go Mr Lynch kick ass and hold your tongue if that is your choice

  7. Beast Quake 3 will be unleashed on East Rutherford, NJ on Feb 2nd. Hope they have their earthquake preparedness in order.

    Seahawks are going to win the Superbowl and Beast Mode will be a huge favor in that.

  8. A lot of negative Nancy’s against Seattle on here.

    I hope Seattle wins, not just because it will net them their first SB, but just to really tick off a large portion of the posters on here.

  9. A guy who nick names himself and then buys the rights to all the merchandising is not a team player.. But then what would you expect from the Me-Hawks? Business as usual from the Broncos … Denver 31, Sherman’s, 17

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