Super Bowl weather: Overcast (but likely dry) conditions forecast


The latest forecast for Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, New Jersey continues to suggest precipitation is more likely early Sunday morning than by game time at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

According to, a 10 percent chance of precipitation is currently expected around game time. A temperature of 36 degrees, overcast skies and seven mph winds out of the north/northwest are also forecast.

Of course, long-range weather predictions are subject to change. Via Weather Underground, here’s what the New York office of the National Weather Service said Tuesday night about the area weather forecast this weekend:

“The focus continues to be on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Have continued with snow inland and rain along the coast . . . transitioning to snow by Sunday morning. A few inches of snow possible inland with minimal accumulation for the coast is expected at this time . . . but some changes are likely as we move forward.”

6 responses to “Super Bowl weather: Overcast (but likely dry) conditions forecast

  1. Typical weather for early February in the northeast. Should be fine for the Super Bowl (always expected to be the coldest ever).

    This shows a city like New York should have no trouble hosting the Super Bowl, especially given NYC and the surrounding area is used to dealing with winter weather. The NFL I’m sure is happy with being in the New York metro area this year given a lot of the “warm weather” cities they would normally consider (most notably New Orleans) were dealing with an extremely unusual round of winter weather (and this is all during what has actually been the coldest winter since 1977, which was the coldest winter on record in the New York area).

  2. I hope their weathermen are better than ours upstate. They can’t get tomorrow right most of the time.

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