Adam Gase almost quit football to sell insurance


Adam Gase has accomplished a lot in coaching as the coordinator of a record-breaking Broncos offense, and at age 35 he will likely accomplish a lot more. But he almost quit his coaching career just as it started.

Gase told reporters today that in 2002, when he was a 23-year-old graduate assistant at LSU, he strongly considered taking a job selling insurance back home in Michigan.

“I remember sitting in an Applebee’s, interviewing with a guy for an insurance salesman job and him basically telling me if I want to move back to Mount Pleasant – and actually thinking that’s what I was going to do. Thankfully, three buddies from college talked me out of it,” Gase said.

Low-level college assistants sometimes work full-time hours for part-time pay, and Gase said that while he was doing that at LSU — and simultaneously struggling through graduate school — he thought it might make more sense to take the steady paycheck that the insurance job was offering.

“I thought it might not work out,” Gase said of coaching. “It ended up working out pretty good. I think there might have been some college loans – that might have been part of it. When you’re making about eight grand a year, it’s tough to pay everything off.”

But Gase found a way. And that paid off.

9 responses to “Adam Gase almost quit football to sell insurance

  1. Pat says:
    Jan 29, 2014 11:58 AM
    every single sentence of this dudes articles start with “but” or “and”

    And your sentence started without a capital letter. What’s your point?

  2. Pat says:

    every single sentence of this dudes articles start with “but” or “and”…..


    1.) What elementary grade did you drop out in? 2.) Please share whatever it is that you taking. I need some of that!!!!

  3. So why not use Graham as just a receiver for real. He is just as quick as recievers. Then bring in a tight end to take his spot on the line. The Saints could line him up like a megaton.

  4. Keep your hand in it Adam. When Peyton gets his 2nd ring he may just pack it in. You’ll have something to fall back on.

  5. Well I got this backwards, I made insurance my primary living with professional football as the fallback option. And Adam being out of the market limits my business opportunities. D’oh!

    And Mutual of Omaha is a great company, I found insurance coverage last year for a family with unusual circumstances through that carrier when nobody else was willing to help them out with a low price. Thanks Omaha!

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