PFT Live: Growing Dysfunction in Dallas

Live from Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day, Mike Florio runs down the biggest news in the NFL, including the state of the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive play calling, the biggest storylines at Media Day and reaction to Norv Turner’s hire in Minnesota.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Growing Dysfunction in Dallas

  1. It is always fun to talk about the Cowgirls they been trying to get it right for years but not as long as my Detroit Lions.
    What is funny about this they have hired the Lions let over.
    One thing about this hire the Cowgirls will score some points a lot of points.

  2. I’m a Cowboys fan but, I gotta say, the “Dallas is Dysfunctional” story is a sportswriter’s dream because, as long as Jerry Jones is running the show, you can pretty much pick up the same story you write every year and just swap out the dates and names. But hey, its gets attention for Jerry Jones during Super Bowl week (which the Cowboys aren’t playing in, again) so JJ’s happy…

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