Marshawn Lynch was a sentient being from Day 1

Getty Images

For a guy who doesn’t do it often, Marshawn Lynch isn’t bad at the whole talking thing.

Asked after their Super Bowl XLVIII win over the Broncos if this was the best day of his life, the Seahawks running back provided a wonderful response:

“Next to being born,” he replied.

That was part of a classic exchange of his post-game interview, from the quotes distributed by the league.

On winning the Super Bowl, he replied: “Dream come true.”

Of his touchdown run: “Kicked it all off, boss.”

Of not celebrating on the field, he expounded: “Man, they know how I feel about it. This is big time. This has been a tradition since I came, since forever. It’s just what I do. Everybody knows it. They respect it.”

It’s hard not to respect Lynch’s season. Even though he had just 15 carries for 39 yards Sunday night, he was the backbeat of the Seahawks success.

If he chose to, he could become even more popular, by peeking out of his shell more often.

Like he did his first day, which he recalled being better than this one.