Steelers hire James Saxon as running backs coach

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The Steelers have hired former Vikings running backs coach James Saxon to the same position, the club said on Tuesday afternoon.

Saxon, 47, coached the Vikings’ running backs the last three seasons. He previously coached running backs in Miami (2008-2010), Kansas City (2001-2007) and Buffalo (2000).

A San Jose State product, Saxon played eight NFL seasons at running back. He had stints with Kansas City (1988-1991), Miami (1992-1994) and Philadelphia (1995).

Interestingly enough, the Vikings hired Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson to the same role on Saturday.

27 responses to “Steelers hire James Saxon as running backs coach

  1. James Saxon is a Great Former Chief. I met him as a youngster at a football camp and he was the Greatest Dude. I hope things go Great for you with the Steelers, James.

  2. The Vikings had one the best rushing attacks in the league and they DON’T re-sign their runningbacks coach. The Steelers had one of the worst rushing attacks and they fire their runningbacks coach. So the Vikings hire a coach who got fired, because?

  3. Kirby chose Minnesota for an easier shot at becoming an OC. Not because of a chance to coach AP. Running back coaches are not praised when their running back has a good year especially AP. He’s been great since day one. If anything he’d probably get more paradise for developing Bell. But he’d never become the OC in pittsburgh.

  4. Viking fans please tell all of us what that crap franchise has ever achieved?
    We could all use a good laugh

  5. No kirby got booted for taking the interview with Baltimore then they got wind of him telling what pittsburgh does in there run game. Therefore his tenure with pittsburgh is over. Now AP is a monster best rb in the game. But Saxton did coach AP through the 2011 through 2013 and what AP had 4500 or 5000 yrds and hardly any fumbles so he must be a pretty damn good coach. So I cant wait to see what hes going to do with Le’veon and munchak scheme.

  6. LOL @ RB coach..who cares? If that’s the case the Steelers are getting the best one in the NFL

  7. Deb says:Jan 28, 2014 4:16 PM

    Irrelevant organizations don’t attract the interest of so many trolls.

    Ya, 16 posts………..,.that sure makes your team relevant.


  8. Honestly, as Steelers fans we should be excited. We essentially had the same staff this season as the past season and ended with the same result 8-8. So we hire an offensive line coach with 10+ years of doing that job, and now Saxon who has 20+ years of experience. For the past few years all I heard is how we have old players and that we need to update our schemes. We acquire new players yet bring in experienced coaches. Smart move, Tomlin, smart move.

  9. A struggling franchise really if you call 10 season not finishing below .500. 2 sb win 3 appearances. And still was in the playoff hunt untill 730 pm in week 17 yeah that sounds like a struggling franchise after an 0-4 start. The only team that finushed stronger than us was the chargers. But yet finish with a 6-2 record and were struggling.

  10. He’s already started his training programs for Steeler RB’s by having them run through a wall of Jello, to best replicate the other afcn d-lines and linebackers.

    For when they get to the second level, he has them work on their hurdling skills, though admittedly used less now that Ed Reed isnt in division.

  11. The Steelers will will the division in 2014. YOu underlings had you your chance. Only Bmore took advantage, now their offense is in shambles and their defense has to cut or extend bums like Suggs and Ngata.

  12. Guy leads a team to 5-10-1 and the Steelers snatch him up like he was the second coming. Hello? Anybody home?

  13. ↑ He’s a RB coach weirdo..he didn’t lead anybody anywhere .. you in such a frantic to post somethin you got ya threads mixed up

  14. I forgot. No Pittsburgh coach really “leads.” They may cheat and try to trip opposing players, but leading? Nah.

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